5 Things the Shadow “Elite” Will Never be Able to Control

My latest articles were about how They control, what and most importantly why are “They” so obsessed with control.

As much as we hate the fact that we are controlled by the 1% we have to give them a credit, “They” are just 1%, maybe even less, from the whole human population and “They” have managed to outsmart 99% of us.

It is not ethical, moral, humane, right nor fair but as much as it’s their fault it is also ours for letting them.

However, in this last article about Mind Control I won’t be talking about why, how and what is controlled. I will be talking about what “They” will never be able to control. Yes, there are things that nobody can control, not even the rulers of earth. It doesn’t matter how powerful someone is these 5 things cannot be manipulated.

5. Bad Luck

We usually picture the ones who control the world as some dark figures behind large monitors in a secret room full of artifacts, where “They” do nothing but sit and make that evil laugh about how everything goes according to their plan.

But, in all probability this is not what really happens. “They” are as human as each single one of us and “They” have bad days too. Nobody can escape bad luck once in a while, not even “They”.

You think there are not days when “They” wake up all grumpy and hating everyone thinking how much “They” hate their job, to sit all day and have that evil laugh. You think “They” don’t get tired or bored or heart broken by their love.

Even “They” want that perfect kiss or being told “I Love You” but we all know that doesn’t happen every day. Even “They” hit their little toe from the edge of the table, nobody can stop that from happening.

4. True Happiness

No one in The Universe, no one alive or dead, can make you as happy as you can make yourself to be. We usually mistake happiness for pleasure but one has nothing to do with the other.

True happiness is something that comes from inside no matter what is happening to you or around you. It is a choice, a way to walk through life and only you can make that choice for yourself, nobody else can make it for you as much as nobody else can take it away.

You are responsible for your own happiness and if someone takes that happiness from you it is your fault because you’ve let them.

You don’t need anything or anyone to decide to be happy. And if you think but how can someone be happy with so much bad and evil happening around he is making the first mistake “They” use to make you believe that you need something or someone to be happy.

I assure you that we can all sit on a table, speak about the greatest problems in the world and find better solutions if we are not being serious. Being serious doesn’t serve anyone or anything it just makes you attached with bad, intense emotions to the problem which clouds your judgment.

Being happy rises your frequency of thinking which means you can connect more thoughts and ideas together therefore creating better solutions to help the world. Being serious doesn’t make you worthy of solving a problem it just makes you… well serious.

“They” want serious people so when “They” apply disturbing images, strong language, taboo topics and everything they programmed us to feel negative about our thoughts will be clouded by our emotions and we’ll be unable to see the bigger picture and what really happens behind the curtains.

You think when someone is killing another person they need to film it how his head is ripped of, or they really need to burn little kids alive. Wars can be waged without those things, but how else can you make people afraid today without those images imprinted in their minds.

You think you would have seen those images if they weren’t meant for seeing. Those things happen so we can see the horror and be afraid and hate those who do those things just so the war can continue. We are afraid and we don’t question why there is war in the first place.

3. The Universal Balance

“They” try everything, I mean everything, from time travel to space exploration to genetic manipulation but nothing can be done to overpower Nature and The Universal Balance.

“Every action has its own opposite reaction” and nothing anybody can do to change that. There cannot be an action without any reaction and this is what makes the ones who control grumpy.

Trying to create GMOs and create better human beings will result in human extinction. Having as much money as you can to be completely free will result in you having no free time to wipe your own a**.

Going back in time to change what happened will result in you creating what happened in the first place or being a part of it. Nobody can go against balance, against causality. It is The Universal Law that entangles everything together and going in one direction will result for you to be pulled as far in the other.

2. The Honest Truth

The truth is “They” can shape the information we perceive or what emotions it promotes for us or construct the perception we will look through, but no matter what we see, no matter from where we perceive it honesty is honesty and nobody can change that. “They” can change the details and with that changing the message, but The Truth from the message will always be the same truth no matter what path we walk to reach it.

The only way we can see the truth is when we think and feel with pure heart, not judged by fear, ego, hate, greed or beliefs others approved for us. And you cannot reach The Honest Truth by only not being greedy and not hating, all of these have to go together for you to see clearly.

Let’s say Disney is controlled by them and “They” put various symbols in every Disney movie programming your mind. The Truth that Disney movies share will still stay the same, that we need to fight for what we want and never give up.

That we need to fight for our happily ever after, believe in love despite all the evil and find that hero deep inside our hearts to save the princess. If we focus on The Truth from the message and not the details that create the message nobody can stop us from discovering the truth. Nobody can control our mind if we don’t change our focus.


1. The Human Will

And at the end, the one thing nobody can control except you, not even the fundamental forces or Destiny, is The Will. The Human Will to do something. It is the strongest force in The Universe.

If there is something that you want, something so deep it touches the nexus of your soul, there is not a power or force that will stop you from getting that. Of course you’ll say, “but no body can survive a nuclear explosion”.

You are right, you will die, there are a lot of forces that will destroy your body, but we are not talking about survival.

When Your Soul is On Fire you don’t care what will kill you, you accept no other fate than having what you want, and that determination is stronger than any nuclear explosion, than any force or power, because it shows The Universe that even if we are so small and powerless, we choose our own fate, something a nuclear explosion cannot choose.

By Dejan Davcevski,

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page or Life Coach Code’s website.