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You Are a Multidimensional Human Being

The struggle of humanity

The human experience is a journey fraught with uncertainty; so much of life is unfathomable. There is a constant attempt to grasp for security, love and certainty. Just as these things seem tangible they immediately begin to slip through our fingers.

The evolving nature of change has led us to a speeding and complex world, producing new forms of stress and challenge in our daily lives. Looming in our future is an environmental crisis and so we are now beginning to experience the consequences of our choices as they impact on our once pristine planet Earth.

In every moment we are offered the opportunity to step out of the chaos and into harmony and centredness. However the tools, understanding and perceptions that we require to gain control are hidden by the illusions emphasised by humanity’s popular culture. This hides the truth of our reality.

Awakening to the unseen

As I work with Kinesiology, more and more I witness the staggering effectiveness of this modality. The amazing thing about it is that Kinesiology intercepts stress at whatever level and location it is trapped. Over years of clinical observation Kinesiology has revealed to me the hidden determinants behind human consciousness and wellbeing.

I am often led to peculiar places beyond the four dimensions of space and time. I now understand that the other dimensions are crucial for restoring health and wellbeing to my clients. Even though they are unseen and unknown, they are extremely important.

Turning the key to your infinite potential

The world I am about to share with you in this series of articles is a world which is multidimensional – A world right in front of you at this very moment. Multidimensionalism can be understood as a series of parallel realities that blend together to create the Universe in which we live.

By understanding the unseen realities and learning tools to work with them, you can effect a new measure of control that steers your life back on course, expanding your capacity and enriching your experience of life’s majesty.

You are invited on a journey into understanding and working with these unseen dimensions which are both the cohesive force and the source of inspiration behind your life.

The Multidimensional Human: Planes of Existence

Dimensions beyond perception

Normal human perception experiences four dimensions within the physical plane. Three create space (imagine the corner of a cube going off in three directions) and the fourth is time. However, streams of physics theorise that there are many more dimensions within other planes of existence beyond the perceived four.

Different energy fields vary in subtlety and density

The cellular activity of the human body gives rise to electromagnetic fields that surround it. The properties of these fields change the further the distance from your physical body.

These fields, in order of closest to farthest from the body, are:

1. Etheric
2. Astral
3. Causal

Whilst these fields are in part produced by the electromagnetic activity of the body, they are also the energy signatures emanating from other planes of existence.

These planes are believed to be complete realms in themselves – each a distinct reality with vast variations from this world which we know. Even the laws of physics which govern the operation of this Universe are profoundly different from plane to plane.

Within the Astral and Causal planes there are intermediate levels called spheres, where each sphere can itself be another complete realm.

As we progress outward away from the body the properties of the field becomes less dense, or you could say more subtle; consequently our energy fields can be referred to as subtle bodies. It is as though we a have a different body representative on each plane of existence.

The increased subtlety as we move out away from the body is understood to have a higher vibration. This means that as we move from spiritual into physical, the spiritual state is at the higher vibration and the physical is the lower. As vibration increases then density reduces.

1. The Etheric plane

As the name suggests, the Etheric field is composed of a substance known as Ether. It is less of a plane than the Astral or Causal planes and more of an energetic material. It is an active element, involved in the functioning of the physical plane and the management of the biological functions in living systems.

The Etheric field can be easily witnessed by most people. When you de-focus your eyes while looking at a person or object, you will quite easily see a soft shimmering light field just outside of their body, like an outline.

2. The Astral plane

The Astral Plane has two major subsets: the Emotional plane and the Lower Mental plane. The Emotional plane governs our emotional behaviour while the Lower Mental plane governs the operation of the mind.

The Astral field is the one witnessed by most psychics; the majority of whom just see the emotional body, while some will have developed the perception to see the lower mental plane.

Individuals with the psychic perception to see fields will generally witness the fields in ways unique to them. However, common features that are seen include colour variation and illumination intensities and size variation in the field. Seeing and interpreting these fields widens the spectrum of human perception, helping us to understand people and the world around us.

Both the Etheric field and the Astral field are observable through scientific equipment. However, they have not gained support from the wider scientific community and therefore are not widely known or communicated through common scientific publications.

3. The Causal plane

The Causal plane also has two subsets: the Upper Mental plane and the Spiritual plane. This is involved in our higher mental aspirations and our spiritual nature. The Causal plane is very subtle and even psychics do not witness this plane directly.

Ancient research methods

While psychics can witness the other dimensions from the perspective of being in a body, over centuries the Tibetan Buddhists have explored the multidimensional world of planes and spheres in a very unique way. The Tibetan Lama undergoes specific training over their lifetime to acquire the skill to remember their experience in between lives.

Upon returning after death (reincarnation), they can recall detailed accounts of what it was like on the different planes they had explored while absent from a body. The Tibetans also have acquired the skill of finding a specific desired individual who has died and then been re-born (very cool tricks!).

We are multidimensional beings

Humans are like icebergs; only a small portion of their being can be seen on the surface. A huge unseen mass lurks below the surface much larger than what is viewed.

The energy signatures within the fields surrounding the physical body are traces of your subtle bodies which operate in other planes. The functioning of one subtle body is interdependent with the functioning of all other subtle bodies. Even though you may not be conscious of your presence on these other planes, you are forever present in them.

You as a being are the sum of all your bodies stretching across all planes and dimensions. The functioning of your body and mind can only happen when all the bodies in all the planes are working seamlessly together as one. The iceberg is one single lump of ice, however one part is below and one is above.

The benefits of being consciously multidimensional

Managing a multidimensional reality is essential when we are seeking to evolve spiritually and improve the quality of our lives.

Being aware and connected to the multidimensional world is an innate truth. Losing this conscious connection to multidimensionalism is like losing a sense; it has a profound impact on how effectively we operate.

If you’ve never had it, you’ll find it difficult to understand its benefit. Because conscious awareness of multidimensional reality is not in most humans’ living memory, it is hard to recognise its value, let alone its existence.

All the inter-dimensional parts of our being work together in a synchronistic harmony. The more flexible our conscious mind is to witnessing the truth of our reality the easier all the parts adjust into each other. When we have rigid beliefs, our perception can become blocked, causing the parts to jam up, creating stress.

The intensity of our modern lives and the trends in society make it difficult to relate to a multidimensional Universe. To most of us, multidimensionalism is in the realm of science fiction fantasy; to embrace it as a truth could be considered by many as eccentricity bordering on insanity.

However if we step back and take a long hard look at the state of the world, a large part of what we accept as normal behaviour is highly destructive and is being recognised, by a growing minority, as completely crazy.

Let’s now look at some current factors that hide the truth of multidimensionalism.


The age of multimedia ensures that we have a high level of intense stimulation and constant entertainment. Remember how we talked about subtle bodies? If we get too much stimulation, the activities of the subtle bodies and planes become obscured.


Modern education is largely based on reductionism, which means that in order to understand things we must break them down into smaller and smaller parts. Multidimensional awareness is arrived at through witnessing how the parts fit together; through an expansion of context we open the door to multidimensional awareness.


By attempting to allure us with emotive sensationalism the majority of people are easily distracted from the deeper underlying issues that are impacting on us.


Political and religious structures try to survive by keeping the constituents weak and confused – this is a top down control strategy. By forming alliances with media and devising education programs, they are able to confuse and divide. This enables the manipulation of the masses.


The Health system reduces our health down to biological and mechanical dysfunction which can only be fixed with chemicals or physical intervention. This does not recognise in any way any of the subtle determinants that influence our health. The scary thing is that our society has set this two-dimensional system as a benchmark for our health.

Physiological changes occur in the body and mind as one open to other planes and experiences spiritual growth. The physiology of the body experience subtle change which has a profound effect on the function of the individual.

This means that there is not a static health state but a continually evolving physiology that occurs as the individual makes significant spiritual leaps.

A lot of intolerances to foods is just that the food is not vibrationally compatible to an individual at this stage; however medically it is witnessed as a form of ill health.


When we disconnect from our multidimensional self then we can easily start to feel unsafe. More easily we can flip into a fight-flight response which is part of our brain’s natural survival programming.

When we are in these survival states it is harder to recognise the truth of multidimensionalism, which further escalates the survival state because we feel less safe when disconnected.

Consequently there is a danger that we become a society falling further into survival reactivity and further away from the safety and expansiveness of multidimensional perception.

The Multidimensional Human: The Body
Spiritual development and multidimensionalism

A disconnection in our relationship with other dimensions causes a disorganisation in the individual, resulting in deterioration in our health and overall wellbeing. Conversely, enriching our connection with other dimensions can create higher orders of wellbeing and function in the individual.

This multidimensional enriching process is analogous with what is understood as spiritual growth. Spiritual growth or evolution increases the quality of our subtle bodies, and develops the extent of subtle body relationships with the physical body and conscious mind.

The type of change in the subtle bodies will include an increase in frequency, which means that there is a reduction in density and a higher vibration. As frequency increases there is also more energy carried within the field.

There would be a movement in the centre of gravity of our being-ness toward the higher ends of the field from the lower ones (i.e. we would be governed more from the causal rather than astral).

All of this would consciously equate to our values and aspirations becoming more genuinely altruistic. Other concepts that we could use to understand the change could be an increase in the harmonic complexity and coherence. The concepts of coherence and harmonics will be clarified further on in this article.

During spiritual evolution as well as changes in the subtle bodies and the consciousness, there are distinct changes in the physiology and properties of the individual’s body. In this article we will map the shifts between the physical body and the changes in the subtle bodies.

Unfortunately, we tend to witness a physical deterioration that occurs when we slip below par. I would very much like to open the door to the upgrades in the human capacity, beyond the accepted norms, as our evolution is accelerated.
Increasing our capacity

Some of the human attributes that can change include:

• Increased intuitive capabilities:


• Softening of the body tissue
• Changes to perception of time and space
• Requiring less food
• Requiring simpler food
• Conscious death
• Longevity
• Less emotional subjectivity
• Less addictive behaviour

The brain and the subtle bodies

The subtle fields of the planes directly alter the neural networks present in the brain; dendrite connections between neurons reorganise as the body’s field evolves.

There is a fluid that surrounds the brain called the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). Like all water, the CSF is able to receive and hold subtle energetic information within itself. Water’s ability to carry information is not new knowledge and has been applied in the science of homeopathy and flower essences.

The concept of this was recently popularised in the film What the Bleep with the water crystal patterns of MasuruEmoto. Frequencies from our subtle bodies influence the frequencies held in the CSF. The frequencies held in the CSF cause the neurons in the brain to change how they arrange, causing our consciousness and thinking to evolve.

To appreciate this, please now have a look at the following link:

In the above link you can see three components:

1) Sand
2) Membrane
3) Sound waves

This corresponds to the brain in this way:

1) Sand = neurons
2) The Membrane = the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
3) Sound waves = vibrational frequencies flowing in from other planes

So you can now visually understand how the changing neuronal patterns in the brain are being continually sculpted by the changing frequencies streaming from other dimensions.

Did you witness the sand move from a lovely ordered pattern into a chaotic mess and then into another ordered pattern? This harmonic process of change is a visual depiction of evolution. As the frequency and energy increases, there is a transition into chaos then a transition into a new pattern of order.

By allowing the passage through the chaos a new sense of order emerges. These changes in orders, governed by our spirit, are not exclusive to the neurology; they are present in other aspects of our physiology as well. In each new higher order there are new opportunities, faculties, capabilities and gifts.

The glands and the chakras

The glandular or endocrine system is the next level of organisation in the body after the brain. The glandular system releases the hormones, which are specialised chemicals that act on other locations in the body, changing the way the cells behave.

This system plays a crucial role in the regulation of the body. In the multidimensional model, each gland is influenced by a different chakra which can alter the function of the body.

Chakras occur as channels between dimensions. They present as vortices which inflow and outflow information and energy between planes. They flow as required to maintain equilibrium between planes.

Think of a bath full of water; when you pull the plug out there is a difference in pressure between the drain and the bath; consequently the water proceeds down the drain.

The water then self-organises into a vortex, as this is the most efficient packing structure for the water to move in. As the water moves down the hole, air is displaced out of the drain into the atmosphere above the hole.

This is what happens in the body; but instead of water, the substance ether is being moved. The inflow and the outflow ensure that a connection and balance between dimensions is maintained. When blocked, there is a break in the relationship between the planes and we become unwell at the level of that particular chakra.

Thus, disorders in the body can be linked back to imbalances in the chakras; hormone outputs can become imbalanced causing regions of the body to lose organisation. Each chakra corresponds to a level of development and function, an imbalance in a particular chakra can be linked also to a psycho-emotional profile.

The chakras acting on the glands and hormones change the way the body regulates. They can start to upgrade the capacity of the body to levels and functions beyond what we understand as normal. One of the ways they act is through altering the body’s gene expression.

Cellular Coherence

As the energy field of the body establishes its optimal form and pattern, all the cells in the body become more coherent with each other. When something is coherent, it means that parts are joining together; it also means that things are forming a structured or logical pattern. Cellular coherence is the cells of the body connecting together with more electromagnetic order.

Each cell is like a little electric generator creating electric charge and all things with electric charge also have an electromagnetic field.

When the polarity (charge direction) of the body’s cells line up in the same direction you get an optimal charge output for the body and an optimal field output. If the cells don’t align, the cells will be cancelling each other out (this would be like turning one of the batteries the wrong way in a torch), thus reducing the power output and causing irregularities of the subtle bodies.

Conflict in the polarity of the cells is a reflection of conflict that may exist within and between the mind and heart.

Alignment of the cells creates a collective synergy that is self-supporting; the cells and water molecules in the body are able to take on the properties of a type of crystalline lattice.

Cell Affirmation:

My cells are the unit of life within my body. I acknowledge their ancestry back to the dawn of time. I am grateful for the job that each cell does in supporting my existence.

Each of my cells is filled with joy and love and reflects joy and love to every other cell. There is harmony and synergy between each and every cell which promotes health, wellbeing and longevity. The harmonic overtones of my combined cell resonance can be heard as a symphony of love and joy and peace to the world and creation.

Charge polarity coherence of the cells is quickly and efficiently attained through the practice of Qi Gong. The breath, movement and awareness combined quickly optimises the charge alignment of the whole body.


The cohesion of the cells and water molecules in the body forms a crystalline-like lattice structure at the molecular level of the body. As the energy in the body increases, the lattice forms. The increased order starts to push out everything that inhibits the increasing order. The biological toxins previously dispersed across the body aggregate and precipitate so becoming available for release.

This process parallels on a mental and emotional level. As spiritual development occurs, we become increasingly aware of toxic thinking and toxic emotions which also precipitate into our awareness. Clearing these negative thoughts and emotions supports the continuing alignment of cell polarity, supporting the release of biological toxins.

Simply purging toxins without spiritual growth will give little results when trying to detoxify the body.

Increased cell coherence means that the efficiency of the body is increased; consequently our requirements for food and our lifestyle preferences change also. We start to run more and more on the universal energy transduction through the field into the cells, rather than the energy from gross physical substances.

The changes listed earlier in the article (Increasing Our Capacity) start to take effect. The change in charge patterns through the cells and body influence how the DNA is read at the gene level of the body.

DNA and the subtle bodies

Genes are present in the nucleus of all the cells; they code for proteins and provide the physical blueprint of the body. It was thought that our genes were set and did not change their expression throughout our life – this was what I was taught as a young genetics undergraduate at University.

I kept doubting and questioning this view. Now biological visionaries are starting to suggest that our genes can be read in different ways as our consciousness shifts. A change in hormone levels, acting on the cells, is part of the picture of what happens to changes to our gene expression during spiritual evolution.

  • Golden Master Strand
  • Coiled and quiet
  • Floating in a night of icy mind.
  • Given with gods first breath
  • Beyond the whim of birth and death
  • Waiting without time
  • A seed within a seed
  • Father within a son
  • Sacred subtle signature
  • Forgetting none

This poem is suggesting that encoded within our DNA is the physical potential of our god presence on earth. And that the current state of our minds is in effect freezing the free expression of a more advanced genetic code.

By getting our minds out of the way, we can effectively facilitate a connection with our physical and multidimensional states. By having a clear path all the way up to the God Head and back, the divine blueprint will align with the genetic blueprint, unlocking the full divine human potential.

The Multidimensional Human: Communication with Other Planes

There are other dimensions which interweave with the perceived four of the physical plane, the body is interwoven with the other dimensions and we have bodies in each of these other dimensions which are necessary for the function and expression of the physical body in the physical plane.

Now we will look at how communication can be established and cultivated between these planes. Within the other dimensions there are spiritual hierarchies which communicate with and influence the activities of humankind.

Also our subtle bodies interact with the subtle bodies of others, creating a variety of effects. By having the ability to consciously translate the influences of other dimensions then we are able to direct our lives with more control and improved outcomes, as we become aware of the hidden determinants of this reality that we share.

Dreaming is a good example of how we are already engaged in communication with other dimensions. Dreams are attributed to the unconscious mind which emerge in our sleep state and become conscious memories in our awakened state.

Carl Jung presented the concept of the collective unconscious which is a deeper aspect of the mind that connects with all minds and from our dreams present a symbolic metaphorical message into our consciousness to bring awareness and change. Dreams can also be seen as messages from our subtle bodies emerging into our conscious awareness.

Dreams have different magnitudes and purposes, filtering through the spiritual hierarchies from different planes and sources, creating subtle change in our energy bodies, translating into symbolic experiences via the language of sleep.

However once the dream arrives, how do we decode the prophetic message and avoid colouring it with hues of paranoia or fantasy? Or confounding ourselves in its vast possible meanings and then eventually dismissing it of any literal value?

Intuitive data is streaming in constantly; not just in our sleep but in every waking moment. It comes internally and externally through our thoughts, feelings and senses; it is there for the taking yet how do we establish a frame of reference to understand it and use it for our betterment?

By embracing multidimensionalism, we take away the distortion that otherwise disrupts a natural and coherent way of viewing reality.

When multidimensionalism is our reality, intuition in its many forms is a tangible and natural phenomenon. The wedge of separation that cleaves reality into a measly four dimensions distorts our ability to translate the intuitive data that is already there.

When we fail to interpret intuitive signals it is difficult to embrace multidimensionalism. Similarly when we are unable to perceive multidimensionalism, it is likewise difficult to interpret intuitive signals. This give rise to a nexus, creating a self-fulfilling lock out of intuition and multidimensionalism.

The Portal

The source of intuitive perception is also the source of our imagination; it is the part of our brain where the synthesis of ideas and memories self-organise. When we focus the mind on a task or question, then let go of the need to think, a creative synthesis is allowed to occur.

Images, ideas, symbols, memories and stories run past, forming themes that construct themselves into a coherent understanding and answering our questions.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination” – Albert Einstein

The imagination of a child is an irrepressible flow of ideas, perspectives and games. Imagination is an important training ground for the development of a child’s mind. It is also immeasurably valuable as a portal into other dimensions.

The energy of our subtle bodies flux and change, as messages from other dimensions stream through. Unfortunately this understanding isn’t widely appreciated by society and at some point the rigidity of the world invalidates the child’s imagination as an interdimensional portal.

The inability for the child’s imagination to find a valid space in the world, as something practical, useable and worthwhile, leaves a large part of the future adult as significantly undeveloped, missing vital skills and support from the other planes.

Opening the communication with other dimensions is largely about reinstating our imagination. What are experiential changes that we can expect from the reinstatement of the imagination and conscious interdimensional communication?

• It eradicates a lot of mental redundancy and allows the mind to function with less effort and more simplicity.
• We feel safer and therefore calmer because we have a once lost sense re-engaged.
• Reality is automatically richer, more textured and fulfilling because we are conscious of more overlapping dimensions.
• Our overall ability to function is radically improved.
• We have less in common with mainstream thinking and values because they are too narrow and confined.
• We may have trouble sustaining certain relationships and occupations once we witness a deeper reality.
• We are referenced more from an inner connection to truth rather than social norms.

Breaking the Nexus

As soon as we believe that our imagination is local to our own mind, then the door to our intuition slams shut. Intuition is the complete acceptance that our imagination is a non-local event extending beyond our own mind. However, to do this we must expand beyond society’s expectations for us.

Levels of consciousness

In the book Power versus Force, Dr. Hawkins portrays consciousness as operating in specific levels ranging in value, extending from the lower level of Shame at 20 to the upper level of Enlightenment at 1000. The development of intuition is largely concerned with the movement of Reason at 400 to Love at 500.


Reason itself represents the movement from the emotional reactivity and superstition of lower levels. Reason deals with understanding and manipulating data and then drawing conclusions based on data. Dr David Hawkins says…

This is the level of science, medicine and of general increased capacity for conceptualization and comprehension. Knowledge and education are here sought as capital …Reason does not itself provide a guide to truth.

It produces massive amounts of information and documentation, but lacks the capacity to resolve discrepancies in data and conclusion. All philosophical arguments are convincing on their own.

Reason is highly effective in a technical world where the methodologies of logic dominate. Reason itself, paradoxically, is the major block to reaching higher levels of consciousness. Transcending this level is relatively uncommon in our society.

So Reason is the passport to credibility in our world – being reasonable, knowledgeable and educated is viewed as valuable. However, Reason as the level of science and learning tries to objectify everything and so sees the world in an “it” state; it tries to take away any subjective influences.

Intuitive communication is a subjective experience for each individual who experiences it and so reason struggles to accept it.

Reason sees the subtle nuances of the inner world as too subjective and unable to be validated, so it dismisses intuition as folly. Reason can become a self-perpetuating loop, potentially shutting down the experiences that could lead to a higher level.


Above Reason is the level of Love; the Love here is not about romance but a state of being. Dr Hawkins says … A love that is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. It does not fluctuate – it’s source is independent of external factors. Loving is a state of being.

It’s a forgiving, nurturing, and supportive way of relating to the world. Love isn’t intellectual and doesn’t proceed from the mind. Love emanates from the heart. At this level of development, the capacity to discern essence becomes predominant: the core of an issue becomes the centre of focus.

As Reason is bypassed, there arises the capacity for instantaneous recognition of the totality of the problem and a major expansion of context, especially regarding time and process. Reason deals only with particulars, whereas Love deals with entireties.

So the progression up to the level of Love and beyond the level of reason allows intuition to take place.

The level of Love is trans-rational; it has incorporated rationality and then grown beyond it. When we are in a state of Love then we are accepting; we let go of fixated positions of the mind and we perceive with the heart.

Consequently, there is no longer a need to validate or prove theorems in an objective way. Subtle activity from other dimensions is now able to be received through the energy bodies and transfer into the conscious mind’s awareness via the imagination. The mind now is fluid and free and able to receive and interpret.

Some of the known types of communication with and via other dimensions include the following:


• Clairaudience
• Clairsentience
• Knowing
• Direct contact from a being i.e. as a vision
• Channeling
o Full body
o psychic
• Automatic writing
• Kinesthesia
• A combination of the above

Evolution Through the Levels

Reason, being the level of science and technology, is now considered a predominant influence in the modern world. By moving beyond reason in the world today, we are confronted with the fear of not fitting into the world, and so a sense of isolation can result from being a minority, causing us to avoid the level of love.

It is easy to get stuck in reason as everything outside of itself seems unreasonable and therefore it is easy to dismiss. As a consequence, it is prone to dismiss views from a higher level of consciousness than itself, causing the retardation of the evolution of consciousness.

Below the levels of love and reason, intuition is immature. Pre-rational intuitive states are a premature use of intuition and shrouded in superstition.
Pre-rational intuition does not serve others to any great effect, as it is motivated by less noble values. While post-rational intuition can however be of profound service because it is founded in unconditional love.

Evolving Holistically

My conclusions are that communication with other dimensions is a direct function of the evolution of consciousness. By evolving into a state of unconditional love beyond the state of reason, we are able to establish multidimensional communication as a natural experience.

With the establishment of unconditional love we are able to access the imagination to receive messages from other dimensions and express our creativity in the universe around us.

By facilitating conscious evolution as the principal way of gaining multidimensional communication, then we avoid the negative effects of superstition associated with this type of communication when driven from the lower levels.

I have developed an entire Kinesiology course that focuses on the evolution of human consciousness. It considers how we evolve consciously and ties it in to an understanding of vibration and multidimensionalism. This course is called Bio-harmonics and is part of Cranial Kinesiology. You can learn it or receive it from a practitioner.

By proceeding from the heart rather than the mind new realities unfold. The mind yields to the frequency of love – a softer broader perception emerges. The resonance of the heart can now provide a reference of understanding to interpret the diverse streams of information pouring through our senses.

The simplicity of the moment is revealed as chaos, shows its underlying order and the mundane unveils a divine complexity and richness.

By Guy Bennett, Create Your Reality;

About author: “Guy’s blend of Science and Spirit is seamless and listening to him teach activates a powerful transformation for everyone who steps into his class to embark on the journey of learning Kinesiology.” You can follow Guy’s blog here.