The Main Stream Media is Programming Your Mind – How and Why?

News, Commercials, Movies, TV and Reality Shows, Music Videos… you can choose from various creative ways to reach your targeted audience.

These collections of images and sounds we segment into different groups exist for informative and entertainment purpose only. Or at least that’s what “They” want you to believe is true.

What “They” don’t want you to know is that The Media is the most effective way to program the human mind.

You also shouldn’t know that “They” are using The Media to program you since “They” have discovered the power of subliminal messages and suggestion, how powerful thoughts are and that perception is everything.

Why Are “They” Programming You?

Imagine that you invent something, maybe a new drink, clothing line or a way of transport. You are happy and ready to share your product with the world, but then, you realize that nobody is actually hearing you.

Nobody understands the value of your product and nobody takes it seriously. You know that your product will change the world, the shape of reality, but nobody believes in your vision.

Now imagine if you had the power to reach the world in such a way that nobody wants to say no to your product.

You have the power to make others believe in your vision and respect you enough to let you lead them. Wouldn’t you want such power?

That’s the whole game friends, the quest for power. Like the old song says, “Everybody wants to rule the world.” The problem is that the ones who are winning, the captains of this boat we call earth are greedy and don’t care about the future of the planet. The main reason “They” are programming you is to make you act a certain way that benefits them and keep you imprisoned in the system so they’ll keep their power.

How Are “They” Programming You?

While it’s true that subliminal stimuli are effective when it comes to priming one’s senses, they are not capable of the complete brain control like many proponents fear. The brain cannot be controlled! That’s the ugly truth “They” have discovered a long time ago.

To say that the brain is an amazing organ you would be underestimating it. Chocolate cake is amazing. Massage after a long week is amazing. Your brain however, there is not a word that describes the elegance in such complexity, the control in that much chaos, the fact that it’s making me write so many beautiful words about itself. The brain is something beyond our understanding because it’s the thing we understand with.

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So, knowing this you’ll probably give up trying to control other people. But here our beliefs come into play. They are what wires our brain and creates our pattern of thinking. So maybe “They” cannot control your brain, but if they make you believe certain things, maybe they can make you control your brain producing thoughts they’ve wanted you to have in the first place. It’s a passive control in a way.

“They” Are Already in Your Living Room!

Some theorists claim that forced transition to digital television broadcasting is a practical realization of the “Big Brother” concept. They claim that miniature cameras and microphones are built into set-top boxes and newer TV sets to spy on people. Another claim describes the use of mind control technology that would be hidden in the digital signal to subvert the mind and feelings of people or for subliminal advertising and controlling people’s actions.

To understand how the process of making you act in a certain way works, first you need to understand the process of how thoughts create feelings. You need to understand how powerful your thoughts are and that perception determines your reality. “They” know this and “They” use it in their benefit. Learn and understand this so you will be able to think with your own head a little more.

How Does Idea Implementation Work?

Through history their secret organizations implemented symbols and meaning to objects. This was with only one purpose in mind: to set the fundamentals of the program and make the process of making you feel a certain emotion simpler.

Today we all usually feel the same way about certain colors and objects, they promote the same feelings in each of us because we are programmed to link those objects with those emotions.

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Sounds are vibrations of certain frequency. Emotion is short for energy in motion. Emotions are also vibrations of certain frequency so in a way sounds are emotions we can hear. Colors are emotions we can see. Everything is energy differing by its frequency.

When “your TV” bombards you with images and sounds “They” can put whatever thing “They” want you to link with whatever emotion they broadcast through sounds and subliminal symbols, therefore creating a certain opinion about something in your head. The rest is up to you, you control your own mind but based on their opinions. This is how they program and control you.

What is Predictive Programming?

This theory posits that media outlets produce media (generally fictional media such as popular films, television shows, novels, etc.) that include images of events such as terrorist attacks, epidemics, or other natural or man-made disasters with the intent of programming the general population to accept such events as plausible, so that when the government undertakes such operations in the future, the public will be predisposed to believe the operations are actually terrorist actions and not government actions.

In one example, David Icke points to the presence of the words “Sandy Hook” on a map featured for only a few frames in the film The Dark Knight Rises.

Sandy Hook was the elementary school where Adam Lanza – allegedly – fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members. In the movie the place on the map was changed from “South Hinkley” to “Sandy Hook.” Why was this done remains a mystery and you can understand it however you want, or however “They” want.

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More have pointed to the many depictions of the destruction of the World Trade Center in films as a form of predictive programming, preparing the public for the actual September 11 attacks. Such theories presume that the media companies that produce these films are in league with the people who eventually carry out the predicted events and, hence, cast doubt on the presumed guilty parties. (E.g. the 9/11 attacks were really carried out by a group other than Al Quaeda).

Remember, your mind cannot be controlled. Only you control your mind. What “They” are doing is just making you think in a certain pattern but the thoughts are always yours.

How to Stop Their Programming?

What we all need to do is focus on the present and feel the control we have over our own minds. We need to understand the power of thoughts and what really matters for us. We don’t need to stop the programming, we need to stop being programmed.

Learn to meditate, learn to raise your vibrations and learn to play with their information. Don’t take anything too seriously and follow your vision; sooner or later more people will wake up and join you in happiness.

There is something you have and “They” don’t. You have the option to choose happiness and focus on yourself and your adventure. “They” must always focus on everybody else never being able to follow life’s main mission which is self discovery.

“They” will never be truly happy because “They” will always chase things to satisfy their infinite greed so cut them some slack, “They” are poorer than you’ll ever be.

By Dejan Davchevski,;

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page or website.