Soviet Nuclear Expert: WTC Towers Had Been Demolished With Built-in Nuclear Devices

Dimitri Khalezov, a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, expressed his knowledge about the September 11, 2001 so-called terrorist attack on the United States.

He has spent 10 years researching and writing a book [1] about the 9/11 false-flag attack.

In his book he claims solid evidence that the WTC towers have been demolished with small thermonuclear devices built in the very foundation of the towers, as the mandatory demolition plan shows.

“In a 2010 interview, Khalezov explained that you can’t build a skyscraper in NYC without an approved demolition plan. On 9/11, the World Trade Center’s demolition plan was put into action to demolish the complex.

Khalezov learned of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions. The WTC was built with 3 thermonuclear charges in its foundations.” [1]

Note: underground nuclear explosions do not produce mushroom clouds. This is only ever seen when the explosion takes place above ground. On 9/11, the explosions were deep underground.

More interestingly, Khalezov claims to know personally the chief organizer behind the 9/11 false flag. Here is his statement from a 2010 interview:

“Yes, I know the Chief Organizer (of 9/11) personally. Also before the 9/11. Moreover, I was so close to him that he did not invite anyone else but me alone to his early breakfast on the 12th of September 2001 (in Bangkok, while in the United States it was still the 11th of September) and there he shared a bottle from his collection of wines with me to celebrate the 9/11 event.”

The man who planned 9/11 is Mike Harari (now around 83 years old) who is a retired counterintelligence specialist and former Deputy Chief of the MOSSAD; a former friend of the U.S. President Bush Senior and the former Deputy General of Manuel Noriega – the Dictator of Panama. [2]

A rare photo is posted below:

Many years ago Rayelan Allen of RumorMillNews was told by her former husband Gunther Russbacher a CIA agent that a nuclear device was built into the United Nations foundation for its eventual demolition.

(And here we have Dimitri Khalezov of Russia revealing that it is standard policy in the United States to use such a device when constructing very large buildings.)

Dimitri replied:

“About the nuclear device under the U.N. building, I did not know that before, but it sounds reasonable to me. Because since the Controlled Demolition Inc. has patented nuclear technique for demolition, it would be reasonable to expect that they would promote it to get more contracts to secure more work for the future. This is capitalism, after all and everyone is after profits…

It should be noted that the nuclear weapons manufacturers are not ‘commercialized’ and to use nuclear devices on some commercial projects is a rare opportunity for them to get into some commerce too. So, why not use such an opportunity? So, I would not be surprised at all if this is true as reported by Russbacher.

Moreover, since the publication of my 9/11 movie, I’ve read even stranger news on the Internet regarding a Japanese architect who claimed that at least two skyscrapers in Japan also have nuclear devices installed under them by the Controlled Demolition Inc. (not surprising, considering that the initial architect of the WTC was a Japanese guy and he understandably brought this kind of idea back to Japan).

It looks awful, to be honest… I do remember that the U.N. building was promptly evacuated on 9/11 and it was also reported on television as a piece of important news.”

Another very interesting thing Dimitri claimed back in 2010 was that all the alleged witnesses involved in the 9/11 attack were actors:

“… all those ‘cameramen’ and ‘witnesses’ who ‘saw’ planes were not Mossad operatives, they were members of the Freemasonic sect. As well as ‘passengers’, pilots, stewardesses and many other actors involved… I can assure you that this was done by the Freemasons.”

This information is huge! Again, we have people claiming actors were involved in a major false-flag event, just as it happened with the Boston Bombing, Theater “Massacre” and Sandy Hook. Regarding the Masonic “elite” being involved in the 9/11 false flag attack, I’m sure most of you are not surprised to read this.

I am very grateful to have stumbled across this precious information and I am looking forward to hear more from Dimitri Khalezov. I will, of course, keep you posted.

By Alexander Light,; | Sources: [1] “911thology – The Third Truth” by Dimitri Khalezov – legal download link; [2] Biblioteca Pleyades;