The Salinas, California Crop Circle DECODED

UPDATE: When this story first appeared on the main stream news channels, I was astounded to see them so eager to talk about stuff that they usually ignore – as I have already mentioned

I should have known better! This crop circle was apparently designed by nVidia as a marketing strategy for the launch of their new Tegra K1 chip.

So, it’s easy to speculate that the MSM news channels have been payed by nVidia to pick this story up and insist on it, only to later reveal that it was a hoax.

It’s all about money folks, and this is one more example that the main stream media is CONTROLLED by the big corporations. It’s shameful and sad, really.

The original article:

In my yesterday article I have covered the discovery of a one acre big crop circle in Salinas, California. One night before it became popular, a couple of friends were driving on Chualar Canyon Road, south of Salinas, California before sunrise, when they’ve witnessed green flashes of light above a crop field nearby.

After getting out of the car to closely investigate the sighting, they’ve stumbled across the – now famous – Salinas crop circle formation.

In this article I will present to you the most probable interpretations of the Salinas, California crop circle formation.

I. The Salinas, California Crop Circle DECODED: A “polar clock”, a “bright comet” and three clever codes uncovered

The overall imagery used at Chualar was that of a “polar clock” (see polarclock). As you may recall, another “polar clock” was drawn in crops at Manton Drove near Marlborough, England on June 2, 2012 (see manton drove). It successfully predicted a safe landing for NASA Curiosity Rover on Mars, two months later by its specified date of August 5, 2012.

This new “polar clock” at Chualar, California shows a “bright, long-tailed comet” as the predicted astronomical event:

Inside we can see the “CCD chip from a digital camera”. This might imply that many people in Earth will photograph a bright comet in early 2014:

When studied closely, the “head” of that “comet” shows a “smiley face” (sometimes drawn in crops), while crossing “three thin lines”, which match three tall telephone or power poles on the opposite side of the crop picture:

The date for this supposed event is not clearly specified. Three “planets” have been drawn around the outer perimeter, but those are not enough to specify a unique date:

Now three different codes were carefully embedded within this crop picture, They could be of some importance, if the crop picture turns out to be paranormal and not made with human hands? We should report accurately on those codes in any case.

Its first inner code shows a brief message in Braille saying “192-192-2-192-1-192-192”. This may be a symbolic reference to the British search engine “192.com” (see http://www.192.com). Its implication might be that “the blind will see, and those who search will find”:

Its second outer code involves three telephone or power poles, which appear nearby in the style of Manton Drove from June 2, 2012. These three tall poles match “three thin lines” on the opposite side of the crop picture. Accompanying those three tall poles are several numbers drawn in crops in Morse code, which translate as “3-space-3-space-1” going clockwise around the crop picture in the fashion of a “polar clock”:

Its third intermediate code involves a series of alphabetic characters in Morse code. They seem to read:

“E-T  B  I-S-O-N  S-T-S

One interpretation of this cryptic message might be:

“E T  B(e)” or “extra-terrestrials exist”.

Then “I-S-O-N (comet)” is an “S-T-S (space transportation system)” like for the NASA space shuttles.

Very important if true! We wait keenly to see what might happen next.

Appendix 1 for Chualar: a second interpretation of its Braille code “1-9-2” in terms of “hours” along the face of a “polar clock”

As first noted by several TV reporters, the three Braille numbers “1-9-2” could also mean “hours” along the face of a “polar clock”:

The purpose of coding such numbers, in the “Braille” and “planet” parts of this crop picture, might be to suggest that some important astronomical event (e.g. a “bright comet”) will first be seen at 12 midnight in Earth’s sky, at some particular place (London?) and on some particular date. Inside of its “CCD chip”, we can see two separate Braille numbers 2 and 1 which add to (2 + 1) = 3. We can also see three linked Braille numbers 1-9-2 which add to (1 + 9 + 2) = 12. An hourly time of 12 midnight has thus been suggested in two different ways.

As for the overall crop picture, it suggests that we need to go around the “polar clock” three times. See three tall poles nearby in the landscape, matched by three thin lines on the opposite side of the crop picture from those poles. Several numbers in Morse code as we go around the outside of the “clock” show symbols for “3” or “1”.

One part of the Morse code (“E-T  B”) also shows a fair resemblance to a five-body alignment of four planets and the Sun in early January of 2014, including as a sixth body, any remnants of comet Ison along its last known orbital path:

Thus we can see Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Earth, any remnants of comet Ison (ISON = STS), and Jupiter all aligned in a heliocentric perspective over the early part of January 2014. What a remarkable crop picture! Who made it and why? No one really knows, we just have to watch for whatever comes next.

P.S. Those three telephone poles reach successively greater heights (low, medium, high) as we move clockwise around the crop picture. Again this suggests that we should go around the “polar clock” by three full turns (days, weeks, months?) until some “event time” is reached.

The entire crop picture has been aligned in the field, so that its long “comet” image comes in from the west, and crosses three thin lines in the north. Comet Ison (an STS) was expected to approach Earth’s north pole by January 2014. Many different images of comet Ison have been drawn in crop pictures from England, Italy, France or Holland since 2008 (see fringe2013r).

Many thanks to Paul Jacobs for his expert explanation.

II. The Braille Code is the signature of the Cropcircle’s Architects: the GREY Aliens

When I saw the translation in numbers from the Braille code at first I did not know what to think about this.

But after doing some research on the internet, I can find a lot of information using the numbers 192! Just google for yourself and find out. To much information to write down in this article.

What attracted me was the repetition of number 192 192 on the first line and the letter B before the number 192 1 on the second line. In the third line again 192 192. Why does someone wants to use the same numbers again and again. So I thought this has to be a signature.

In my opininion this looks like we have here an RGB code. RGB stands for Red Green and Blue. Every color has a specific number.

 I converted RGB to HEX by using the program on http://www.javascripter.net/faq/rgbtohex.htm

1. First line in the Braille code Red:192  code Green:192

2. Second line  There is the letter B and no coincidence that  the last colour code is Blue:192

3. Third line is i my opinion a simple repetition of the first numbers

The outcome is: COCOCO

Why is the number 1 added in the second line B 192 1? Well, we can see that after the word Cococo you can point to google +1 and so i did and so I added an new color code!

When we scroll down the page you can find the specific color and it is… GREY!

This web color is described by the following tags: GRAY, GREY, SILVER.

Visit the following link: http://www.colorcombos.com/colors/C0C0C0

How much proof does humanity want? Haven’’t we seen the Grey’s in pictures in the fields before?

Glenn Aoys, Cropcircle Investigator, Netherlands; | HumansAreFree.com | Source;