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6 Steps to Become Your Truest Self

 When people say “just be yourself,” what they mean is to be authentic to who you really feel you are. If you acted a certain way your whole life and you just became aware that’s not who you really are, you actually like dressing nicely or telling stupid jokes, than by all means do all of that because that’s your truest self.

There is no greater crime in life, think for a moment – NO GREATER CRIME – than not being your truest self, whoever that means you are. Not being authentic with your essence is first disrespectful to yourself and then to everything else, Life, The Universe, God, The Higher World, All of The World and all that you believe in, whatever that is.

This subject is VERY deep when we dive in explaining everything. However, the most important thing we need to remember for now is that being authentic to who you feel you are, is what truly matters. There are 6 some-kind-of-easy steps to become your truest self.

1. Focus on Love

There are 2 sides to every coin, the left and the right. There are 2 ways every magnet behaves, it attracts or repels. There are generally 2 ways we feel towards things, we love or hate.

When we hate we repel them and ourselves from them, when we love we attract ourselves to them. Hating means focusing on the things that are not in harmony with Your Truth, loving means focusing on the things that are.

You choose the way you’ll see the world and the way you see the world is the world you’ll live in. Choosing to focus on the things that are in harmony with Your Truth will create a world where you are surrounded with things harmonious to YOU. That will bring you closer to Your Truth – to who you truly are.

2. Understand Fear

Fear is but a wall that keeps you from being free. We create fear towards the things we believe may harm us and take away our freedom paradoxically imprisoning ourselves.

The wall that fear builds is just an illusion, a belief in our mind that we think protects us from being harmed. That’s a lie! Nothing protects us from being harmed and when we realize that we are stronger than the potential harm, that’s when we run towards “the wall” and go beyond that, just to see that there are green fields outside, happiness, love.

We realize that we don’t need walls to be safe because we never are truly safe, but that’s ok because well… we are still here.

Fear is the door that separates what we call “the evil” from “the good”. Being who you feel you are is scary because others may not understand you, insult you or harm you but that’s only their fear in action doing everything it can not to face itself. They are insulted by you being free and they being imprisoned by their fear. Every time they see you they are reminded how pathetic they feel inside.

Understand them, don’t hate them, don’t be afraid to confront them with love no matter what they say or do – I am not saying singing kumbaya while they kick the s**t out of you, defend yourself but don’t attack.

Understand that you are their savior because you were once in their prison and you escaped. Don’t let your ego make you hate them.

3. Take The Journey of Your Inner World

Everything you see around you is approximately 0,1% of what Reality actually is. Everything manmade around you was first inside someone’s imagination. Everything you see around you is but a projection of your own mind.

We have a false understanding of Reality. Reality is actually inside our mind and the world we perceive is a glimpse, a product of our mutual Inner Worlds. It’s like standing on the edge of the world looking towards the infinity while the world you actually live in is behind you.

Turn around and start exploring the world you are from. Everything you love, every fear, everything you can imagine lives there. Exploring your Inner World is a LONG journey and it’s scary, but that’s the only way of finding WHO YOU ARE.

4. Find Courage

There is something in us, Humans, probably a side effect of fear which is the main reason why we are so special. This illogical spark makes us stand up to giants, to something we know we stand no chance against because we feel deep inside that somehow, we are stronger than that.

Maybe we are not stronger by physical laws but showing that we are neither bounded nor imprisoned by them makes that spark shine as the brightest star. The act of doing this is what actually makes us stronger than everything.

Find your spark and forget about everything. Use that spark to follow your heart. Use that spark to go beyond fear. Use that spark to love even if you are in the midst of hatefulness.

By doing this you’ll choose the right path and even more, you’ll walk the right path the way you want to walk, the way you feel like walking.

5. Relax

This is the ultimate trick. In the midst of that entanglement between fear, love, hate, exploring your Inner World, finding courage, facing everything… if you manage to stay relaxed you win.

Being relaxed means that you are not afraid. Not being afraid is key to being who you truly are because there are no walls to block the energy you feel and release.

That energy is actually YOU, it is a product of who YOU TRULY are, blocking that energy is blocking Your Truth, it is lying. It is hard to be relaxed because all of this demands effort and strength but when you realize that true strength is found in the midst of vulnerability you’ll understand that by being relaxed you are actually your strongest self.

6. Surf

All that we are is surfers. We are the mysterious surfers. There are waves in Life and we cannot control their size or speed or strength, what we can control is will we surf them, watch them or let them smash us into the rocks.

We cannot control what happens, the only thing we can control is how WE happen. If you surf a wave, no matter what kind of wave it is it’s up to you how you’ll surf it. When you discover WHO YOU ARE and when you start acting like YOU just go with the flow and surf YOUR way.

Be who you are no matter what. That’s how you’ll know that you are right, because you’ll be always honest to everything. And one last thing about surfing, it’s fun. Being who you are is A LOT OF fun and whatever you do in Life, there is no point in not having fun.

By Dejan Davchevski, HumansAreFree.com;

Dejan Davchevski is one of the brightest young minds who writes about the complete human health, motivation, philosophy and the secrets of success. With Life Coach Code he creates a mindset of happiness and prosperity through his articles – Codes – which Reprogram the negative Paradigm creating a better version of ourselves.