How Ayahuasca Liberated Me From… Myself

I find it befitting after my second Ayahuasca healing ceremony to finally reveal to you about my experience with the Plant Spirit.

Although the sacred Ayahuasca ceremony has been held in India for a while both of us got a chance to do it thanks to the Anahata Foundation who brought down a wonderful Amazonian shaman, Herbert Quinteros Flores.

The first sessions were held in an organic farm on the outskirts of Mumbai; the ceremony is supposed to be conducted in natural surroundings where trees and plants are dominant as compared to the urban jungle. Prior to the ceremony we went for a purifying floral bath, this makes you feel refreshed.

A bucketful of water filled with petals and few drops of Peruvian Agua de Florida – a cologne used in South America by shamans for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding and flowering. Components of the scent include citrus and herbal notes along with spice and floral undertones.

I was anxious before the first ceremony, I had no clue of what lies ahead. I was smoking tobacco trying to calm myself down, the strange thing is I don’t smoke it usually. Since this was my first ceremony I was asked to speak to Herbert, to present my intent and consult with him. love and appreciation to each one of you! Love you Pachamama!

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