The De-Enactation Process

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If you haven’t yet read “Enaction VS Enactation“, please do so before proceeding to the following article. It’s an absolute Must-Read!

De-Enactation is the process through which human beings are gradually detached from their unconsciously enslaved condition in today’s reality, an on-going process over the past year, in order to increasingly find themselves in dominion of their respective true free-will, this after having been bereft, STEALTHILY and BARELY PERCEPTIVELY, exponentially so over a period of 20,000 years, ever since the end of the first Sumerian era, of both their consciousness, presence of mind and free will.

We, as humans on planet earth, but also human beings from other planetary systems as well as the, in hind-sight, unfortunate erstwhile Reptilians of this Universe, all to a different relative degree, including to a lesser extent the Divine Higher Realms, have failed to bear witness, until very recently, to the equivalent of the invasion of the body-snatchers originating from the most INTERNECINE universes heretofore unknown to the Divine Higher Realms, the members of which are PERFECTLY non-descript Self-Serving Internecine and Duplicitous Vermin, amongst which the Janus Faces, existing and residing in the higher energy lower density spheres of Reality beyond the perception of the human eye and more so of all other Realities.

Their behavior DEFIES any Reality, for their evil, duplicitous and deceitful nature devoid of empathy defy description, their purpose of existence being perfect and refined Control of all Realities with determination reminiscent of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the capacity for seamless fading in and fading out of the respective Being, Control entailing the surreptitious exploitation, adulteration and subsequent extermination of all that is Divine and Divinely intelligent.

These Vermin, devoid of any form of heart or expression thereof, have, over hundreds of millions of years and after deftly studying the Laws of this Universe and serving themselves of the same without ever discovering Learning, created a complex system – imagine these members as being a “passive” crowd at a football stadium or, better, the audience at a concert, or, better yet, the revolting and disgusting “passive” crowd in the arena of that “Star Wars” film, some members of which with paranormal powers to studiedly influence the ongoing action/expression sometimes because of their privileged connection to the Akashic records, invisible and imperceptible to the common sleeping human eye, perfectly interconnected with each other and perfectly controlling the human chess game below – which is so INSINUOUS and INSIDUOUS, yet perfect in execution in its capacity to surreptitiously malignly and malevolently supplant any Reality thereby gravely – a misnomer – adulterating it, it truly defies belief, all with a view to CONTROL, Dominate and usurp Power, Power which they have made a point of directly and indirectly wielding only STEALTHILY and BARELY PERCEPTIVELY, so as to remain unperceived to the highest echelons of the Divine Higher Realms.

Each member is SELF-PERCEIVING to the EXTREME, yet has found itself interconnected to a point where PATHETICALLY supplanting and living another’s Reality is THE essential raison d’être.

In God of the Universe, the Supreme Creator, we trust and PRAY to be delivered and indeed relieved of the presence of such malignity. Indeed, over what shall hopefully be a short period of time, one shall witness how the physiognomy, watch the eyes carefully, and expression, thoughts, words and deeds of those who surround us change into a state of ever greater ease and grace, translating a greater ease of (B)being, so we pray, in God of the Universe we trust!


Pointer: When thinking, saying, and doing things which you reflect upon as being awkward or questionable, please take a moment to pause and ask yourself if such thoughts, words, or acts are genuinely an expression of your own self and perhaps revisit the thought, words or deeds at another point in time to reconsider them. Surprise yourself!

How plasticity evolved

Microwaved food, fast food, trans-fatty acids, industrially processed and refined fatty acids lead to seriously altered cellular membrane structure and function, which, along with TOXICITY, render the entire cell structure more plastic, less authentic, more dis-ease prone.

Integrate Being 

The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual being, along with her/his shamanics, her/his multiple enaction Beings and her/his Divine I Am Superior Presence.


Express the Inner Being, through thoughts, words and deeds, through a vehicle, in our case the Human Being.


Simulation of the expression of the Inner Being, through thoughts, words and deeds, through a vehicle, in our case the Human Being by Higher Realm Beings.

Higher Realm Beings 

Near Perfect Simulators of different Human Beings’ actions, meaning these Beings are like actors who take on different roles playing out purposeful (negative or positive) small theatrical pieces, basically hijacking the human experience! Imagine a child in a toy store jumping from one video game to another, to another, to another, to another and yet to another! On average, a small group of Higher Realm Beings can enactate a group of approximately 40 human beings simultaneously, independent of geographical location. We are in the matrix.

Karmic heap 

The Universe is conditioned by karma, something which was exploited to the core by the forces of the Dark, by both karmic leveraging and by astute karmic hyper-leveraging, the former being the tendency to only compensate those who were most heinous and heartless in their endeavours and acts by having them relive regularly here on Earth under privileged circumstances, the latter entailing the surreptitious insertion of energies which would not allow the perfect release of karma through the Being’s positive interactions on Earth.

Want to avoid being enactated through and take partial repossession of your free will? Detox, properly address your teeth (read The Secret Poison in your Mouth by M.L. Sarlin, making sure you are seated when reading!), embrace proper eating and drinking habits and change your life-style!

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com;