Chemtrails Proven and Lab-Tested by National News Station

There are different types of chemtrails, which are being used for various (dark) purposes.

Depending of what is being dispersed in the air, the chemtrails can be used to: improve the performance of the HAARP weapons; spread season viruses (for which the big pharma companies have chemical remedies); test various new viruses onto the unsuspecting population; weaken the immune system, hence making us vulnerable to diseases; mass genocide, by spreading deadly viruses;

As you may know by now, chemtrails are no longer a secret. The US Air Force wrote the book on chemtrails and even gave their name, the UN recently stated “The world won’t cool without chemtrails” (hence admitting them, while promoting their “global warming” agenda), and also, NASA scientist admitted chemtrails during a phone conversation with a concerned citizen and even offered details about them.

In the following video, a national news agency proves chemtrials are real and even conducts lab tests to reveal their composition:

Example of chemtrails being sprayed:

Example of chemtrails being sprayed:

By Alexander Light,