My Experience With a “Leap of Faith”

In a conversation with a friend with whom I correspond via the internet, I wrote him a while ago that I am trying to figure out who was the man that Christianity calls Jesus Christ. I told him that after the hundredth proof found in a book ‘The Magdalene Legacy by Laurence Gardner’ I could finally put together all the facts concerning who this man was. What this author wrote in his book is confirmed by various other sources such as those Qumran scrolls which were not in the hands of the Vatican translators as well as the Nag Hammadi scrolls and of course some gnostic works that I’ve read.

I mentioned these sources so he could see that I got my information from good academic grounds and not from people who are continually busy with conspiracy theories.

I think my very catholic friend was shocked with my temerity to call the teaching about Christ in question – as I myself would have been about this same time last year. He answered me:

“In your earlier email you wrote about your search to find out who Jesus was. You had opted for a picture of Jesus that is quite different from the picture presented by the Christian community over the years.

However, such reinterpretations seem to me to be based on flimsy foundations, such as those that would link Jesus to a group such as the Essenes by tenuous associations and then build a theory on this. It seems to me that accepting such views of Jesus would require a much bigger leap of faith than accepting the view proposed by the great majority of Christians for the past two thousand years.

I continue to believe in the interpretation of Jesus proposed by the Catholic Church because it has been supported by the witness of so many who have been members of this Christian community and have lived this faith and even given their lives for this faith from the earliest times.

I am also attracted by the fine moral teaching of Christ as it comes to us through the Scriptures of the Church… (which)… is an excellent guide to a generous and good life.”

This led me to what he called a leap of faith and so I answered him concerning such a leap of faith:

“In your last letter you say that accepting alternative views of Jesus would require a ‘much bigger leap of faith’ than the most accepted Christian view of the past 2000+ years. Well, let us suppose that Jesus is/was in reality God Himself and we agree on the premise that God never stops calling out to us as He works his work within our hearts…”

Sometimes it happens – as it has happened to me – that God challenges us to greater heights of believe in Him. Belief in who He is, where he is and how we can encounter him when we sometimes find him not within ourselves. God may require of some of us to question accepted historical and biblical facts about Jesus, the crucifixion, the resurrection, Christianity, Catholicism, etc.

In requiring this of us, He calls us out of the neatly made road paved for us by the Catholic church, later Christianity, the Reformation, the Jewish understanding of YHVH and yes even the accepted beliefs of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other worldwide faiths.

He calls us out of the so-to-speak comfort zones we have ensconced ourselves in because we are afraid to question our believes; afraid to challenge our teachers of faith; afraid to wonder for what did so many people have to die for their faith or particular belief (not only Catholics, not only Christians but other faiths as well).
When doing this, God does not call or challenge me or you from within ourselves. No, He calls from without. He stands above me, barely visible to my spiritual eye within the dimension I am existing and says to me:

“Come Caeli, leap!” Like the story of Peter in the new testament of the Christian Bible who wanted to walk like Jesus did, on the surface of the water… God calls out to me: “don’t look down, Caeli, but leap!”

“I took that leap of faith and wow, I landed on my feet like a cat in that other dimension where God was waiting for me. I, little child Caeli was lifted up by this great and almighty God, Source of all being, power, energy and glory.”

How did this happen?! God made me uncomfortable with all I had learned from mainstream Christianity including Catholicism; he ignited the desire to probe deeper and deeper for the truth about who is God, within me and it became like a searing flame that could not be quenched until I had found this God (almost a new God) out there.

He taught me that yes, in a way he is inside that which people learn about Him from their faith, working within their hearts, being there when they kneel and pray to him, sing to him, give him glory and honour; he is there when they tremble in awe of his mighty works upon this earth among man and beast.

But he taught me that he is very pleased to manifest himself as the God of the Universe, creator of all dimensions, all the heavens, all life forms of whatever kind, all frequencies of vibration, all energies, light and glories.

I took a mighty leap of faith and I met that man Jesus or Yahshua who lived so long ago and upon whose teaching an entire faith movement was built. Jesus whom I call Avatar. Because I met him I know what I have read about him, apart from what the Christian and Catholic world teach, is absolutely correct.

Maybe more people should take this mighty leap of faith that our almighty God is waiting for, instead of cowering behind eucharistic sacrifices, prayer circles wherein God is beseeched for mercy and pity upon an ever-increasing violent, enslaved and dying world and mankind, the blessings from the hands of priests, bishops, ministers and pastors.

Maybe that is what God is waiting for before he would show himself as the true Saviour of the world, the saviour Christianity calls “the returning Christ”.

Caeli Francisco, HumansAreFree.com;