The Grand Charade that has Been Life in the Universes of Pain and Suffering

(German) Anyone who has read the preceding chapters of this ongoing Saga that is our Videogame Reality of Pain and Suffering understands that many, if not most of us, all Beings in this Universe to a certain extent, some more than others, more so Beings participating in a Higher Density Lower Energy Existence like the Human Form Beings (Antarians, Agarthans, Andromedans, Human Beings, Niribu, Gementec, Lysytratan, Pleiadians, Sirian, and Sumerian), less so the Beings in Higher Energy Lower Density Existence (Sun, Heaven, Beyond Heaven, and Higher Realm Beings), have been the puppets (Enactees) of others (Puppeteers or Enactators) to a certain extent.

The True Enactation Penetration Follow-Through Potential, the potential for the creation and deployment of expression-altering, distorting usurping chips (nano or other), insertions, inclusions, imprints and a plethora of other stratagems and artifices have enabled the various populations to play EXPRESSION with one another, the Videogame Realities of Pain and Suffering, a burdensome yet sometimes seriously enriching in Divine Expression game, where TRUE RESPECT for Self and Others evolved most notably in Realities where BORDERS and CONSEQUENCE of Expression (thoughts, words and deeds) were most patent.

It is thus clear that over time Puppeteers (Enactators) became Puppets (Enactees) and Puppets (Enactees) Puppeteers (Enactators), most probably with a gradient favoring the Higher Energy Lower Density Beings because of real expression of relative power, curiously inversely proportional to a true sense of responsibility for Self and Others, true Self Respect and True Respect for Others, true Integrity of Being, Mind and Heart, when Heart, and to both inherent relative volatility and relative vulnerability of the respective Form of Being, hence True Relative Power of Expression in the Hands of the Infidels.

The statement above having been made, it is important to note that increasing Enactation of the Higher Density Lower Energy Beings, like the Human Forms, through ever increasing levels True Enactation Penetration Follow-Through Potential and the aforementioned stratagems over the past 20,000 years since the first Sumerian times, has led to their relative fall in Integrity of Being, True Purity of Being, True Goodness of Being and Integrity in Truth of Being, the Enactees nevertheless having increasingly become the serious victims, no matter whether Lower Density Higher Energy Beings or Higher Density Lower Energy Beings, the latter having sometimes been able to spare themselves from the melee despite their relative vulnerability by retiring (hibernating or entering a state of hypnosis and finding an inner sanctum) from the Free for All, the Survival for the Fittest, the Competition Paradigm evolution had demanded of participants, at least to a certain point.

The conclusion, is it better to knowingly perpetuate Self, Self-Centeredness, utter Scrupulousness with total and complete disregard for others as if alone or is it better to lead one’s own life, expressing oneself to one’s highest potential in Divine Expression, preferably along with one’s Twin Soul, truly unique in the Universes, enhancing her/his Highest Potential concomitantly, thereby recognizing, intimately, interdependence, and the Divine beauty of the same, in order to also serve the Highest Good of All, so that ALL may participate in the Joy of Life, the Esprit de Vivre, in true Raison d’Être, in Love with one’s Twin Soul or one’s partner, in a context of the propagation of True Happiness, Mirth and Glee with Intelligence in Divine Heart?

In God of the Universe we Trust for a New Paradigm Shift where the interests of all, each in their own special and diverse way, may have an enhanced expression, WARPING-free and MIS-REPRESENTATION-Free for ALL, ENACTATION-free within reason, completely free at the higher density lower energy level, the Human level, within the shortest period of time and with the highest degree of consciousness, rather than the consciousness level of a mouse, respecting ALL with the Highest Good of All in mind, everyone endeavouring to live to their respective Highest Good, the Highest Conjugated Good with their respective Twin Soul’s, or Partner’s, and the Highest Good of ALL, recognizing Interdependence, and, increasingly, Completion, rather than the Lesser or Lowest Good or Worst of the next Being, the Lesser “Good” of All, the Detraction Paradigm, the Competition Paradigm.

As mentioned before, our Universe is one of Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as we would have Others Care to Care to Care to do unto us and Care to Care to Care to NOT Do unto Others as we would NOT have Others Care to Care to Care to Do unto us, in God we trust.

We also care to care to care to share.


In the midst of all this activity, we have the so-called Marauding Section of Humanity, the seriously naturally ASTUTE HUMANS, some of whom knowingly self-serving, a very few not (remember those who combat the poachers in Africa but then serve the “tourist industry” by serving controlled culling of the animal population, official, sanctioned poaching in the name of a “good cause”, which it sometimes is, by removing some of the older, fragile and suffering animals, some actually love the animals yet are obliged to make a Living), who know what it is to represent True Purity of Being and True Goodness of Being serving as the enthusiastic conduits of the true Beings of Serious Privilege in Being who, distanced from all, in particular all the HUBRIS and relative RISK, may BASK in the SURETY of PROTECTION of their True Free Will, insuring that their expression serves True True PURITY, oft heretofore unknowingly in their majority, some more recently in DENIAL for the sake of SECURITY of SELF, rarely ALL, for all others, dear Readers, are TAINTED in comparison because of all the Serving, ENACTATION and ARTIFICES.

Naturally, only a few are knowing of their TRUE PRIVILEGE, although increasingly more are becoming aware of their privileged status, lacking TRUTH, GENUINE TRUTH of BEING, GENUINE TRUTH in BEING, TRUE INTEGRITY of BEING being their relative SERIOUS WEAKNESS.

May TRUTH, call it Genuine and Sincere TRUTH, GENUINE TRUTH of BEING, GENUINE TRUTH in BEING, TRUE INTEGRITY of BEING and True Free Will increasingly prove a Duty and Privilege of All, God Willing.

In the meantime, let it be known that So Much of Reality, literally more than a TRILLION Universes with a seeming infinite number of Beings, has RICHLY been partaking in a MOST IMPRESSIVE DIVINE Renewal involving our fauna and flora as well as other Divine and Regal Gifts, save an apparently dwindling section of Planet Earth, thanks to our God of the Universe and His Divine Family and Elders. We trust that TRULY GOOD REASON may reside behind this Truth.

By Anonymous PhD,;