FBI Warned of ‘Imminent’ Fort-Hood-Style Attack Just Before the New FH Shooting

We’re coming up on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing and there has been another shooting incident at Ft. Hood today and although details are still sketchy, it is eerie that the FBI apparently saw it coming, interviewed a suspect who threatened to commit this exact crime and then let him go right before this happened.

This report aired on Fox News on 3/31/14.

Not only did the FBI put out an alert a few weeks ago that a “Ft. Hood-inspired jihad” was “imminent” only to turn around and announce yesterday that this was “not an immediate threat,” but there were also nationwide jihad-style drills being held yesterday, and (at least in part) specifically in regard to “lone wolf” scenarios calling out the Ft. Hood shooting as an example.

Already there were early reports of two gunmen, but now there is only one and he has apparently been killed. Homeland Security is claiming there is no counter terrorism nexus. National media outlets are reporting that anywhere from three to 14 people have been injured. Again, details are emerging, but we will update as soon as we learn more.

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The important question is: are there any real terrorists, or the so called ‘war on terrorism’ is nothing but a made up story in order to keep the sheeple in line?

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan administration official, discussed the fake terrorism issue with RT News:

“The FBI recruited the guy [referring to the so called ‘Christmas Tree Plotter’], made the bomb and gave him the fake detonator. He obviously was not a terrorist since he didn’t know how to make a bomb and didn’t know how to recognize a face bomb,” said Roberts. “Allegedly, we have real terrorists. But, we don’t ever catch any of them. We only catch ones the FBI has to recruit. Where are the real terrorists?” asked Roberts.

He argued that to keep the American people afraid, the FBI have to go out and create them.

“The FBI goes out and puts ideas into people’s minds and coaxes them to engage in acts they may not have done on their own, Roberts said, and concluded: “There are no real terrorists.”

Read the complete article here: FBI was proved to coax people into committing false terrorist-style attacks.

So, is this shooting yet another false flag attack put together by the secret services, or the shooting was real but the FBI allowed it to happen?

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