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7 Rules to Live 100+ Years, Learned From Those Who Did

7. They don’t exercise – They move naturally

To be healthy we need to exercise and go to the gym. That’s what society today believes. That’s the kind of Paradigm we all have. But how did people maintained their health before gyms and treadmills were invented?

We have a giant misconception about exercising. Going 5 times a week, spending an hour per day being active is only 5 hours per week being active.

The body needs constant activity. Maybe as not intense as the one we do at the gym but certainly something more than sitting on a chair for 50 hours per week.

Doctors and Health Gurus say we all need to exercise. But what they don’t say is that we shouldn’t make a schedule for exercising, our whole day should be filled with little exercises.

That’s how people who live more than 100 years spend their days. They are walking instead of driving, they are using their hands instead of machines, they are running, jumping and having fun whenever their body feels like.

When you sum up at the end of the day, they burn more calories than we do with our 1 hour workout at the gym.

6. They don’t avoid stress – They filter stress

We do our best to avoid stress. This is because we are constantly bombarded by psychologists and doctors that stress is very bad for our health. But, in the world we live it’s impossible to completely isolate from stress.

There is no running away from stress. But, maybe that’s not as bad as we thought it is, maybe it is not even bad. Scientists and psychologists have discovered that stress may be even good for us. In fact, they say that believing that stress is harmful to our health is the deadliest misconception we have about stress.

A study that shifted the perception and reprogrammed the paradigm of many psychologists discovered that stress doesn’t kill people, the belief we have about stress does.

People who had a lot of stress but didn’t believe that stress is harmful to their health had the lowest risk of dying even smaller than the people who had relatively small amounts of stress. They discovered that the physical state of these individuals was similar like the one in time of joy and happiness.

We shouldn’t avoid stress but we shouldn’t seek it either. The right thing to do is stress for the things we love, for the things we are passionate about. People who live up to 100 years don’t focus on the stress. They do what they love and they always spare time to downshift and calm their mind.

5. They don’t over think – They live in the present

Every person has a goal. We are all chasing some dream making plans, strategies imagining futures that may never happen. Many of us have regrets and traumas that hold us back. Those regrets chain us like prisoners and link us to the past.

We are stretched between our regrets and our dreams neglecting what we truly have. We forget that all we ever had the power to control was the present.

All we truly have is this moment right now and only by detaching from the past and the future we can act now and create the life we want to have.

People who live over 100, practice meditation on a daily basis. This helps them stay grounded to the present.

4. They don’t get wasted – They drink 1 glass of wine per day

When we drink alcohol we tend to drink, A LOT! We get wasted for no reason and we think this makes us living the life.

Let me break it down to you, alcohol exists long before beer pong was invented and people weren’t always getting wasted. Alcohol has nothing to do with living the life and being free, that’s just how society programmed our Paradigm. In all probability, getting wasted is making you unaware of what life is all about.

The lesson here is not to drink to be able to live but find your passion, do what you love and enjoy a glass of wine per day.

People who live up to 100 years old know how to drink alcohol to take its best benefits. They drink a glass of wine per day and they truly enjoy in it.

3. They don’t eat processed foods – They eat raw, green, plants

We live in a world where food is available in almost every corner, and not just that, we have more kinds of food than we can try in a lifetime.

The downside of this is that the foods available to us are produced by other individuals and processed in a fast and unhealthy way by factories to be able in short periods of time reach large quantities of the masses and the companies producing them acquire more profit.

That’s right, nobody is responsible for the things you consume and nobody should be responsible except you. Nobody else should grow, hunt or produce the food you will eat.

We all need to remind ourselves that the act of acquiring food is as important as eating itself. Planting, hunting, maintaining, collecting and cooking what we’ll eat links us emotionally with the food. This love of our food makes the food healthier and makes us use the most of it without throwing away the left overs but instead use them in a different way.

Almost everyone who lived over 100 acquired their own food. The diet of these individuals is made of very low amounts of meat and high amounts of vegetables, especially green vegetables.

2. They don’t overeat – They eat until become 80% full

As humans we want to have more than enough from everything. There Is a saying that no scale can balance the human eye. This habit of ours is not so healthy because we tend to go too far with doing something. It usually results in addiction.

In the world today the number of obese people is higher than any period in the known history. This obesity problem is a product of having more than enough, eating unhealthy food and becoming more and more weak-minded.

People who live more than 100 years are strong minded and know when to stop eating. They have a simple rule. When they feel 80% full they stop because the information that the stomach is full has a couple of minutes delay until we become aware of it.

1. They don’t live alone – They are surrounded by their Loved Ones

Being lonely is proven to be unhealthy. We as humans need to be around other human beings, we need to connect with each other. However, sometimes you can be even lonelier in a crowd. The point is not to be where you don’t want to be.

What we need to do is be with the ones we love, we need to fight for them and surround with individuals who spread love and kindness. The point in life is not to fight to keep the people in the world safe, but to keep the people who mean the world to us. If we all do this the world will be safe.

People who live more than 100 years surround themselves with loved ones. After all, what’s the point in living 100 years if you don’t have someone to love beside you? At the end of the day that’s what truly matters.

By Dejan Davchevski,;

Dejan Davchevski is an International Marketing Manager, though his passion is sharing a way of living that he calls ‘The Code Of Life.’ He discovered ‘the code’ while he was in a dark period of his life and it helped him recover. You can contact Dejan on his Facebook page or website.