Rest in Peace, Lloyd Pye! ♥

Famous researcher, author, and lecturer Lloy Pye passed away Monday, at the age of 67, after battling with cancer. He was a firm believer in alternative medicine and he almost won the war. Unfortunately, making “bad decisions at critical moments,” led to this regrettable outcome.

One week ago, on December 4th, Lloyd’s sister, Susan, updated his Facebook status:

“This is Susan. I am writing this entry for Lloyd. The following is his exact wording.

Tumor rebound has been astounding. accelerating every day. It is no longer IF but WHEN. So, we all have to face the grim reality that I am leaving all of our lives. I thank you so much for the help you’ve given me to help the STARCHILD PROJECT get funded. Please continue.

I intend to spend my final days here in Destin with family and friends nearby.

I want to stress that I am still a firm believer in the alternative therapy effectiveness. I did not respect the rebound growth of the tumor. This is my fault, plain and simple for making bad decisions at critical moments.

Susan will keep you updated better than I can at this time.‘”

Lloyd Pye with a human skull and the “Starchild” skull

Yesterday, December 10th, Lloyd’s Facebook status was updated by his nephew:

This is Lloyd’s nephew. Lloyd Pye passed away at approximately 6:15 PM CT USA. Lloyd was surrounded by family and died in his mother’s arms. The family is asking for privacy at this time as we deal with the loss. We will post additional information in the near future. Thank you to all of his friends and fans for your support, prayers and love. He loved you all deeply.

Lloyd Pye was best known for his “Starchild Skull Project”

The Starchild Skull is a 900-year-old human-like bone skull with distinctly non-human characteristics. It was unearthed in a mine tunnel near Mexico’s Copper Canyon around 1930.

In his own words:

“I have shepherded the Starchild through more than a decade of scientific tests, expert analysis, raised public awareness, and have published both a printed book and an eBook about it. After all that, a recent DNA test finally gave a preliminary but convincing result that the Starchild Skull is part human and part nonhuman. Now I plan to recover its entire genome to prove this radical assertion beyond any possible doubt.”

The latest forensic recreation of how the “Starchild” human-alien hybrid might have looked like

You can read the complete article here: Latest DNA Tests Prove That the Starchild Skull is a Human-Alien Hybrid!

Thank you for your Amazing work, Lloyd Pye! Sending Love and Gratitude to the Real You! ♥♥♥

By Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com;