Guest Writer: Lisa Morris

My name is Lisa Morris and I am a Writer, Actress, Dancer, Singer, Blood Line Pendle Witch/ Wise one and Heart Centered Awareness Facilitator, Light Worker & Life Coach.

I Love to help people find & embrace their true self, light & dark side, to tame the “beast” & harm none. I guide them to follow their hearts and inspire creativity, so they focus more on the positive, while manifesting their Dreams.

I’ve always been drawn to nature and animals, Art, Acting, Dancing, Singing, Book’s, Metaphysics, Esoteric, Forbidden Archaeology, Travel, Ancient traditions & mysteries, Native American & Egyptian Energy systems, Charity work, Films & Music of all kinds.

I write Reviews & Inspirational Quotes, Poetry & Stories. I have a fiance/soul mate~Mark and eight beautiful Cats: Moushka, Piper, Yoda, Ziggy, Axel Aslan, Helix, Ollie & Wicket.

I have been a channeller for most of my life: Reiki, Egyptian energy systems, Tapping, Indian head Massage, crystals.

My Female Master Teacher of Reiki & My Male Master Teacher were trained by Egyptian Priest & Priestesses, Sufi, Magi, shamans and are members of “The world Healing Federation.”

“Be True To Yourself & Follow Your Heart, Tune in or Spark Out.”

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