524 Feet High Structure on Mars!

This structure is easily found using the free downloadable Google map. I did just that and found it at the coordinates above.

Yes, I did report this two years ago, but most my readers may not have seen it.

Date of video: January 2014
Location of discovery: Mars
Google Map Coordinates: 45°56’58.08″N    23°32’32.84″E

I can confirm it is there as of today. Just copy and pass those coordinates into the search box, and hit search. The structure is massive in scale and half of it has been poorly air brushed over. The far right side of the structure is 160 meters long. The inside wall of the right side is 95 meters long.

This wall on the far right is 25 meters thick, by Google ruler measurement. How long it its from right to left is an unknown since we don’t know how much of the structure was air brushed out.

The interior of the structure is a different color than that of outside the structure. So we know the interior is below the surface… not above it. It gives us a view underground, but at what?

An entrance to an underground base, or an ancient structure from an species long since extinct? Or just a structure of the current species that occupies the inside of Mars?

Source: UFOsightingdaily.com;