*Reveille is a bugle call, trumpet call or pipes call most often associated with the military; it is chiefly used to wake military personnel at sunrise. The name comes from reveille or réveil, the French word for “wake up”.

Lasting love has eluded many people in the world. It can, however, be different. Deep within us there seems to be an empty chasm that not even a hundred lovers could fill.

No matter how we try to suppress it, our need for love is inescapable.

Behavioural scientists have discovered that even people who focus almost exclusively on impersonal sex – porn, fetishism, solitary sex, etc. are usually driven to their obsession by a need for love. Our passions seem so insatiable that we shrink from them, yet still they haunt us. Still, there is hope – our dream can come true.

The reality, however is that being in love is a risky, potentially agonizing experience. Relationships are frighteningly fragile, for people change while death or disagreement can so easily rob us of the one we love. The deeper our love the deeper our insecurity. And too often we are misunderstood. But while reality is cold and dreams are too hot to hold, just for a moment release the iron grip that keeps your longings suppressed in the dungeons of your mind. Let them waft free before your gaze, no matter how unattainable they seem.

Dare to see what they reveal: Do you burn for lasting intimacy; a companion who will never fail you; a friend who can always be with you, no matter what the hour or place. You crave a lover who can slip inside your mind; ideally, someone who has not only heard of your every trauma and triumph from birth, but experienced them with you.

You need to unburden yourself with an admirer who knows your blackest secrets, yet delights in you with unswerving devotion. When life’s blows send you reeling, you ache for someone who not only passionately longs to meet your deepest needs, but is always able to. You need a partner so capable that when crisis swallows crisis you can trust your friend to comfort, protect and empower you to success with his love for you. You want someone who will nerve you to reach the heights you were born for.

No person on earth fits the bill, yet the ache remains and we give up saying, ‘A person would have to be a God to meet our criteria and anyway how could God help? We’re flesh and blood while God, if he exists, is some nebulous, unapproachable Spirit. The notion of a friendship with God is preposterous. Or is it?

Within the realms of the unknown almost anything could dwell – even a God poised to shatter our insensibility to him. If there is an Intelligence behind creation, why were we made with cravings that could never be satisfied?

Is God a sadist, or were those yearnings for the ideal companion planted within because he longs to fulfill them by being our most intimate friend? Could it be that God seems impersonal only because we are not on close terms with him?

Some will say, ‘but God is dull!’ Really? Can the God whose power and creativity defy imagination; whose wonders are inexhaustible, be dull? Wouldn’t it be a never-ending adventure to be in love with the one Being who is continually able to exceed our wildest dreams? This exciting Entity whose never-ending companionship and limitless power are able to fill the unfillable hole within us, is the perfect partner we ache for.

Others will say, ‘I need someone I can touch’. God knows your every need. We are passionately loved and in the eyes of the one ‘person’ who really counts, each of us are special. To other people we might be just one of thousands, but not to the One who made us. What God wants with us is like a perfect marriage, in which we can enjoy each other forever.

Believing a creed does not give us the right to live with God; it is not enough to walk down a church aisle or sit in a pew every Sunday neither is it to faithfully observe the ‘sacred signs’ (sacraments) within a church community setting where we believe that this is where ‘God communicates with us through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell and movement. To live with God means that we believe in someone so completely that we commit all that we are and all that we have, to that person for life.

Yes, our Creator is eager to be devoted to us but for this devotion to work, the commitment must be mutual. If we entrust to God everything we have he will reciprocate, embracing us with divine extravagance. In entering this love pact, we give him the right to do whatever he likes with our assets while at the same time the owner of the Universe makes his riches available to us. We trade our talents for his omnipotence; our attempts to run our lives for his unlimited wisdom; we give him our time on earth and he gives us eternity.

In our semi wake-up state we find that this then is a solution but to appreciate its grandeur, we must consider the magnitude of the problem. This is so distasteful that we instinctively shrink from it, like dungeon dwellers recoiling from sunlight that we are, sleepwalkers snug in our comfort zones.

“I just woke up from a nightmare’, we tell ourselves. ‘If I accept this offer of Enlightment and to evolve spiritually to a state of bliss, I will have to  expose facts about myself that challenge the limits of my ability to grapple with reality. It’s humiliating!”

However, having been  surrounded by imperfection all our lives, has clouded our ability to see ourselves objectively – deep down we suspect the worst but we flee from it like people refusing cancer checks. We try to fill our lives with endless activity so that we do not have to think of it – the dream we had. Yet, deep down we know we stand guilty in the presence of a holy God. Even when we imagine we have pushed it out of our minds, it controls us more than we realize.

A favourite, rarely conscious, technique to silence our suppressed but nagging conscience is to concoct a doctored moral code that lets us entertain the delusion that we are morally pure because we are following laid down rules of behaviour dictated by our churches and communities. What drives us to continue adhering to these delusions, is a desperate attempt to drown the shrieks of our own conscience…

A Prayer to a Loving Creator 

Wonderful Father, it hurts to admit how selfish I’ve been and that I have caused you grief. You have given yourself totally to me by and through your creation and I long to respond to your overwhelming love, by dedicating all that I am and have, to pleasing you. I accept and acknowledge you as my God and Creator, Source of all that is, the great I Am, from this day forward. I will love, honour and obey you in all and every part of you found in creation existing within and around me.

As I yield to your loving protection and guidance, I surrender my desire to stay in bondage of those who have put me to sleep, renouncing even those things that used to entice me. In exchange I receive your pardon, your purity and your power to live a life worthy of you as I allow myself to evolve from level to level within the Enlightment. Thank you that we have now commenced a union so unique and powerful that not even death can break it, making me one in covenant with you and the entire Creation.

If you prayed the entire prayer honestly, you have entered a new spiritual realm, the realm of dimensions higher than the one you are used to exist in.

That’s hard to believe because everything seems the same. However, from the perspective of the Universe, the spiritual contract has been sealed. From now on you will know instinctively and intuitively that the craving deep within you that was insatiable, has become a thrilling joy and a fulfilling union with the One who made you.

By Caeli Francisco, HumansAreFree.com;