The Human Depopulation and Replacement Agenda

The depopulation and transhumanist agendas continue to roll out, despite the fact that this madness has been explained to us in our faces for several decades.

The meme of humanity reaching a crisis point of horrific turmoil and decimation has accelerated greatly in recent years, while the mechanical replacement agenda rolls out in tandem.

Apparently they feel the conditioning program is working sufficiently to convince us our numbers will be reduced, one way or another, and that better alternatives are arising that will somehow benefit this same deliberately crippled and dying species of beings. Apparently it’s working…

Drones are now a de facto reality to deal with, never mind the continually upgrading surveillance and overt militarization of day to day life. Transhuman implants getting pumped up by the media’s complicit promotion of anything android or “enhanced” proliferates in this poisoned environment.

It’s usually cast in this “scientific advancement” category, security issues, or even increasingly and more popularly in the economic realm of industry and commerce.

Very clever indeed. But where do humans fit into all this?

Rolls-Royce Drone Ships Challenge $375 Billion Industry: Freight

In an age of aerial drones and driver-less cars, Rolls-Royce (RR/) Holdings Plc is designing unmanned cargo ships.

Rolls-Royce’s Blue Ocean development team has set up a virtual-reality prototype at its office in Alesund, Norway, that simulates 360-degree views from a vessel’s bridge. Eventually, the London-based manufacturer of engines and turbines says, captains on dry land will use similar control centers to command hundreds of crewless ships.

Drone ships would be safer, cheaper and less polluting for the $375 billion shipping industry that carries 90 percent of world trade, Rolls-Royce says. They might be deployed in regions such as the Baltic Sea within a decade, while regulatory hurdles and industry and union skepticism about cost and safety will slow global adoption, said Oskar Levander, the company’s vice president of innovation in marine engineering and technology.

“Now the technology is at the level where we can make this happen, and society is moving in this direction,” Levander said by phone last month. “If we want marine to do this, now is the time to move.” Source

The News is What They Want Us to Think

Whether it’s google glass, insect and otherwise drones (for our security, of course), implants, NSA type surveillance at all times or humans causing the climate problems, the population is being conditioned to accept any and all of these options.

The issue is never whether the technology is psychologically skewed in some fundamental way, it’s now been cleverly shunted into more advanced placement concerns such as your health monitoring or whether you can drive with your new Google gadget.

Sergey (CIA/Mossad puppet) Brin of the google dynasty…

This is no small passing thing. It’s pure conditioning.

Google sets roadblocks to stop distracted driver legislation

Google is lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states to stop proposed restrictions on driving with headsets such as Google Glass, marking some of the first clashes over the nascent wearable technology.

Some eight U.S. states are considering regulation of Google Glass, a tiny computer screen mounted in the corner of an eyeglass frame. Law enforcement and other groups are concerned that drivers wearing the devices will pay more attention to their email than the road, causing serious accidents.

So-called wearables such as Google Glass, smart watches and sophisticated health devices may represent the next big shift in technology, just as smartphones evolved from personal computers, and enthusiasts predict billion-dollar markets. Google, which is still testing Glass, charges $1,500 per pair. Source

Ah, the markets. I get it. We’re supposed to bow to the almighty dollar and “free enterprise”. That will tickle our innards.

The Slight of Hand Replacement Agenda

The point is this assumptive distraction technique on even the automation agenda is shoved in our faces. While these draconian measures replace humanity in the workforce and otherwise, the continual poisoning of the world’s populace continues.

Humanity is being replaced. Call it “altered” as well and you’ll be right. The morphing of our species is well under way, with replacement technology proliferating by the day. The robotic militarization of our streets is pure reinforcement of this agenda.

Meanwhile the continued poisoning persists: from chemtrails and radioactivity to fluoride in our water, to GMOs, and EMFs changing our nervous systems, we’re under siege. It’s a continual bombardment of government and otherwise sponsored alteration and extermination techniques.

What’s amazing is watching humanity embrace their own displacement.

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 explicitly states, amongst other monstrous things, that we need to be herded into city centers. As least those who remain. This is why off the grid folks are being hounded, and swathes of once productive farmland are being starved of water as in California – to force people off the land. These are in publicly available documents.

But who’s looking?

Thankfully many are, and are keeping abreast of these surreal developments. The fact is that internationally adopted programs such as Agenda 21, and on the educational front Common Core and the like, are effecting massive changes in human perception and behavior.

The clearly disemboweled climate agenda is an obvious example of blaming humanity for everything, but they work all sides toward the middle. The overwhelming propaganda campaign, almost as subtle yet as profound as political correctness, is making its mark and imprinting an uninformed and deliberately dumbed-down populace.

We are the number 1 target… and enemy of the would-be State.

Be Aware of the Warfare – We Are the Target

There is much to be researched on eugenics and the transhumanist agenda. It speaks volumes. What we are left to grapple with as the dominant race on this planet is: once we know this to be true, what do we do?

Awareness and spreading that awareness is the most important task at hand. Once people wake up things begin to activate on their own. I don’t trust political activism personally but if that’s the place where people come to life, that’s a good thing for starters. We can do a lot of things such as boycott and speak up. The most important step any of us can take before we do anything is disengage for ourselves.

Escape the matrix. Operate outside their direct influence as much as possible.

How much we can derail these various agendas remains to be seen. Helping others escape their clutches is a way of life.

Whatever your choice, do not go on business as usual. Step outside of their programming and you’ll know what to do. And do it.

Much love always!

By Zen Gardner;

About author: I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering.