Here is Why America Became the Biggest Threat to World Peace — What Can we do About it?

In a poll of 68 countries, the United States has far outpaced all other pretenders to the terrorist throne, being crowned the most evil country on earth in a landslide.

No other country came even close in the global threat and tyranny race, with the US garnering 24% of the total votes, with Pakistan a distant second at 8% and China seriously fading with an embarrassing 6% showing.

Hardly worth mentioning were the also rans Afghanistan, Israel, Iran and North Korea who could only muster 5% a piece. So as not to skew the results, the poll was given to America’s NATO-allied partners and many forcibly occupied nations alike. In fact, 13% of its own citizens agreed with the dangers posed by the US government on themselves and the rest of the world as well.

Talk about dominating in the worst ways coming home to roost! And for those who pay attention to world events, it becomes easy to see why the US is so feared and hated now internationally, in no small part to its dollar’s strategic position as the world’s reserve currency of force.

This has allowed the US to label itself the righteous global super-cop from the west, ever vigilant and ready to spread its brand of democratic hegemony onto the world in the name of protecting freedoms. Sounds suspiciously like the mafia’s racket of old – “Pay up for protection or else we can’t protect you… from us!”

The US spell cast since WWII upon small, vulnerable nations to surrender liberties in exchange for the very American ideas of “freedom,” has broken under the weight of millions upon millions of rotting corpses, destroyed economies and corporate-political takeovers through countless multi-generational shock and awe invasion campaigns.

The rest of the world has experienced for many decades what Americans are only now beginning to awaken to: the US government has sought all along to fashion itself after the Romans, seeking to cement the American Empire as the undisputed ruler around the globe.

This is the very reason the Federal Reserve, along with its crony partners at the IMF, unleashed the deadly virus called the US dollar to encircle the globe, infecting and zombifying all that it touches, before eventually killing everything.

Students of real history know this is the exact same tactic the US used to commit genocide against the native Americans during the 1700’s by giving them small pox-laced blankets. Some things never change, only this time they’ve set their sights on the entire globe.

Yet, what happens once there are no longer any more viable foreign nations to destroy? Like any viral plague, it adapts by turning inward and starts to feed on the host, or rather its citizens, instead.

Since September 11, 2001, this insidious cancer has been raging uncontrollably throughout the United States.

The US Patriot Act, a virtual carbon copy of Adolf Hitler’s Reichstag Decree, was injected into the veins of the country to begin destroying its peoples’ liberties as a means to combat and root out terrorists, whoever or whatever they may be.

In truth, it was set up to be nothing more than a convenient excuse for the burning of the Constitution, with an Orwellian dictatorship rising from its ashes.

This was followed by the shadowy Department of Homeland Security, again a virtual copy of the jack-booted Nazi SS thugs of old. Headed up by the wicked Janet Napolitano, her refrain has been to spread fear among the population with her “see something, say something” paranoia campaign to rat out your friends and neighbors.

From there, the TSA was created to arbitrarily treat everyone like a would-be terror suspect by herding nervous airline travelers into deadly naked scanner capsules, molesting them with invasive pat-downs and cavity searches under the ruse of finding weapons of mass destruction.

To this day, these outrageous and obviously unconstitutional intimidation tactics have not resulted in a single terrorist arrest, but then again, they were never meant to.

The real agenda was to train the population into accepting this type of abuse as normal. With repeated assaults, even the most stubborn dog will eventually cower in fear at the mere sight of a raised fist so the abuser no longer has to go to the trouble of beating it down to gain its full compliance.

At that point, anything goes and the masses are programmed to believe that as long as they keep their heads down, their mouths shut and grovel about inconspicuously, they will not attract the attention of their abuser.

By taking this Pollyannic view, they feel they will be safe. Oh, but how terribly wrong they are. When a disease takes root there are two choices: do nothing and pretend it doesn’t exist, which leads to death – or keep it from spreading by taking steps to eliminate the threat it poses.

And right now that cancerous growth is metastasizing and growing out of control. Along with the additions made to the already tyrannical Patriot Act, the NDAA was recently re-approved indefinitely, with CISPA and FISA right on its heels to eliminate the rest of their quickly diminishing privacy rights.

These abominations have given the NSA full reign to unleash their spybots globally, surveiling foreign allies and foes alike by indiscriminately hacking into their private email and phone conversations in the name of national security. So, it’s certainly no mystery why the world collectively views the United States as the greatest threat to world peace.

Domestically, this has resulted in drones policing the skies, Obama’s domestic kill list of citizens he considers a threat to his regime, the militarization of state and local police, along with smart meters, cell phones, laptops, big screen televisions and appliances embedded with NSA spyware to surveil everyone in and outside of their homes 24 hours a day. If this is where we are now, the logical question to ask is where is it all leading to?

Well, history has always served as a reliable gauge in that respect, yet most government-approved historical experts conveniently ignore it, or rather wish we would. And for good reason since a population of citizens ignorant of the past are much easier to manipulate and control.

What we do know is all empires eventually fall to so much pixie dust and there are tell-tale signs that scream out when the end is near, yet very few ever hear it.

But guess what, that clarion call has become an earth-shattering roar now – can you hear it? We are currently living through the decline of western civilization as we know it and here are a few glaring signs that have repeated without fail over the centuries to usher in its collapse and fall:

1. EXPANSION – Empiric hubris gets to the point where it seeks to expand its influence throughout the world via increasingly expensive rape and pillage wars with just about every neighbor with natural resources to be stolen.

This drains the empire’s own economy of vital resources needed to effectively run it, leading to poverty of its own citizens through increasingly onerous taxation and finally a massive revolt against the bankrupt empire.

2. POLICE STATE – This is what the above mentioned Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, DHS, NSA and FEMA are all about. It’s the point when the empire’s foundation begins to crack and splinter in earnest, leading to the clampdown of its citizens in a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable collapse.

Massive riots and devastating false flags occur throughout the nation as martial law is declared. This is the most dangerous time for the citizenry because the militarized government will begin rounding up everyone it suspects might be a threat and detaining them indefinitely in FEMA prison camps.

3. MASSIVE FIAT MONEY PRINTING – To continue fueling a parasitic military war machine, an empire ends up draining its coffers of the real wealth that allowed it to become an empire in the first place – gold and silver!

A clear signal that an empire has overextended itself is when it outlaws or discourages its citizens from owning any of the precious metals themselves.

Facing default in 1971, President Nixon closed the gold window, allowing the FED to print massive amounts of US debt notes, aka the US dollar, backed by absolutely nothing but faith!

Despite what the FED will have us believe, completely unbacked fiat money-printing has always led to hyper-inflation and the financial collapse of every empire that tried it and the United States is spiraling down that black-hole of insolvency at dizzying speeds.

4. DECADENCE – Right at the tipping point, basic morals-ethics give way to an anything goes all-you-can-eat orgy of food, sex, greed, violence, narcissism and gluttony as psychopathic behavior becomes the accepted societal norm.

Since decadence is the trigger that sends everything crashing down, let’s take a deeper look into this one, shall we?

a. In a decadent society, food becomes so plentiful that more of it ends up being thrown away than is eaten, even as the waistlines of the zombified citizen pigs become sickeningly expansive. To feed the zombified horde, GMO foods are engineered to produce artificially giant yields while being devoid of any substantive nutrition.

Through this, we can see how genetically modified crops and livestock are employed as weapons of health destruction to keep the population sick and slovenly so they pose no real threat to the empire.

Further, chefs become worshiped by an adoring public who stay glued to the endless monotony of food-based unreality television shows that simply encourage them to mindlessly consume even more.

b. We’ve seen a strong push by the government to push sex education to kindergarten-aged children. This new in your face education further teaches highly impressionable children about the merits of the gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyles, while also giving children condoms just in case they get the urge to experiment on one another.

I’m all for everyone being free to choose their sexual orientation, but forcing this on children using taxpayer dollars is insanely despicable. Yet, it’s clearly obvious why its happening now.

Over the past decade, a powerful pedophile lobby has been gaining influence in the upper echelons of Congress and institutional psychiatry, pounding the table to decriminalize rape against children by adults as long as the child gives consent.

In fact, the American Psychiatry Association recently listed pedophilia in the latest Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Disorders (DSM-5) as a “sexual orientation” no different than being gay, straight or transgender.

The whole point is to bring pedophilia into the mainstream as just another sexual choice an adult can make to rape a child without fear of imprisonment or societal shame.

Sickeningly, the sham research concluded that sexual abuse of children was found to show no long-term ill effects. Quite to the contrary, they claim it instead creates a stronger, more healthy and loving bond between child and rapist.

It was only after recently being vilified by conservative family groups, that the APA back-pedaled and made some revisions to their designation of what constitutes aberrant pedophilic behaviors and what does not.

Even more sickening, pedophile rights groups such as the notorious child molester rights organization, NAMBLA, worked with House Judiciary Democrats to have pedophiles included as a protected minority, along with gays and lesbians in the hate crimes, hate speech and anti-bullying bills.

These laws shockingly give pedophiles special rights and privileges above the rights of all other citizens. In practice, if a parent discovers a pedophile raping their child and physically pulls the pedophile from the child, the parent could be charged with a “bias-motivated assault,” a federal hate crime and go to prison!

But, don’t think for a minute that this twisted pedophilic goal to bring child rapists out of the closet of despicable shame and into mainstream acceptance is going to end anytime soon.

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After all, Washington D.C. has been notorious for being one of the elite pedophilia capitals of the world and they always protect their own. Let’s not forget how quickly the investigation into the child porn ring that included over 5,200 Pentagon employees and high ranking officials was halted with the weak excuse that arresting the deviants would harm national security.

c. A casual glance at recent Hollywood TV series and movies shows a very disturbing and ongoing trend. The traditional, tight-knit family structure has been replaced by broken homes, soulless, narcissistic, drug dependent and sexually deviant characters who engage in all manner of psychopathic criminal behavior to get what they want.

Perhaps, the greatest recent example of the unbridled celebration, glorification and normalization of outlandishly despicable and criminal behavior is represented in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

In it, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a psychopathic degenerate who lies, cheats and steals from everyone he meets along his stratospheric rise to the top of the criminal Wall Street empire.

Rather than being any sort of cautionary tale about greed or decadent behavior run amuck, he is portrayed as a loveable, ambitious guy who led a fun and exciting life with his posse of equally loveable frat-like buddies, who ended up getting wronged by government investigators out to unfairly take him down.
However, no mention was ever made of the countless lives his unbridled criminality destroyed, since that would’ve made the psychopathic lifestyle much less fun for viewers to worship – or want to emulate for that matter.

So the moral of the story, if any, is it’s good to do anything it takes to steal other people’s money since that’s the American dream – just don’t get caught! Predictably, the sociopaths of Wall Street have embraced this film as their own to further encourage and justify their criminal culture. Decadence indeed!

Within the walls of the great American Empire, it does appear to be in the final death throes of the “bread, wine and circuses” phase of decadent collapse. Yet, all is not lost for those with the eyes to see what is plainly occurring and the will to take decisive actions to counter it.

As always, I offer a few suggestions I believe will benefit those willing to disconnect from the tentacles of the parasitic beast and take back full responsibility for their own lives and destiny during the very challenging transitions we may be facing very shortly.

In any event, it’s always better to be prepared ahead of time. It’s the same reason we buy insurance, right?

1. Plant your own veggie-fruit garden, store food, firearms for self defense, ammo, batteries and plenty of drinking water. During a collapse, those are the first items that get stripped from store shelves and are vital for everyday survival. On top of that, growing your own food is much better for your health and saves a ton of money.

2. Trade dollars for silver or gold. As history shows, when fiat currencies collapse, the value of the monetary metals skyrocket in value. Right now, silver is perhaps the most undervalued and ignored commodity on earth, despite being the most important for industrial and financial purposes.

It is no longer being mined enough to meet global industrial consumption and geological surveys report it may become extinct within ten years. Simple supply-demand mechanics clearly show that the price per silver ounce, currently around $20, will easily climb into the mid to high $100s over the next few years.

3. It may also be wise to open a BitCoin account and trade some dollars for those. When the Cyprus banks collapsed, depositors could not get any access to their money for days and weeks. This caused a mad rush into the relative safety of the crypto currency, which exists outside of the centralized banking control paradigm.

As more of the mainstream global population begin to flee their respective fiat currencies and move into bitcoin, prices will naturally soar due to its relative scarcity in comparison to the unlimited amounts of fake money governments print with impunity.

One of the easiest ways to buy bitcoins is through Coinbase, which allows customers to easily link any bank or credit union account to their personal Coinbase account to buy them.

4. Hold enough cash outside of your banks to get you through at least a month. When the system finally collapses, anything you have on deposit will be gone with it and ATM-credit cards will be useless.

Besides, by doing business with the criminal likes of BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, we are aiding and abetting their criminality. Disconnect from the banking parasites and watch them die!

5. Stay healthy of mind and body by avoiding all jjabs, pharma drugs, antibiotics, junk foods, sodas, gmo’s, etc. Instead, choose natural and organic foods and a lifestyle conducive to an abundant state of being.

By starting down this road, you can also avoid the tyranny of the terminal cancer known as Obamacare! Until next time be well and stay well, my friends.

By Hanzei E., Lost in the Bamboo Forest;