Guest Writer: Dejan Davchevski

Hello amazing people,
My name is Dejan Davchevski and I am an International Marketing Manager. Despite my title, my true passion is sharing The Code Of Life and help as many people learn the truth I’ve discovered, the way of living that brings happiness and success. 

This code was discovered by me while I was in a dark place in my life. It is a lesson life has taught me and a lesson I must share. I thought to myself, how can I help even more people? Then an idea of a webpage came into my head. What is a better way on contacting more people than the internet? 

Whatever help you need I can try and help you, even if you just want to talk with someone and open yourself, I am here for you.

Life Coach Code is my website where I share pieces of truth. If you have any kind of question you can freely contact me on my Facebook Page – Life’s Code Of Happiness