7 Steps to Complete Happiness

Every single one of us seeks happiness, but I bet that if I ask what happiness is, more than 90% will have no idea. That’s fine, I mean it’s not necessary to know what happiness is so you can experience it.

Knowing what happiness really is, is not as important as knowing what happiness isn’t.

Because of the uncertain definition of happiness we usually mistake it for pleasure and this here is the main reason for maybe all the suffering in the world.

Why? Well think for a moment…
Step 1: Pleasure is Not Happiness
We think pleasure is happiness and because of our mutual purpose to experience true happiness, we seek more and more pleasure. This makes us greedy, having the intense and selfish desire for something, and greed is responsible for every war, famine, and destruction. So you see how a little misunderstanding could lead to, well….. today. Once you understand this you’ve made the first step towards True Happiness.
Step 2: You are Not Your EGO
The next step is to approve of your EGO. The EGO is just the part of your soul which is stuck to the Material World. The EGO seeks approval of existence because the Material YOU is limited. It seeks to get back to its immortal state as a part of your Soul. Because it fears inexistence, it presents as the “real you”. This permits you to give approval so it asks for approval from others. You must understand that you are not your EGO, it is just a part of you. You are much bigger than your EGO, or the person you want others to think you are. Only you can really approve your EGO and set it free, merge it with your Soul. You can do this by facing your biggest fear because that’s the same fear that made that part of your Soul stuck in The Material World as your EGO.
Step 3: Face Your Biggest Fear
Your biggest fear is linked to the basic fear of death which is the prison of your True Potential. It is the greatest paradox of life, because we are afraid to lose something we end up living without the thing we are afraid to lose. Because we are afraid to die we end up living without ever being Truly Alive. You must face your fears and realize that they are just an illusion, just like the Wizard of Oz. 
You picture them as some scary monsters while in fact they are just a little old man being nothing more than you make him to be. You must face the man behind the curtain and say “Hey old man what’s up?”. Once you do this you are truly free and half way of experiencing True Happiness.
Step 4: You are Responsible of Your Own Happiness
Only you are responsible of your happiness and no one else. You must understand that no one needs to satisfy you or make you happy. It is not their job. They are too occupied walking their journey of happiness to walk your path for you and that’s OK. You don’t need anyone or anything to be happy because happiness is not the destination. Happiness is the way you walk your path. 
Happiness is a state of mind, a decision you must make for yourself because it is the healthiest decision there is. If you can look at the glass half full or half empty, why the heck would you want to look at it as half empty? You are responsible for how you look at things.
Step 5: Take Care of Your Body
You must take care of your body, it is the only place you’ll ever live in and interact with The Material World. Know What is Healthy To Eat and don’t let any excuse make you act differently. There is nothing more important than your health and if you know this than act correspondingly. 
Exercise, meditate, don’t tell me you cannot find 30 to 45 minutes free time each day. Instead of scrolling your Facebook wall you can do something that actually makes a difference to the quality of your life. Improve your strength, improve your intellect, improve yourself because it will make your interaction with The Material world more effective to do what you truly want to do. 
Step 6: Follow Your Passion
Being healthier means you’ll have more energy to do what you truly want to do, what improves your Higher Self and completes your unique purpose. No one has a right to stop you from doing what your Soul wants you to. That’s your main mission, the reason why you are alive in the first place, the Divine plan of The Universe, so no other has the authority to permit that. 
That’s an act of fear and greed and you must see past that illusion. To know what you truly want to do you must notice what gives you passion because passion is a glimpse of your True Potential.
Step 7: Get Rid of Scarcity
The final step is the most important one, without it you will maybe reach the other 6 but in a couple of days you’ll get back to being the old you. To get rid of believing in scarcity you must first realize exactly that, that the scarcity is just a belief. A belief that we may run out of something. Really?! You really think that in this ever expanding Universe we may run out of things?! 
That there will be just one true love, or just one dream, or we’ll learn everything interesting, or we’ll taste every taste, smell every smell, see every beautiful scenery, run out of music, or fun stuff to do?! The only thing that can stop you from doing that is the limiting belief that scarcity exists. It’s all in our head and we all must realize that there is no reason for greed or fear. There is more than enough for everyone. 
Be Happy and Share Happiness with The World. That should be our only job.
By Dejan Davchevski, HumansAreFree.com;
Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page or website.