The Fourth Pillar: The Physical Being

The last pillar, the anchor to the material world, this is the vehicle that transports you through the physical plane: the physical being. For some this is the only thing in which they measure the human abilities and what a human really is, but the truth is, as you know by now, very different from that theory, this is only one puzzle from the whole picture.

The Physical being is what shapes the reality around us and it is the result of the other 3 pillars. What you believe will shape your thoughts, which will create what you’ll feel.

What you feel will set your frequency of vibrations, which will attract the same frequency into your reality.

You will face what you attract with your Physical being which will interact with it and the product of the interaction will shape the reality you live in. You choose what you attract and you choose how to deal with it. Your Physical being does the cause and the solution.

The most important thing you need to do for the Physical being is take care of your health, be safe, and strengthen it. This will help you to interact with the world around you in a more effective and efficient way.

I. The Origins

How was a human body created? What is first the chicken or the egg? Who are we? What are we? Where do we come from? The Physical being brings up a lot of questions, from the most philosophical as “What is the purpose of life?”, to the ones as simple as “How did you got your six pack?”.

Before we try to answer these questions, let’s get back to the beginning. The name “Physical” comes from Latin “Physica” which meant “study of nature” and later in 1590’s changing its meaning in “pertaining to matter”.

What this is saying is that the term “Physical” refers to something that is from the material world. Don’t get this wrong, the material world and the immaterial world are both real and they interact with each other. The difference is the same as to matter and energy.

There are many theories that say how was the human body created. When we drill down to get the answer without anyone or anything affecting what we think, it is safe to say that we are created by the same thing the stars, the planets, and the display you are reading this is.

From this point of view we are all one, but then how can everything be so different? The only difference is the combination of the particles and the energy that drives them. The difference between you and your TV is Life.

What is life? To be alive means to be able to survive by yourself, create energy that drives you by yourself, adapt to changes, reproduce, and make decisions. This tells that life is the essence of nature and every thing that has ability to survive, act and reproduce by its own decisions.

Your body is what you are driving through the space of the material world. That is why a better care of the Physical being will make your drive smoother, more efficient, and more effective. What is the purpose of the drive we’ll answer next.

II. The Purpose

For every drive there needs to be a reason, a purpose why we drive at the first place, were we drive to. Even if we don’t have a particular destination, the purpose still exists. If we are driving just to clear our heads the purpose is to clear our heads.

What is the purpose of the Physical being? The core answer is to help us interact with the material world. But, what is the purpose of the interaction? What is the purpose of our drive? Where are we driving to?

The answer is happiness, let me explain a little. The reason why we have a Physical pillar is to interact with the material world and gather information through our senses. This information creates impulses that affect our body, that results with a reaction of our body to create a certain chemicals.

This chemicals are the material form of feelings, without them we would not be able to feel. The reason why we have a Physical pillar is to experience the material world and the feelings that are the product of our interaction with it.

The destination where we drive to is different for all of us, but the purpose of our drive is to experience happiness and if possible share it with others. The only way we can experience happiness is through the material world, where the chemistry exists and can be transformed into an emotional vibration.

III. The Components

There are many groups you can focus when you look at the human body, and many points of view to understand it. I will focus on this 5, not because they are more important than the others, but I think they paint a nice picture about what Physical being really is.

1. The brain

This organ is made of approximately 100 billion neuron that are connected to each other at more than 100 trillion points. The 3 main parts of the brain are the Cerebrum responsible for remembering, problem solving, thinking and feeling, the Cerebellum responsible for balance and coordination, and the Brain Stem which connects your brain with the spinal cord and is responsible for automatic functions like breathing, heart rate, digestion, and blood pressure.

There are also other parts of the brain but this 3 are considered as the main parts. The brain is also divided in 2 parts, the right and the left. The left side is analytical and the right side is creative, but they function together, the left side controls the right side movements, and vice versa. As a whole our brain is the control center of our Physical being and the most complex organ known to us. It is what connects the Physical pillar with the mind, a place where all of the pillars connect.

2. The heart 

This is the first organ that is created when our bodies start to form. The heart is basically a muscle and it is created by 4 different chambers. They have valves in them which control the blood to flow in one particular direction. The blood comes from the veins and the heart pumps it into the arteries. The heart is the organ which pumps the blood into every parts of your body where blood is needed.

A lot of scientists try to understand the connection between the heart and the mind, and recent studies show that the heart is actually what creates the vibrations we emit. The mind sets the frequency but the heart is the electro magnet.

This means that it is not the heart where we feel but it is from where we show our emotions. We feel in the mind, the vibrations are just the product of what we feel. The heart is responsible for the vibrations and the mind for the chemicals.

3. The bones

They support various organs of the body, produce red and white blood cells which means that the structure of the blood is created by your bones. Our human body has 206 bones in it and they are responsible for the support of the structure of the body. They are pillars that keep us straight and strong. The bones contain nucleated cells which are inside the collagen fibers and contain DNA. This means that our bones contain the main code of our DNA.

4. The muscles

They are made of fibers. Each fiber is made of long thin cells packed up in bundles. There are 2 kinds of proteins the fibers have, myosin and actin. The main job of the muscles is to make our bodies able to move. There are 2 kinds of muscles, voluntary the ones that need a message of the brain to move, and involuntary like the heart and the tiny muscles at the bottom of your hair that don’t need the brain to send a message. The muscles are one of the main things by which is measured strength.

5. The skin

The largest organ of the human body is made of 3 layers, the epidermis, which controls your appearance and helps you to retain water, the dermis, which is responsible for the skin’s strength and texture, and it’s the place where the nerves, hair follicles, blood vessels, and sweat glands are. The last layer is called subcutaneous and it protects our inner organs from injury by absorbing shock, it is also responsible for retaining heat.

The skin’s purpose is to protect our insides from the external factors. There are a lot of organs in the human body and if we talk about each of them, a 1000 page book is not enough, so in the most simplest way these 5 organs paint a picture of how a human body is functioning, which brings us to the next subject.  

V. The Process

To put it simply, a human body is what transports us through the physical world and enables us to explore it. It has its own protective mechanisms to protect it from the external factors that may harm its construction and health. But, how does the process of exploration goes?

Based on what our mind has cooked, it stimulates our brain to create impulses, messages which are sent through the nervous system to the parts that need to do something. Your physical senses explore the world around you while your body transports you through it.

Let’s say you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch something. The message is transported into your brain, and then into your mind. Based on your filters the message is reshaped and sent back into your brain as an impulse, and transported to the parts that need to do something about what your body has sensed.

Our body has the ability to adapt to changes so it evolves depending on what it needs to survive and get what you desire. This means that if some external factors may cause harm to your body it will create a defensive system that protects you from them.

The saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is really true. Our body will find a way to get you what you want if you want it strong enough. The strongest code that is in our DNA and works without us even noticing it is the survival instinct. Our body will do anything to survive longer.

Taking good care of our body is very important because it needs to be ready to face the external factors of the world. Looking good is important because in this twisted world today it became a tool that may open some doors for you and make you get what you want more easily. Exercise, Eat healthy, Groom.  

VI. The Character 

The Physical being is the most material pillar while the Spiritual being is the most immaterial. The Spiritual being gives you the code of your soul, and the Physical being gives you the code of your DNA.
The both codes meet in your Mind and shape your Mental and Emotional being depending on the world you interact with. The main purpose of your mental being is interaction with the material world.

This brings us to the end of the series of What is SEMP? Remember that every pillar is equally important and each pillar needs an equal attention.

All of the pillars are connected, and the process of their interaction should always circle. A human being is made of all the 4 pillars, not just the ones that can be touched. We need to balance our pillars, to be SEMP. These are just the basics of SEMP and we plan on drilling down on this subject sometime soon.

Remember, the purpose in life is to be happy and share happiness!

By Dejan Davcevski,;

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page, Life’s Code of Happiness or website, LifeCoachCode.