Mysterious Painted “X’s” in Texas — Police Officer: Red = Bullet, Blue = FEMA Camp

Mysterious red and blue X’s painted on private property or in front of homes got the residents of San Antonio, Texas, worried. The police and representatives of the utility companies have no idea who painted them or for what purpose whatsoever.

Why is this worrying? Because several years ago, there have been alleged inside leaks stating that FEMA has put together the infamous “red and blue lists”, which make the difference between life in a FEMA camp and on-spot execution during a Martial Law situation.

Apparently, those on the blue lists can be reeducated in a FEMA camp, but the “heavy-duty” activists are so deeply dedicated to their cause (e.g. exposing corruption and spreading awareness), that they are incorrigible and a threat to the New World Order, hence they will be executed on spot.

Police Officer (probably retired) talks about FEMA’s red and blue lists in 2008:

According to the police officer in this video, the red and blue marks on private properties are done by the US government “so when foreign troops come here on us, after Martial Law, if you have a red dot on your mailbox, they take you out immediately and shoot you right in the head, but if you have a blue dot, they take you to the FEMA camps being built right now – that house 50 million Americans.”

The worrying thing is that they have already tested how we would react in a Martial Law situation, during the Boston Marathon false-flag event, when the military was used to invade private property without a warrant and even evacuate people out of their own homes. The people were so scared for their lives, that they haven’t even protested; so now they know how easy it will be for them to achieve the Nazi-style round-up when the time comes.

The FEMA camps have already been activated for homeless people, and the military is preparing to take over for the police across the US.

Finally, we have the testimony of Ben Smith, an ex-US Navy SEAL, who reveals that, the US government is CREATING the necessary conditions to impose Martial Law.

I’m sure that sooner or later a plausible-sounding explanation will be brought forward by an official institution, but will it be true, or just another cover-up?

By Alexander Light,;