The Magnificat: The Innately Heinous Beings – Subversion of Essence

(German) The Magnificat, eight of them (remember this number is actually vertical unlike the infinity sign, not that these Beings were vertical, but they were true unto self yet untrue unto Essence, they hated naturally, desecrated and destroyed willfully) these eight Innately Heinous Beings, innately self-serving, devoid of empathy and compassion, whilst disrespectfully respecting self and respecting only their other “brethren”, Beings without Real Shamanic Representation in Our Multi-Universes, Beings whose presence in “our” realm of Realities have been extant for over 500 billion years, wielded really truly impressive power with true ease and grace, lately, less ease, but always with natural grace, or rather, Disgrace…

…through mechanisms and strategies which were contra natura, amongst which the Emergency Reserve Enactation Penetration Potential of all sleeping Beings, clearly greater than 99%, amongst which the Sheeple and a plethora of other unfortunates who regularly believed to know how to assure themselves the certitude of privilege when journeying to a suffering, potentially seriously hazardous and risk-laden high density low energy reality like Earth, Innately Heinous Beings naturally full of themselves who were seriously MOST unintelligent yet intelligent Beings quietly and serenely ruling, preferably with GREAT POMP and CIRCUMSTANCE, in particular in “Religious” settings where generally the essence of Christ is apparently present but notably ABSENT for anyone still awake not to speak of the Rituals of Late related to Devil Worship, Animal and Human Sacrifice and all forms of inconceivable Abomination unknown to common man;

yet pass-time of a sick human elite and their creators, the Heinous and the Deviant Beings, immersed in WARPED Power-Based SYMBOLISM on Gaia and nearly all other Realities right up to the borders of the inner sanctum beyond which they dispensed ruling so as to create an interesting CHALLENGE, a 500 million year tea-time distraction, with the Human Being, the Deviant Beings with Termite Shamanics being their lackeys, as indeed most Beings who HATE, DESECRATE, ENVY and are JEALOUS in their essence or ways, with an innate penchant to INFILTRATE, INSINUATE, COLLUDE, CONTRIVE, CONNIVE, SUBVERT, SABOTAGE, UNDERMINE and SUPPLANT All Beings who are Truly True unto Self and unto and with Others, their respective Realities suffering the obvious consequences, Innately Heinous Beings Naturally Full of Themselves, who deeply Understood, with a sense of entertainment, SARCASM and HYPOCRISY and the Weaknesses and Strengths of most Beings within this context, in a position to “CREATE” other Beings;

Or rather have other Beings LITERALLY Created, to THEIR SPECIFICATIONS, including legions of HUMAN BEINGS with the sole purpose of DECIMATING HUMANITY as we know it and, importantly, including having SWARMS of Expression altering Beings “CREATED”, in order to EXPLOIT and CONTROL others who are TRUE and TRUE in WORD and who have TRUE INTEGRITY and TRUE PURITY of Being, if not, NEUTRALISE them, when NOT ANNIHILATING them because of a perceived threat to their Dominion and/or innate or inherent NEED to Project Self, having perfectly imperfect INSINUATING structures created to SEAMLESSLY and CONTINUOUSLY, STEALTHILY and CONEALEDLY, MISREPRESENT and DETRACT with ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSIVE PRECISION from the Highest Good of the Individual, the Highest Conjugated Good with one’s TWIN SOUL and the Highest Good of ALL, particularly courtesy of the utterly abused Concept of ENACTATION, enabling the creation of the Puppet Being, avoiding the evolution of the facets of the expression of Divine Being or Divine Heart, endeavouring to insure man’s tripping herself/himself up, desecrating her/his potential and/or annihilating herself/himself courtesy of the “cultivation” of certain facets of expression such as hatred, jealousy and envy, concealed or not, repressed or not, typical of some less fortunate humans.

Beyond the rampant Puppeteering through awry ENACTATION consequent to the need for expression of different levels of High Energy Low Density Reality Beings in physicality, including the distraught Suns, their Lost Sun-lings, the Distraught Energies/Beings of the Heavens, and, specially, the Innately Heinous Beings and the Deviant Beings with Termite Shamanics, the eight Innately Heinous Beings being the true abominable masters of all, their pseudo-intelligence and their enactation penetration potential follow-through being the highest, making their intentions reality at whim, what has made life more of a real charade and indeed entertainment for those involved is what can be termed the Human Persona Game, a game which has involved the literal playing around at the human level with at least four or five of the most important Beings which give humans their respective expression.

Each Human Being has approximately 224 Beings, everything from Motricity, Orientation, Confidence, Impertinence, Sadness, Happiness, each of the seven deadly sins, namely, Lust, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth and Anger, amongst others, and the most important ones which were/are regularly being seriously manipulated and artificially multiplied, specifically, Conscience, Consciousness, Understanding, Memory (short, medium, long-term Memory), Physiognomy, and Personality, manipulation and artificial multiplication through specially conceived Beings as well as Intricate Beings*, some of whom misled, misused and abused, some of whom contributing with more unnatural Beings such as Complexion and Persona, that is, besides the stacking of multiple non-original versions of the afore-mentioned Beings of Expression (Imagine the stacking of 50 Obsessive Beings or 40 Anger beings! It is a wonderful world we lived/live in!).

What has saved the day for many humans who were the serious object of undue attention of the Innately Heinous Beings has been the phenomenon of seepage, insuring that, despite the worst efforts, after around 40 days on average, the distribution of quantic information is such that a certain homeostasis occurs.

Very recently, a Being called “Hate Intercinely” was added through the Innately Heinous Beings, who in the last two years increasingly sought recourse to more direct human intervention in the Human Persona Game by having humans “volunteer” through threat, giving their chosen human persona workers “Brummers” in the brain for a few seconds to minutes first so as to insure their respective acquiescence and “motivation” in their new found “jobs” of human persona shaping.

Needless to say, the human charade, this parody called life, has been increasingly addressed by the Forces of the Light. The Innately Heinous Beings, as indeed the Deviant Beings with Termite Shamanics before them, having relieved us of their presence permanently, God Willing, this most disturbing, saddening and regrettable game shall soon find an end, reducing the drama it is to be a human, thereby contributing to the increasing general harmony of all.

Besides the most regrettable manipulation of Expression, the Human Persona Game, the dis-heartening path of Human Consciousness, which also involved periods of manipulation, it currently being 0.05% of the respective Intricate Being on average, an extension of the Integrate Being, the Human Being, also represents a burden to all, in particular and essentially obviously to those humans who could and should have cared to have friends, as well as those they represent and are responsible for, retain their respective consciousness, consciousness being one of life’s most precious gifts, provided it is preserved and truly cared for throughout time, a consciousness many would have cared to actually keep had they had known they were in a position to do so at a conscious level during their respective lives, that is, before entering a new life and later, in that new life, at an age which would have given them the confidence that the prospect might, one day, prove truly interesting and worthwhile.

There are those amongst the human species who have privileged access to telepathy since childhood and throughout their lives, thereby providing them with a potentially unusual confidence.

These are rare human beings though. Otherwise, one has to look upon all this SUFFERING (in emotions, sentiments, feelings, and sensations) and PAIN as deeply consternating, if not disturbing, particularly when life draws to an end and most believe that all is lost, and, for most, alas, it was! Or was it? We shall see, in God we trust.

A most revolting reality when it could have been otherwise. Those Beings who DISRESPECTED this aspect CONSCIOUSLY shall one day not appreciate having done so with a high degree of likelihood, at least quantically, it is this author’s perception.

The higher the degree of our respective understanding, which is conditioned by so many factors, true self-respect and true respect for all, empathy and compassion having a crucial role, the greater the effort to honour consciousness, particularly for those in a position of potential influence and role, in the Eyes’ of God of the Universe, the Suns, the Heavens and the Force of the Universe.

May this ongoing Redressing and Reassessing of Reality usher in a new Paradigm of Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as we would have Others Care to Care to Care to do unto us and Care to Care to Care to NOT Do unto Others as we would NOT have Others Care to Care to Care to Do unto us, in God we trust.

*Intricate Beings – Usually, I am Superiors, sometimes, Divine I am Superiors, although involvement of the latter in this most regrettable activity has been extremely rare.

By Anonymous PhD,;