The Videogame Reality That is Our Universe of Pain and Suffering

(German) The currently remaining PEUFIEW (Pernicine Extra-Universal Fully Integrated Enactator Webwork), essentially comprised of two groups of the approximately 22% and 4% of the original Enactators, respectively, who over the past 20,000 years, albeit in particular the last 2,000 years after Christ, often supported God of the Universe, the Archangels, Archangel Michael in particular, and other members of the Light in the struggle between Light and Seriously Lost and Warped Dark, the former having increasingly lost their compass and the latter having increasingly absorbed seriously DISTURBED and DERANGED expressions throughout parts of this Universe as well as other Universes from which they originally stemmed, having essentially all embraced Divine Universal Heart with God of the Universe’s intervention in the context of this universal STRUGGLE, again, a STRUGGLE between the members of the Light, many of which lost in the Confusing, Confounding and Confuscating and Controlling Reality throughout generated by the permeating and warping energies of the seriously disturbed Dark, and the distraught and seriously disturbed Beings of the Lost Dark, the latter with a pernicinely – perniciously and internecinely – stealthily imposed and impinged Existence (eternal) with an overwhelming sense of Self, Unquestionable Duty, and Missionthink unquestioning military discipline in a Roman army – a seriously macabre and highly conditioned and constrained state, most probably giving its participants a sense of being “most uncomfortably” contained in a straight-jacket attached to the variable electric flogging stratagem which, as Beings in Existence, specifically eternal beings, they HAD to deny even existed in order to literally survive, much as a chronic asthmatic or an emphysema patient has to mentally deny a relative lack of breath or oxygen, find themselves in the active process of redeeming themselves in the Eyes’ of God of the Universe.

Some of the Puppets’ Puppets’ Puppeteers

It is important to be said that nearly all of these Beings, the remaining PEUFIEW, which often found themselves on the Light’s side in this Videogame Reality, an essentially, at least for the great majority, increasingly stressful exercise upon a Reality which, for most, was not apparently one of either great suffering and/or pain, for it was viewed much like a very serious videogame for humans today (eg. Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War), the figures, the puppets, us, but also them, to a great extent, expressing that which was required in order to win or overcome, were convinced of their Free will but had none, or little, in reality, for they were, apparently, enactors but in truth were enactated*, basically used as preferred channels of execution and expression of the pernicine webwork,** which, because of their own volition, nonetheless, despite the worst intentions of the Slave Commanders of Slaves***, often served the Light.

Archangel Michael

That having been said, the rules changed over the approximately past 40 years, with the straight-jacket being seriously tightened in preparation for the annihilation of mankind of 2012 by the extra-universal Slave Commanders of Slaves, in particular through the implementation of variable electrocution* of “their” webwork’s unwilling willing participants.

Asgard – Example of another world from afar

The remaining semi-conscious minority which actually knew of the state of pain and suffering were often highest consciousness and intelligence but, as such, merited the special attention of the Slave Commanders of Slaves to the extent that variable electrocution was closer to actual execution with extreme suffering and pain.

The rainbow bridge of Asgard

All SLAVES without wanting to know or admit it! But then what are we in a system where money comes from NOTHING?!

None of them, it is understood, participated in heinous and/or pernicious scenarios on our planet and most understand to find themselves in a most privileged situation currently, for many have been living many life missions as human beings on others planets in distant galaxies in an effort to discover and become ever more refined in their expression of Divine Heart, all the whilst endeavouring to redeem themselves in the Eyes´ of God.

The Great Spirit of the Universe

As for the rest of the PEUFIEW, the majority, in God we TRUST and PRAY to have been relieved of their presence in a definite manner. May a new World and a new Universe with a complete change of Paradigm, where all recognize their uniqueness, yet their interdependence with all Beings, with Respect, Truth, Integrity and the increasingly full expression of Divine Heart, ensue, shortly, God Willing!


**The Pernicine Enactator Webwork (PEUFIEW) as well as The De-Enactation Process;
***Puppets and Puppeteers;


PEUFIEW (Pernicine Extra-Universal Fully Integrated Enactator Webwork): This webwork was created over hundreds of trillions of years, most of the structure arising and being assembled and integrated throughout the last 290 million years, twenty million years before the arrival of the human being in this Universe, the age of participants ranging from approximately 40 years to 600 trillion years, all essentially extra-universal, the eldest of which were amongst their most seriously deranged leaders, the Slave Commanders of Slaves, the very top leaders of which spared this Universe of their presence but which were most likely seriously lacking in true intelligence, so pervasively energetically TOXIC their minds and beings. No doubt there must have been reasons for this, not the least the absence of Heart, let alone Divine Heart.

The Redeeming ones, the minority, the two groups comprising 26%, their higher energy
lower density Existences having been spared the participation in the heinous and
pernicious, are embracing Divine Heart and are in the process of discovering themselves within a context of ever greater truth.

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com; | Pictures: Adam Philip Poulson and Asgard as in ‘Thor’ film;