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The 4 Healthiest Ways to Clean Your Body From Metals

We live in a world that is a lot more advanced than the world people lived in 100 years ago. We travel faster, we have many different kinds of food and drinks, and almost any information is just a click away from us.

This revolution makes our lives easier, that’s for sure, but it has also a very high amount of negative consequences.

The advanced technology resulted with creation of extremely deadly weapons that are daily tested, used polluting the world we live in.

The foods that we eat, the drinks, the transport, almost 90% of the technology we have invented to simplify our lives is polluting our bodies. Life is simpler, yes, but we are a lot unhealthier than people were 100 years ago. We’ve neglected the most important thing we need to live, our health.

However, nature always finds a way to balance the imbalance and help her “kids” survive. There are some natural ways to clean your body from the toxins and metals we breathe and consume every day.

4. An Apple a Day Sends the Metals Away

This amazing fruit of nature has more benefits than we have ever thought of. Maybe it is not a coincidence that this was the same fruit Eve stole from the forbidden tree, maybe she wanted a little change in her diet.

A normal Apple has only 81 calories but is packed with incredible nutrients. The soluble fiber, pectin, helps prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels while the insoluble fiber, cellulose, helps the digestive system move waste quickly through the intestinal tract by adding bulk.

Apples are a detox superstar because they have a chemical known as pectin which is a soluble fiber. This means that is able to be dissolved in water. This chemical helps your body to remove food additives and metals from your system through your fecal matter.

3. Seaweed Hates Toxins

Usually wrapped around a sushi, seaweed is an algae and can be found in red brown and green colors. The most commonly eaten are the brown varieties such as wakame and kelp. Vitamins like A and C can be found in seaweed, and is also a source of calcium.

The “superpower” of seaweed is its nutrient missing in almost every other food, Iodine. This nutrient is extremely important for maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. Iodine is also a natural metabolism-booster which is another great reason to start consuming it.

However, the reason why seaweed earned its place on this list is its ability to cleanse your body of lead, a chemical found in almost every make-up product. Seaweed cleans your body from cadmium which is highly toxic chemical found in cigarettes, plants and livers of adult animals.

Like this wouldn’t be enough, seaweed helps your body get rid of the radioactive chemical strontium which can be found in fireworks, and small traces in some drinking water.

2. Spirulina is the Food of the Future

You have probably heard of this incredible food and its benefits. Spirulina is actually a cyanobacteria, which means nothing to you doesn’t it. What this means is that it is a photosynthetic organism with blue pigment in addition to chlorophyll. It is an algae powder incredibly rich in nutrients and protein.

Spirulina is largely made up of amino-acids and protein, approximately 65%. It has large amounts of iron and Omega-3s along with Omega-6 and 9s. It is extremely high in chlorophyll which removes the toxins of your blood and boosts your immune system.

Spirulina contains almost every B vitamin like B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, it is a great source of calcium – over 26 times the calcium in milk – chromium, copper, iron in high quantities, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus,  selenium, sodium and zinc.

It also contains a great amount of pigments which may be beneficial. Wow Right?! That’s a lot of information to absorb and we still haven’t come to why it’s number 2 on this list.

Let’s just say that Spirulina is Incredible and cut to the chase. The reason why Spirulina is called “The food of the future” is probably because we imagine a radioactive future with heavy metals polluting the air.

Spirulina binds with radioactive isotopes and heavy metals in our bodies helping us to remove them. It is very useful for treatment of radioactivity exposure or radiation therapy. The tastiest way to consume Spirulina is to add the powder in a smoothie because it has an awful taste, like drinking a pond with frogs. I don’t know for you but after this many benefits I would drink a pond with frogs.

1. Zeolite – The Stone of Health

Maybe you haven’t heard of this amazingly helpful product of nature. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what Zeolite is. When volcanic lava and rocks get in contact with ocean water minerals called Zeolites occur.

Their ability to exchange ions thanks to their chemical structure made them useful in many industries. Because they can absorb large amounts of radioactive chemicals Zeolites are used daily to absorb the radioactive waste of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

What we are interested in is the sub-group of Zeolites called Clinoptilolite. This is the Zeolite used in the health industry. It has a cage like chemical structure with strong negative discharge that cleans our bodies from heavy metals, some cancerogenic toxins, toxic and other harmful chemicals.

Acting like a cage for harmful chemicals Zeolite has no side effects or danger of over usage. It will just absorb what is harmful to your body and it will exit through the “backdoor”.

In Asia, Zeolite is used for various treatments, boost of immunity, and in some cases in raising fertility. They call it “The alchemical gift of God” because it has countless health benefits from healing sicknesses, allergies, boosting immunity and balancing the energies, to detoxification, removing cellulite, making the skin 400 times more elastic, relieving from stress and boosting strength. Zeolite is used even in some treatments of HIV. This “Alchemical Gift” won the first place on this list, no questions there.

For any further information about Zeolite and where you can get natural and high quality powder, please contact me at: [email protected] – Dejan Davcevski – Manager at LavaVitae – The Stone of Health.

Maybe we cannot clean the environment or the water we drink, but we can clean ourselves. We can get rid of harmful chemicals and become healthier, brighter and happier human beings.

By Dejan Davcevski,

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page or website.