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Decades of Child Sex Abuse Concealed by Cardinal Francis George

Thousands of pages of internal documents posted online today, released through settlements between attorneys for the archdiocese and victims.

In these documents describe how sex offender priests have been moved from parish to parish for decades, while the archdiocese hid the priests’ histories from the patrons, most of the time with approval from the late Cardinals John Cody and Joseph Bernardin.

“The issue is not when the abuse happened; the issue is what they did once it was reported,” said Chicago attorney Marc Pearlman, he has represented about 200 victims of clergy abuse in the Chicago area.

Although is seems disturbing stories of clergy sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church have been heard across the globe, the newly released documents offer the broadest look so far into how one of its largest and most prominent American dioceses responded to the scandal, even years after the abuse occurred.

The archdiocese released a statement Tuesday saying it knows it “Made some decisions decades ago that are now difficult to justify” and that “society has evolved in how it deals with abuse.”

“Where was the church for the victims of this sick, demented, twisted pedophile?” A man wrote in a 2002 letter to George about abuse by the hands of the Rev. Norbert Maday, who was imprisoned in Wisconsin after a 1994 conviction for molesting two boys.

Documents also show that Cardinal George tried to get Norbert Maday, released early from prison.

“Why wasn’t the church looking out for us? We were children, for God’s sake.”

By Josh Krasner, Bob Tuskin;

Not only that the church is not protecting the children against the known sex offenders in their parish, but it does everything in its power to protect them after making new victims. Doesn’t this mean that they actually ENCOURAGE pedophilia? If so, then the question is why? HERE is your answer.