The Love for my Twin Soul

Being Love

The most important aspect of love is not in giving or receiving but in being.  Being inside of love means seeing the Beloved all around me. The soul wants only to be love. It’s a true joy, for example, to turn someone whom you didn’t initially like into the Beloved.

One of the interesting aspects of seeing the Beloved in this way is to notice how warmly people respond to being seen as the Beloved, even if they don’t know what’s happening.

What is it in the words ‘love’, ‘harmony’, and ‘beauty’ that is able to exert such a natural power upon the human soul?

The answer lies therein that if there is anything in life that appeals to the human soul, it is love and beauty for the simple reason that they are the very nature of life: love is the nature of life, beauty is the outcome of life and harmony is the means by which life accomplishes its purpose while the lack of it results in destruction.

Love could not have manifested itself if there was nothing to love and just so could eyes not have seen if there was nothing to see. If there was no beauty, love would have been silent and so love can only be said to exist after it has passed from silence into expression.

He who created is love and he has created all that are, out of his love. He becomes the lover and the manifestation or object of love at the same time. Love has created beauty in order that it may be able to love.

The lover alone has the power to create and that which he creates is for the purpose of receiving his love. The life of a person is quite changed after being melted in the fire of love. The fire of love will exalt him so that his power will even influence animals, bird, plants and other creatures.

Love is not a thing that one can learn or study in a book. One can only allow love to grow in the heart. Just as a  person cannot live without his heart, can the heart not exist without love.

However loveless and cold a person seems to be, he nevertheless has love, though it is hidden – there is a thick wall built around it so that it cannot reveal itself or emerge and though it is continually kept within this shell, it is uneasy and restless.

When a man does not give this love an outlet he becomes a burden to others. His presence becomes disagreeable to his surroundings and he does not realize that the key lies in himself. When man has come to know the real beauty of Creation, he will find that it dwells only in one place, his own heart for that is where the one who created called Love, is to be found.

He who understands this will always be aware that in every aspect and at every moment he may be injuring or hurting the feelings of Creation and  that he is in danger of breaking the shrine of Creation when he is  breaking the heart of his fellow man.

Twin Souls 

A soul mate is someone with whom one has a special spiritual and natural connection; someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality and compatibility. Soul mates exist in a soul-space where there are no limitations nor is there any split between the sacred and the mundane.

It is a friendship and love that is not wounded or limited by separation or distance; it remains alive even when the friends live far away from each other. Because they have broken through the barriers of persona and egoism to the soul level, the unity of their souls is not easily severed.

When the soul is awakened, physical space is transfigured. Even across the distance two friends can stay attuned to each other and continue to sense the flow of each other’s lives.

Through the transfiguration of physical space soul mates then become twin souls. They have formed the one and only other half of the soul of each.

One’s twin soul holds inborn potentials that match and complement one’s own and who is linked eternally through a signature in the heart at the dimension of the spirit. The place where they meet is in the secret places of the Universe deep within their twinned heart.

Twin souls who belong in the same spiritual family are enabled to pick up on each other’s energies in times of crisis or separation. Sometimes they even have premonitions on a spiritual level about what lies in the future.

When the one half of the soul is upset the other can sense is; they can contact each other through dreams and visions, through telepathy in the spiritual dimension with the permission of Creation; they have unconditional love for one another and even with hardships, their love for one another remains strong.

To meet your twin soul is truly a gift from above. Sometimes your twin soul can cause you to grow in areas in your own soul. Your incarnation will grant permission for circumstances of hardships with your twin soul as long as it leads to your combined spiritual growth.

When separated from and through hard times with your twin soul, unconditional love will remain because you and your twin soul are one. Twin souls usually have circumstances that will lead a way back to each other during separation. When twin souls feel as one they feel freedom and comfort within their one soul.

Sacred Marriage

Sacred marriage is contracted between and restricted to twin souls. It is the transmutation of universal forces that brings the polar opposites of male and female into harmony with one another.

This balance of the male and female creates something more powerful than what was represented by those separate individual aspects “as each partner is infused by the divine essence of the male and female components of God” [Philip Coppens].

How awe-inspiring to see the beauty of another soul, to love him and then to be permitted to share in his intimacy, actually to become one with him! There’s no earthly experience that is greater than this unity of souls, minds, hearts and bodies in the sacred marriage.

True lovers are concerned with great and beautiful things and should not let themselves be troubled by small things. When the man of this sacred communion called marriage, is a great lover, he will be able to relate the smallest things to love and be willing to change to please his beloved in all legitimate things – this characteristic is typical of great love.

I’m sure that as love, conjugal and otherwise, grows deeper we come to see how, the greater the love, the more it permeates even the smallest aspects of life.

The tests of twin souls is through unconditional love. Twin souls save each other and are willing to go to hell with each other – the key here is for one soul to have the strength to save itself so it can remain with its twin.

If one soul is hurting the other will too; one soul must be strong to show the other how to be strong. Because of twin souls’ unconditional love for one another, they will most likely remain together, once having come together because Creation permits the union if both souls are healthy.

Twin souls always seem to return to one another. If one soul leaves, most likely within time that soul will return to its twin. Even though we don’t often see it, all people are created in the image and likeness of the one who created; each one in some mysterious way reflects this and has within himself an incredible beauty.

My life, your life, is a miracle that we must cherish for, what we have become for each other, radiates from the beauty of our twinned soul. You are beautiful to me because I’ve found you to be compassionate and sensitive; I am beautiful because I love my twin passionately, which give us both a gentle spirit and a giving heart.

We are beautiful because we find our worth in Creation; we are beautiful because we both are embracing the challenge to be a part the one of the other – authentic man and authentic woman. Our authentic beauty flows from our hearts onto our faces and manifests itself in compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, modesty, courage and strength.

When I fell in love with you

When I fell in love with you, I was given a great gift: my love took me past appearances and granted me a perception of your true self, who you are meant to be in the deepest sense of the word – I discovered that secret self of yours.

Those who love have been granted the special privilege of seeing with incredible intensity the beauty of the one they love. At the moment when love for you was born out of me I saw you more clearly than does any other living human being.

When I fell in love with you I saw your true face, your unique beauty – with the eyes of love I was granted a mountaintop vision of you. I’ve come to trust this bright vision I’ve been given, rekindling it daily in my heart and allowing it to nurture my love.

I’m allowing it to form the cornerstone of my faithfulness to you and know that from the first day of my sacred marriage with you, that marriage will be rich indeed – rich in love, in trust, in honour and respect and rich in friendship.

It is very true that the closer we get to another person and the more we trust him, the more we desire to know about him, to penetrate his intimate self and to have him know us in this way as well.

When I fell in love with you, I was granted a vision of your true self – the self, which you usually hide from others both because it is your secret and also because you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable to people who fail to approach you with reverence and love.

As a friend I have to be very close and trusted very deeply before you, who are my other, my twin, will reveal your private self to me: your disillusionments, your joys and hopes, the wounds you’ve received, your deep inner self.

It is right to hide oneself from an indiscreet and unloving gaze, but it’s also right to reveal oneself to a person whom we trust and love.

Only those who love, see; and those who see most clearly, love most deeply. My special vision of you allows me to love you profoundly and therefore have learned to trust this love and nurture it because I know, understand and believe in the promise made to and because I understand and believe this promise, it already gives me profound joy.

This special vision is part of the deep drama of sacred love and marriage: the constant call to “die to yourself” for the sake of your beloved.

By Caeli Francisco,;

Note from the author: I found this piece among my files. I do not know where it comes from and which sites or authors contributed to it. I thought it appropriate to publish for all who greet one another every day in love and peace.