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The Harmony of a Populated Universe

Harmony in the Universe

In the same way that Creator formed life on Earth did he made life forms on other planets in the entire universe. And why not?

It is absurd to think that only Planet Earth has any life form of whatever kind.

On other planets, as on Earth, the bodies of the creatures that were to live there, were formed from the dust or substance of that particular planet and received the spirit of each planet, its aura.

There is only true harmony when each answers with all to the Master’s hand; when all are in tune; when  the stars sing together.The entire universe is a constant celebration of harmony and love where ‘to be’ co-exists with goodwill and harmonious intergalactic relations.

All contribute to the good of all and all have everything they need for a joyous and loving life.

Each creature spends a percentage of his or her time doing what they love, always making sure that that which they do will contribute to the whole.

Selfish self-serving behavior never comes into the picture because all live from the viewpoint of the heart and all function in love as a beautiful expression of Source Creator.

All live by the Golden Rule, i.e. do unto others as you would have done unto yourself – this is a principle followed with higher awareness by all.

True liberty within the Universe is ever regardful of (social) equity, implying continued existence where the exploitable raw materials and resources upon planets are made available to all in cosmic fairness within the universal fraternity that always takes divine obligations into account.

Creator had given all his creatures the divine privilege of participating in creation by determining their own destinies through the exercise of free will – a granted privilege by which he would prove their worth during the particular period of probation of each.

This ability to choose either good or evil freely, is a universal reality while the liberty to choose for oneself is an endowment of the Supreme Rulers.

They will not permit any being or group of beings to deprive a single personality in the wide universe of this divinely bestowed liberty.

Therefore it was agreed that a period of probation of sufficient length would be allocated to each creature in order to allow for an adjudication of an individual’s universe-status, as will prove entirely satisfactory to all related universe personalities.

As we’ve explained above, all souls that are incarnated in a life form that is formed from Earth’s essence have been allowed so by Creator who, together with the Supreme Rulers of the Universe, sent them on a journey of probation.

Because Earth’s dimension is vastly different from any of the other dimensions in that she exists in the physical Source-created hologram, it is necessary to send souls at some stage of their existence to Earth who is, to all intents and purposes, the most remote planet in the entire universe.

The ultimate aim of this period of probation is for souls to become fully unique individual expressions of Source; to be in harmony with the rest of the Universe; and to be able to love all with a universal love so that, when this state has been achieved, that soul will never deflect from the true purpose for its existence.

The most important part of the cosmic egg, the created universe, is the base code that went into it. This code is part of everything that exists and is what ensures that the universe expands in a constructive and positive manner. One of the central themes of this code deals with creative harmony.

A Creative harmony is the idea that underneath everything that happens or exists there is some kind of unifying creative, harmonious force. This one creative force acts as a governor that resists disharmony and those influences that will pull apart from the whole and encourages those influences that support or add to the whole.

As you delve deeper into the nonphysical side of creation and come in contact with the wonders that exist outside of the earthly system, this underlying harmony of everything will become more apparent.

As you break out of the box of the physical plane, you will experience an increasing degree of harmony and a decreasing degree of disharmony. If you go far enough away from the physical plane, all disharmony ceases to exist and only those creations that are in perfect harmony with each other are in existence [1]

Distortion of Harmony

Before the Earth-hologram was created, the multidimensional Universe had already been populated with other rational beings made with an inherent free will or freedom of choice – the power to choose for or against something – and who were subject to certain conditions regarding their continued existence.

Never content with mere robots, Source of All allows for the loyalty of all free-will beings to be tested. They were to be established in the physical plane to learn how to tune their consciousness into the universal harmony, so that whatever they created would resonate with everything else.

In the process of time there were some creatures from a certain cluster of stars in the universe – it is said that they were from the Draco Constellation – that had to be sent on their period of probation to planet Earth.

They, like all creatures, were created as image-bearers of the super-consciousness of Source and became the first representatives of planet Earth in the Universe.

An agreement was made with them that they were to tend Earth, to care for her and her other life forms and to develop her in a relationship of mutual trust so that the relative young Earth could eventually be included in the galactic federation of planets.

These creatures or, let us call them spirit beings, were created with no taint of maliciousness. They had the choice to either remain loyal to Creation or to rebel against it.

Since the time of their incarnation onto Earth coincided with the creation of life upon Earth, they each received a body consisting of the dust and water of Earth that corresponded with the bodies they had on their star.

Later, when the first man of Earth gave names to the creatures, they were called Serpent for they resembled exactly the images found on excavated clay tablets, wall paintings and carvings, etc.

These serpents were lizard-like creatures who, unlike the other animals of Earth, were highly intelligent and evolved beings on the “star” they originated from with an advanced knowledge of technology and other-worldly matters.

As a specie, they are perfectly adapted for survival and they know everything about the ‘true path’ and spirituality.

True to their mission, the Serpents roamed the earth and probed her depths and it was in these depths that they found out about Earth’s raw materials – resources created for the purpose of use not only by Earth’s inhabitants but by all of the Universe equally. There was one such raw material that interested these serpents very much and that was gold.

“Some have suggested that aliens used gold in their atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays and preserve their planet.

But for those of you who are skeptica, and need scientific evidence to show why aliens would be so interested in gold, Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, offers an explanation that describes gold as an important element for space exploration and astronomy.

‘It is a wonderful conductor of electricity… and… a perfect reflector of infrared energy.’” [2]

The realization must have surely struck them that with such a lot of gold in their possession they would no longer need to rely on the other members of the universe for their own star’s continual survival and develop-ment.

With all this gold they could become the rulers of the universe! At first those of them on Earth who had found this out, kept their intentions and their find to themselves, watched and waited.

Then it happened that a specie called homo sapiens came into being and while the Serpents watched, now rather jealously, this specie was tasked to not only tend and tame the earth, to give names to the animals and plants, but to rule over Earth and subdue her.

“What is this now?” The Serpents must have wondered. “Must these pale creatures rule over us? We were here first…” But then they saw their chance of capitalizing the situation and opportunity presented to them.

We may well ask what was the intention of the Serpents for tempting man to choose the way of the Serpents and not the way of Creation? Was not this act of the Serpents’ rebellion against the original mission that they were tasked with when they were incarnated onto Earth?

Yes, it was rebellion, plain and simple.

The Serpents’ actions and attitudes were the result of them using their allocated free will to participate in creation on their own rebellious terms and thereby determined their own destiny of eternal damnation.

Disharmony occurred because this realit- creation of the serpents was not in synchronization with the underlying creative energy wave of the universe.

It so happened that they created against this energy wave with the result that that creation immediately fell into a state of decay. Because the universe’s core operating system does not support it, the countercurrents of creation tears it down. [3]

They were damned and cursed to no longer go on all fours but to go on their bellies and eat dust. This implied that they were banned to an existence in the second dimension where their energy vibrations would be much slower than the creatures upon Earth; that they would live in forever darkness.

Thus were these serpent-incarnations’ earthly and later ‘heavenly’ rebellion the root cause for the distortion of the harmony that reigned in the Universe.

Harmony Restored

The Serpents-cum-Reptilians did not lose their innate intelligence, level of evolvement, advanced knowledge of technology and other-worldly matters, or the true path and spirituality.

They still had the ability to communicate with their Star in a higher dimension and so they called upon their ‘people’, relating to them their find of gold and other important raw materials and resources upon Earth and how all of this could be used to develop their own star/planetary system without having to share with the rest of the universe, as was ruled by the Supreme Rulers.

They succeeded in convincing at least a third of their kind, who came visiting Earth in their ships. Great was their excitement to find that what had been indicated, was true and so decided to stay with their kin.

Now, the celestial hierarchy of the supreme rulers is the medium by which Creator rules and orchestrates the cosmos. The beings of the highest dimension seem have a central role in the government and administration of the universe.

Among them are also found divine soldiers and messengers – they are extremely agile and power-ful beings. All these are what people commonly refer to as angels but are called Masters of Wisdom and Lords of Compassion.

They respond to our supplications and act as the intermediaries between Earth’s human-kind and Creation. They are the ones who may intervene to save us within the laws of karma or the laws of cause and effect. [4]

And so war ensued in the heavenly dimensions. The divine soldiers of the cosmos fought against the living entities of the star from which some were incarnated onto Earth, in order to restore the harmony of Creation.

The outcome was decisive in that these rebels were excluded from the Universe and the judgment conferred upon them was that they were restricted to Earth, within the physical hologram.

Their activities would from henceforth be confined to the third and second dimensional earthly sphere. Their defeat had been of such extent that never again would they be allowed in either the physical or the multidimensional universe.

Re-actively they went about to continually deceive all life of Earth planting doubt, distrust and fear wherever they went. Such is the power of the avengers of the Universe that they could have fully destroyed the Serpents inexorably because of this rebellion that disrupted the harmonious co-existence of the entire universe.

But it was decreed that the consequences of their course of action be allowed for the simple reason that their free choice of act-ing against the love of Source, serve to demonstrate what the Universe would be like under the power and control of such ones; it had to serve as a deterrent for all who would in the future dare do the same.

The results of this act of rebellion are written across the pages of Earth’s and human history. When the demonstration is finally complete, Creation will be able to eliminate the Reptilians and their offspring on Earth without running the risk that other creatures such as man and other life forms will serve it out of fear but in love, thereby gaining and holding the voluntary allegiance of all loyal subjects for all eternity.

Final Result for Earth

We may not know the real reason why Earth was made and remade but it has happened twice already. After the first creation, the Reptillians decided that they wanted to be the rulers of earth.

Such was the energy expended against them that the destruction spread beyond Earth’s solar system wiping out everything. This is the reason why Mars, one of the planets of earth’s solar system became a desert wasteland.

Then there was the first man created in the image of his creator and to the likeness of Earth. He had as much free will as had the serpents and, figuring that he could be like God too, he fell and lost his power and authority to “tend” the earth.

So, control reverted back to the Serpents who are still in control of Earth. Although they may collectively be called the Prince of the power of the air, they are no longer working for the Universe but for themselves and therefore against Creation. [5]

By Caeli Francisco,;