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The Great Purging and the Advent of a New Beginning

(German) The Great Purging of the Videogame Reality of the Multi-Universes of Pain and Suffering and all that is Evil, Malign and generally Nefarious began not too long ago and is essentially complete, God Willing.

Strewn throughout the universes were creations galore of five, ten, 15, four, 40, 400, 4,000, 40,000, 400,000, 40,000,000 and 400 million year old Beings which would seek to bring Reality and Human Reality to an end, a result of the essentially lingering and languishing of the average Human, whose expression was oft at best lackluster, and also, above all, the Increasingly Predominantly Evil, Malign and Malicious Beings of the Higher Realms which had prevalently been extant (over 70% of all existence!) and the concurrent Relentless Increase of the Inversion and Subversion of the Essence of Truth, the Force of the Universe, Beings which are now being purged, cleared and, some, reconceived.

All the Beings were suffering in one way or another and actively contributed to further suffering and were part of this Videogame Reality of Enactation (Expression) played either remotely (insertions and/or inclusions) or hard-wired (pure enactation as with invisible strings tied to the puppet, human or other Form of Being) much like our remote controlled toys on Planet Earth with the problem that only a very few Beings actually knew whether they too were remote controls themselves of others beyond their knowledge, all this in the clear context of living/existing in order to EXPRESS “Self’s” wishes/needs to the Lowest Good of the Other Individual Being, besides the Lowest Good of Self or the Highest Bad of Self, the Lowest Good of All, if not the Highest Bad of the Other Individual Being and the Highest Bad of All, DETRACTION being a constant in most relationships, the concept of COMPETITION being ensuant.

In the past, the ENACTATORs, the Masters of the Videogame Reality, were actually increasingly the Higher Energy Lower Density Reality Beings as they were the ones with the required type of integrating and orchestrating intelligence, the required overview and the Highest Enactation Penetration Potential Follow-through and Reserve Enactation Penetration Potential Follow-through.

God Willing, the advent of a new era shall soon be upon us, an era where the Highest Good of the Individual, the Highest Conjugated Good with one’s Twin Soul, and the Highest Good of All shall be at the forefront of the most important decisions.

Reality shall prove to be one where the Consciousness of a Being is increasingly respected, independently of the Form of Being, Higher Density Lower Energy, Human, for instance, or Higher Energy Lower Density, Higher Realm Beings, for instance, all living/existing in Harmony, Balance, Stability, Peace and Tranquility, interspersed with mixtures of Bliss, Joy, Happiness and Mirth, depending on context and Form of existence, one’s missions with one’s Twin Soul being determined by God of the Universe contemplating criteria which respect both one’s own free will (UNENACTATED, God willing!) and the combination of Highest Good of the Individual, the Highest Conjugated Good with one’s Twin Soul, and the Highest Good of All on Planets in Universes which are envisioned as interesting to incarnate on and spend a fulfilling life on, Esprit de Vivre, Raison d’Être and, when Divine Heart, Completion of Divine Heart being paramount.

The sheer effort and courage required to incarnate from the Higher Energy Lower Density Existences (Force of the Universe, Great Grand Parents of Old, Grand Parents of Old, and Parents of Old, Suns and Heavens, Higher Realm Beings, and Intricates) free from ENACTATION in order to experience Higher Density Lower Energy Reality, far richer potentially in Divine Expression with Love, Joy, Empathy, Compassion, Esprit de Vivre, Raison d’Être, and the potential to care to care to care, care to care to love, care to love to love, and love to love to love at the helm, was until recently enormous but is currently a reality for Most, if not for all, within reason and context, without the former extreme effort and risk; hence the potential is there for all who express such a desire, through God of the Universe, no matter origin, with the Being’s consciousness respected, unlike what happened here on Earth, to actually incarnate.

“Formerly” there had to coexist a contained yet overwhelming eagerness for life incarnate and the willingness to intuitively know that in the future there would come a time when one would have to actually relinquish the life which one would know to come to profoundly cherish, namely one living Love and Joy with one’s Twin Soul with the deep privilege of thriving whilst serving others and helping them thrive and live to their respective Highest Good, their Highest Conjugated Good with their respective Twin, gratefully witnessing their contribution to the Highest Good of All, in order to come back to a Form of Being, the Divine I AM Superior, which whilst potentially less rich in Divine Expression was relatively stable and enduring, so that someday one might contemplate returning and reliving in a similar context.

We pray that we shall soon be at a point where we shall be able to consciously relinquish the incarnate life, having had the number of life experiences consciously desired, not forcibly but with free will (unenactated, unthreatened and without exploitation in mind), common sense and a formula that will enhance one’s relationship with one’s Twin Soul and the potential contribution of that relationship to ALL, living life incarnate not necessarily for life’s sake, unless otherwise inclined for whatever reasons, preferring rather to continue to exist with Consciousness Perfectly Preserved, possibly placed in an embracing profound Celestial Sleep which oscillates, according to Will and a pre-established Divine Formula, with a subtly conscious Celestial Blissful condition, and a potentially more seriously conscious Serene Observer’s condition (Sun, Heaven or Old Parent), as determined by self, GENUINELY and TRULY RESPECTED, TRUE Free Will, True Integrity of Being in Essence, True Integrity of Mind in Essence, True Self Respect and True Respect for Others and for All, IMPARTIALLY yet CARINGLY and TRUTHFULLY PROTECTED throughout time, so that when the optimal time comes one might again awaken in Higher Energy Lower Density Reality and relive TOGETHER in Higher Density Lower Energy Reality in another time and context according to another Divine Formula to rekindle one’s intimate and profound relationship with one’s Twin Soul in greater physicality, contributing yet again to Self, One Another and the Highest Good of All.

Having been purged of all that is evil, malign, malicious, conniving contriving, conspiring, inherently dissimulating and scheming as well as of any inherent sanctimonious hypocrisy having wanted to represent itself as tRUth, as tRUth VEILED in a SEMBLANCE of trUth, namely FLAGRANT LIES, in God of the Universe, in the Force of the Universe, in Essence of Purity of Being, in Essence of Truth of Being, we TRUST, DESPITE HAVING NEARLY BEEN OVERWHLEMED BY HUBRIS and FETID and PUTRID HEINOUS HRAKA (how much of Christendom really IDENTIFIES with Jesus Christ, let alone God of the Universe, His Father, one look at the Vatican should be enough, indeed, how much of Religion really identifies with God of the Universe, in the midst of genuine suffering throughout humanity*), that TRUTH, Word, TRUE WORD, once again Prevails and Reigns Supreme within the context of this new paradigm of the TRUE Highest Good of All, each and every one contributing to their utmost, doing their Best, with their unique respective Twin Soul with Paradise for All, on Earth, in Heaven and Beyond.

As mentioned in previous episodes of this Saga, our Universe is one of Do Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would have Others Care to Care to Care to do unto you and Do Not Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would NOT Care to Care to Care to have Others Do unto you, in God we trust. 

We also care to care to care to share.

*Some of those involved in the creation of its “symbols” were moved by Divine Heart, no doubt, but earned a pittance to portray what they did whilst living in squalor, in a world of Realities deeply embedded in HYPOCRISY used to closing its eyes to SUFFERING.

With ENACTATION (TRUE Expression at the BEHEST of Others!) being what it is and with “Expression Beings” abounding throughout humanity determining the sensation of “Feel Insecure without Enactation”, DUPING of the INNOCENT and those with True Purity in Being is an ARTFORM!

In TRUTH, ENACTATION has played a pivotal role in maintaining the human being in her/his Higher Density Lower Energy Level of Reality ENSLAVED and as DUMB as possible, whilst enabling the Expression through third parties, the puppeteers, not knowing, however, whether they themselves were/are puppets of others, of those increasingly controlled by Nefarious Stratagems and/or bereft of True Integrity of Being and Mind, this, in particular, throughout the past three months.

By Anonymous PhD, HumansAreFree.com;


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