5 Easy Stepts for a Light Holidays Detox

The human body is pretty good at ridding itself of toxins through an intricate system of detoxification and elimination. Still, so much of our health is undermined by excess, and excess that can’t be eliminated has the potential to gunk up the works over time.

Maybe you’ve been striving to live a more balanced life or you’re just starting to put the pieces together. But with the holiday season coming down the pipe, you may be wondering how you’re going to get through the temptations at the buffet table, the office holiday party or late nights wrapping up a year of work.

You might be thinking that you’ll just put your health on hold for a few weeks and start the New Year with a resolution or 10.

You may not need to! These five habits will help you through the holidays and every day for years to come.

1. Hydrate

Life is dehydrating! Drinking 6-8 glasses of filtered water not only replenishes our cells, but might just keep your cocktail count in check.

2. Get good sleep

A sleep schedule that’s consistent can help you keep your wits about you when you’re face-to-face with a delectable Thanksgiving spread.

3. Breathe deeply

A deep breath keeps you grounded and mindful before you reach for another hunk of Christmas Stollen or Hanukkah gelt.

4. Eat

Starving yourself by missing meals makes you hungrier (and moodier!) just when you may need your willpower the most. Fill up on fiber-rich foods, eat some good fat and don’t forget the protein.

5. Move

You don’t have to run a race every week; a 15 minute walk after a meal keeps digestion and elimination on track.

By Chef-instructor, Celine Beitchman – MindBodyGreen; | Image:;