By Caeli Francisco,

The dragon of Revelation 12, the Reptilian king Alalu, slept through the ages where he had been chained again by his brother Anu’s offspring, in whose service is the papacy. Yes, Alalu has been kept chained and watched over by the popes of whom all – except for the present one – are sons of Satan aka Anu, whose DNA they carry.

These popes were either members of the elite reptilian hybrid families or were/are under their control. Anu had left the earth and returned to his kingdom in another dimension, the throne of which he had stolen from its original king, Alalu his brother. 

The reptilian families of the earth do not know this and think that the one chained is the one that ruled the world in the beginning of time, Anu – a thing they do not want for then they will have to cede to him all their own power, control and riches. That is really the reason why the dragon is chained for it is they who have had him chained.

Because the papacy is the keepers of the dragon, this means that the spirit of the dragon is vested in the authority of a pope, which happened already when the popes of ages ago had sworn allegiance to the dragon and made a pact with him. 

Where Benedict 16 now lives, in the back yard of the Vatican in a monastery built over the dungeon of the dragon, is he acting not ex cathedra, which means from the chair but “in cathedra” as in ‘from under the chair’ or from inside the dungeons, that is, unofficially but on behalf of the dragon (ex cathedra means acting officially through the office of the pope).

When the pope declared himself infallible in 1870 after he had lost his temporal powers, the dragon opened his eyes and began to make his own plans for the day when he will be released from captivity. He said to himself, 

“Infallible? You think you have become infallible? I will show you who is infallible and that is not you!”

So the dragon began to infuse into the psyches of all popes from Pius lX, his plan for world domination through the age-old practice of telepathy. He told them to prepare the world of men for the day when he will resurrect from the earth in human form and appear as the long-awaited Messiah-king.

And so the papacy set about doing just that: First they had to make sure that all who profess their faith would be marked and signed in order to keep them programmed and enslaved to their system. This they did by making the sign of the cross obligatory for anyone entering and leaving a place of worship and/or whenever one of their formal religious rites are to be administered, for instance.

This making the sign of the cross is the mark of the beast for it is done with the right hand touching first the forehead, then the heart and lastly the two shoulders. 

The second discipline was to compile a book they called the catechism, according to which all had to order their lives; the third discipline was to have all show proper respect and honor for the pope by calling him holy father; and the fourth discipline was to have all know that whoever transgress any of the Church’s laws or do not agree with her teachings or do not show the proper respect to the pope are to be branded as heretics, cursed as being anathema and excommunicated.

There are many other things they did to prepare the world of Christianity, whom they first persecuted and killed but in later years, especially after 1965 when the second ecumenical council of Vatican ll came to a close, succeeded in bringing in under their control. These first preparations however would not suffice and did not satisfy the dragon.

He knows with the deep instinct of his very ancient race that the one watching and keeping him chained and fed, is the tool in the hand of the elite families of the world who do not want to give their all to the dragon; those who made a covenant with him and sold their souls to him in a pact long ago. 

When the dragon issued his Covenant of One Heaven he required a last sacrifice from his pact-signers in order for him to be set free. This last sacrifice was meant to be made on 21 December 2012 but has not been made!

More clever than the elite bloodline families presume him to be, the dragon has waited for the right circumstances in the scene above surface in order to execute his own plan: he has others who are working towards helping him without their knowing – other reptilians and hybrids who also hate the elite families.

He is a master in influencing the minds of men and has trained his own kind well. Up to very recently the papacy was working in cahoots with the elite/illuminati especially while B16 was still pope. Everything said, done and decreed had been to satisfy the papacy’s puppet-masters.

Then came a series of events, of which we will mention but two that forced the hand of the papacy to turn away from their puppet masters after realizing that dogs do bite dogs:

The first of these events was that Benedict XVI, while he was still pope, was served a subpoena that put himself and the Holy See under a cloud of international allegations and suspicions. It came as a formal announcement by the State Central Office of ITCCS in Brussels that stated that a certain European government was prepared to issue a warrant for the arrest against Ratzinger (his name before he became pope) for “Crimes against Humanity”. 

This announcement included official charges of being responsible for “Ordering a Criminal Conspiracy” in trying to prevent and hide the investigation of the child trafficking, torturing and genocide against 50,000 aboriginal Indian children in Western Canada. 

A diplomatic note was issued by the above said nation’s government to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone on Monday 4 February 2013, informing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant and inviting his office to comply. 

No reply to this note was received from Cardinal Bertone or his office but six days later, Pope Benedict announced that he would resign on 28 January 2013. It was further stated that Pope Benedict was complicit in criminal activities of the Vatican Bank, which compelled his eventual dismissal by the highest officials of the Vatican.

The second of these events was that Benedict XVl, while still pope, met with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on 23 February 2013 to discuss the securing of protection and immunity from prosecution by the Italian government for Benedict himself. This meeting followed upon the first event mentioned above that had to do with the issuing of an arrest warrant for the pope.

In response to the February 23 meeting, the ITCCS’s field Secretary, Rev. Kevin Annett, wrote to Italian President Napolitano, asking him to refrain from assisting Ratzinger in evading justice: He wrote that under international law any government, the Italian government included, are forbidden from granting protection to those who have aided and abetted criminal actions such as popes John Paul ll, Benedict XVl, and Francis l by ordering bishops and cardinals to protect known clerical child rapists.

Arnett continued, “Your obligation to the Vatican through the Lateran Treaty does not negate or nullify the requirements of these higher moral and international laws; nor does it require that you give any protection or immunity to a single individual like Joseph Ratzinger, especially and even after he has left his papal office.”

The third of these events has to do more with the dragon’s wisdom in hindsight and foresight, than anything nasty. Our dragon is pure reptilian/serpent and his vibrational frequency on or in this earth is very low. In addition, from the long time that he had lain dormant, his wings had become plastered to his sides.

In order for him to rule the world from the surface of earth, the frequency of his vibration has to be raised and he has to be able again to fly – for this he needs an alien hybrid/human, who has in his DNA a higher frequency of vibration and in particular the energy vibration frequency of the Bird people, in particular the Eagles who have an inbuilt ability to fly with wings to ride the winds and to soar to great heights; with four-toed talons with which to grasp the things of the earth; and with as beak so sharp to enable one to speak strong and sure.

The human hybrid necessary for our dragon’s purposes should, therefore, have these character traits, abilities and energy of this etheric race, programmed into his DNA.

This could only be possible if the hybrid had developed from pre-natal to a fully mature man in an environment that is the habitat of an eagle specie of the Bird People. It is a known fact in the lore of the various races of the heavens and the earth that the spirit or essence of any particular specie permeates the entire area of its habitat from where that essence will enter into a prepared receptacle and take possession of a new dwelling. (This is not meant in the same sense as demonic possession).

What in reality happens is that non-physical energy descends into physical reality, reprograms an existing DNA that is then used to upgrade corporeal life. Some of the characteristics displayed by such a human hybrid will then be that of the eagle of which the energy and essence has entered its being.

Any member of the bird-family is programmed with eyesight that is sharp and clear, even at night when it changes from eagle to owl. It is able to see in the dark and during this time will silently observe its prey before quietly swooping in for the kill. Owls go about at night as soon as it is dark enough – a perfect method for spying.

The dragon knew his aged keeper, the retired 85 year old pope, could not live on his own; that he would need a secretary, a confidante and a friend at least… So, a few years ago the dragon wiggled circumstances and DNA’s and the following person is the result: 

A young German male was born and grew up in the Schwarzwald in Germany where, incidentally, are to be found an owl specie called the Hawk-Owl. He went to Freiburg, the city from where former pope Benedict hails, to study Roman Catholic theology and was ordained a priest in 1984.

In 1996 this young man joined the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with Josef Ratzinger at the head. In 2003 he became private secretary to Cardinal Ratzinger and when the latter became pope in 2005, he moved into the apostolic palace at the Vatican. 

In preparation of his later appointment as Archbishop he became a prelate in 2006 and since then accompanied the pope on all visits abroad, was present at papal audiences and at appointments when the pope met with religious leaders, politicians, royalty, etc.

Finally in early December 2012, he was elevated to the rank of Archbishop [must have been just days before the 21/12/ 2012 date that the dragon had stipulated in his Covenant of One Heaven to be the Day of his Final Redemption] and installed on 6 January 2013 – a day on which the pope also appointed him officially as Prefecture of the Papal Household, among other things.

When the pope announced his resignation, it was also announced that his private secretary would accompany him first to the summer palace and upon their return to Rome, live with the retired pope in the monastery.

All the while would this man also retain his role as head of the Pontifical Household of the active pope, returning to the monastery each evening after 9h00pm when it is already dark. Taking into consideration what we have learned above of the characteristics in the Bird-People DNA, this dual role would suit the dragon’s requirements perfectly.

Asked by one media source of his own view concerning the former pope’s intention to resign, our cat-man-hybrid described the occurrence as being an amputation, to which he, who had been at the older man’s side for eight years, added,

“I gave blood for eight years”.

When the new pope asked him to remain in office, his reply was that he would be obedient and accept it. Later he is reported to have said,

“Accepting and coming to terms with my new role is painful”.

Another media source suggested that a certain uneasiness exists in the man’s relationship with the new pope. A year later he is said to have stated,

“I am convinced that history will offer a judgment that will be different than what one often read in the last years of his (Pope Benedict) pontificate, because the sources are clear and clarity springs from them.”

He went on to say that at the moment the Pope (Francis) is the darling of the media but that won’t always be the case – he is not everybody’s darling.

Allow me to add an interesting tidbit to this part of our dragon’s plan: this particular man’s chivalric coat of arms is rather sinister in that it depicts the draconian serpent that heraldically symbolizes the devil being slain by St. George and, in this instance, is seen as a symbol of his duty to protect the pope. The image is superimposed by a seven-pointed star representing the blessed Virgin Mary. 

 Only the Dragon knows when

When the time of the aeons is ready – a time that only the dragon knows – he, the king of the earth, will reveal himself. First he has to use his keeper to procure for him the ingredients that will change his DNA forever so that he will be able to exist indefinitely on the surface of the earth; to enable him to metamorphose into human form and thereby be enabled to stay within the higher frequency of earth’s vibration.

This has been done for the past 9 years – the one who will absorb the dragon and whom the dragon will absorb said himself, “I gave blood for 8 years”. 

The one whose DNA has to be re-programmed to make it compatible for absorption of the dragon, also has within him the blood of the slain lambs and as long as he keeps filling his insides with this blood to feed the dragon within himself, all will be well. The day when the dragon is fully absorbed within his son will be the day when both their DNA’s are in complete correspondence.

When this DNA has been fine-tuned, the dragon will devour his keeper for this man has within himself much blood of young and infant martyrs and that is what the dragon needs to rejuvenate himself with. 

Then will the dragon emerge from his dungeon in the form of a man and take over the rule of the world that has been prepared for him – a world filled with humans, resources and gold. It is for this event that the world must be prepared by programming – religious programming…

I know, you will ask how the dragon’s DNA can be changed. Well, if the DNA of humans can be changed via hybrid infusions of alien cells so can an alien/dragon’s DNA be changed by reversing the infusion. Is this process spiritual or natural? It’s like a possession, which is a spiritual process but also physical in that the man absorbs the dragon and thus do they become one within the other.

The absorbsion will happen the same way as thousands of years ago with the Hebrews, who were paid workers in Egypt. From there they went to Canaan where they mixed with the local tribes of Sumerian-hybrid descendants, learning to practice blood-ritual and human sacrifice in order to assimilate or absorb the native cultures for the Egyptian Empire.

In those years the Middle East was a focal point for the Assyrians and their Reptilian allies where they generated a new version of religion and culture that would make for the ease of a later global control and domination. What better way to do that than by programming a race of nomadic people that would carry the religion and culture everywhere on the Earth?

The Egyptian word for crocodile fat was Messeh from which the term Messiah is derived. To be anointed with crocodile fat rendered into an oil, was to absorb powerful, unchanging Reptilian energy and assimilate this into the body – who knows with what is the future reptilian DNA’d ruler of the world anointed there in the dungeons of the Vatican – could it be a kind of Alalu-Aloe oil?

Are you beginning to see the role of the one who gave blood for eight years? By being officially enabled to move to and from his alien master, especially at night after 9 pm, makes of him the perfect bearer of the Bird People’s DNA.

Anunnaki and Reptilians

Everywhere under and inside the earth are Reptilians to be found who, together with one another and with their hybrid offspring on earth, operate as a group mind, meaning that no single Reptilian or hybrid can make a decision for itself. Only the upper caste, called the winged ones, have individuality and that is why they are the leaders. Of them, the leaders, there is only one left – our Vatican-dragon.

All the other leaders of the Reptilians, having originated from the Anunnaki, have had the opportunity to either return to their planet from where they came or to have been absorbed into humans, where again they have no individuality of their own and have to take decisions within group-context.

How come the dragon is seemingly the only winged reptilian left? 

There are several types of reptilians according to David Icke [] such as winged creatures with the highest caste a type of (bloodless) albino reptoid and known as the Reptilian royalty; wingless reptilians described as having larger scales on their backs and their hands consisting of three fingers with an opposing thumb; and lastly there are creatures regarded as either drone-like slaves of the reptilians or an extraterrestrial life-form allied to them, called Greys.

The entire race of reptilians did not all stay in one place such as Mesopotamia but, following their leaders, spread throughout the earth in their ever-constant search for gold. Some went to Europe, some to the Far East, Africa, North or South America and some even to Australia.

Of the original Anunnaki reptilians that came to earth in search of gold for the purpose of repairing the atmosphere of their planet, had most all left again with their king Anu, some opted to stay and oversee the hybrid species they have created upon earth. These hybrid species have become the notorious 13 elite bloodline families of the world.

These families have their collective eye upon world rulership in an organization they call the New World Order. Most of these reptilian hybrids also know of our dragon, (whom we now will begin to call by his real name, Alalu); where he is bound and put to sleep; and who is responsible for feeding and keeping him. 

These families know full well that none other than this dragon is destined to become the king of earth for so it was related to them by their Reptilian overseers. However, both overseers and the elite think this dragon is Anu.

So, these lot have decided no way are they allowing a beast that is chained in a dungeon to become the ruler of the world; a king who will rule over them as well – knowing full well how things stand when the ire of a fire-spitting dragon is evoked! 

So the 13 have collectively decided to put their plans together for their own agenda for a future ruler of the world as well as how to deal with the lower classes of human and hybrid societies.

Without the 13 knowing it – for so clever is our Alalu – has he played their game with them in collaboration with his brother Anu, with whom he had made peace and since Anu left, has been in telepathic communication ever since.

Alalu has allowed himself to be chained in exactly this spot of the underground dungeons of the Vatican, which was formerly his lair and where he and Anu had set up their headquarters. From out of these caverns they run their intelligence network, which is something out of this world and very difficult to bring to the understanding of a mere human being. 

But, make no mistake, it does exist.

The entire religious system of the world from the earliest times until the present has been of their making and so had been systems of state government, diplomacy, spy and surveillance networks as well as infrastructural systems between countries and continents and last but definitely not the least are such things as new scientific inventions especially concerning evolution of species, gravity, invisibility, UFO’s and even alien life forms found upon earth and her nearby planetary companions such as the Moon and Mars.

They have even succeeded in causing the fake appearances of comets, asteroids, meteors and a planet every now and then that seems to be approaching earth and influencing her weather systems and life forms.


Because of all these things mentioned above and what they have perceived to be real, having the intelligence of real lizards and toads and not the sublime intelligence and presence of spirit of the pure-blooded Anunnaki, the 13, together with their slaves and servants – people who do not carry the elite DNA of the 13 – are working closely together in a sort of collective frenzy all over the world in order to reach the deadline for their agenda to finally establish and bring into operation the NWO.

These are what they themselves call reptilian full-bloods, i.e. evil reptilians using a human form to hide their true nature as well as reptilian hybrids, i.e. reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines who are possessed by the evil reptilians from the 4th dimension. [1]

The dragon, they are sure, is safely out of the way, for is he not chained somewhere deep underneath the earth where he has been bound down under by some or other knight in shining armor called Saint George? And did not this same man give the key to the lock of the chains in the hand of the popes?

“Since the popes carry these keys they are acting not for the dragon but for us”, so reason the collective mind of the 13. “And with that, we have the whole world in our pocket for the whole world is already saying as they listen and give ovation to the new pope in the public square, ‘Who is like the beast and who is able to wage war with him?’

It is with right then that we have given, not only this pope but all of them since the times of the Roman Empire, a mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies and great power and authority to act as they see fit for to enslave the people with their religion which has become the opium of the masses.

Neatly have we succeeded with this doctrine of the keys, which is really a mystery, by ruling that the ‘keys of Peter’ is a reference to the Christian bible (that we have had written) where it says, 

“I will give you, Peter, the keys of the kingdom. Whatever you lock on earth shall be locked in heaven and whatever you unlock on earth shall be unlocked in heaven.”

The dragon Alalu knows all of this and he hears with the ears of his deep earth spirit all that they are saying and not saying. And Alalu is laughing within himself, remembering that he and Anu had that man Job write about the power of Leviathan:

Can you put a cord through Leviathan’s nose or pierce its jaw with a hook? Will it beg you for mercy or speak to you with gentle words?  Can you put it on a leash?  If you lay a hand on it, you will remember the struggle and never do it again! Any hope of subduing it is false; the mere sight of it is overpowering. No one is fierce enough to rouse it – who then is able to stand against it?

Who can penetrate Leviathan’s double coat of armor; who can dare to open the doors of its mouth ringed about with fearsome teeth. Its back has rows of shields tightly sealed together. Leviathan’s snorting throws out flashes of light; its eyes are like the rays of dawn. Flames stream from its mouth; sparks of fire shoot out.

Smoke pours from its nostrils; its breath sets coals ablaze and flames dart from its mouth.

When it rises up, the mighty are terrified – they retreat before its thrashing. The sword that reaches it has no effect nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin – it laughs at the rattling of the lance. It makes the depths churn like a boiling caldron and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment.

Nothing on earth is its equal – a creature without fear. It looks down on all that are haughty; it is king over all that are proud.

“Yes, elite families of the hybrid reptilians”, gloats Alalu by himself. “You only think you have the popes in your pocket but it is the other way around: I have both you and them in my pocket. I have given the popes their power – the power to declare themselves infallible and it is exactly with this infallibility that they have bound themselves and all their adherents, including you, the 13, to me! And now, after I have had them, the blood drinkers and child sacrificers, sign my Covenant of One Heaven, I require of them only utter loyalty and absolute secrecy. Not even you will know the truth of what Anu and I have planned until it is too late!”

Twitching his massive serpent body ever so slightly so as not to alert his aged keeper, the retired pope, Alalu sighed while his thoughts lingered a while longer on the so-called power elites. 

“It’s only them, the 13 that run the new order they have created together with the stooges who work for them, who are so very antagonistic towards the entire human race.

They think the entity they are worshiping and offering sacrifices to is called Satan, but there exists no such thing as a satan. It’s one of their own they are worshiping, probably the one that calls himself the Lizard King. Gmmph! As if a lizard, albino, green or whatever color can stand against a dragon!…

“Yes, I have heard you are obsessed in keeping your bloodlines pure and that is why you breed yourselves with yourselves. But, it is a known fact of nature that any specie that become so inbred, eventually become a monster in appearance. The only way to produce such ones as you, is through inbreeding of brother with sister or father with daughter generation after generation after generation.

This kind of severe inbreeding is what has produced the albinos among you. Albino is a mutation that causes a number of other physical and spiritual defects. Intentional inbreeding such as yours is linked with various abnormal, debilitating and in many cases lethal characteristics. 

Just as with white or albino wild cats, the same gene that causes the white coat causes the optic nerve to be wired to the wrong side of the brain, thus of all of you some are albinos and cross eyed, while others suffer from club feet, cleft palates, spinal deformities and defective organs. [2]

“Because none of you are pure-bred, once this Earth has been made new, people won’t even want you in glass cases in museums to look at because of your ugliness.

“The reason why your Pindar is so dependent upon all of you, is because he is an albino and cross-eyed. Can’t even look straight so how then can he think straight! You are deceiving the world into believing that you are pure-bred but the truth of the matter is you are all the offspring of the hybrid human-ape race we, Anu and myself, have created. Yes, you lizards, you are in reality apes! Ha-ha.

And, as can be expected, like as all in-bred species, are you not even very bright in your top story. You are sick but the hold you have over the world is going to be broken soon when more and more people wake up to the truth. Remember the saying of one Rabbi Jesus: ‘You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!’Lizard-apes, that is what you are.”

“Masssster, are ze awake?” lisps the erstwhile high and mighty Vicarius Fili Dei. “It isss nearly nine o clock, masssster…”

“Away with you, you spineless gecko!” snorted Alalu the Dragon. “Look at you, you have become almost transparent and your one eye is becoming bigger and rounder… Must be because you are more down here to spy on me than outside meditating by your dragon fountain, eh? I must say when the time comes it will be easier to swallow a gecko than that obnoxious body of yours.”

Imagine a Dragon on Top of the World

We have to decide for ourselves by who we want to be ruled:

On the one side there is the Reptillian hybrid builders of the NWO who is killing off people and all other life forms at an alarming rate and is destroying what is left of our earth’s natural resources by the most atrocious means possible. 

With them are those who knowingly and willingly or unknowingly or unwillingly who have thus far have proved strong enough to survive the myriad of killing programs but maybe not wise enough to have escaped the mass-programming for enslavement.

On the other side there is our dragon, Alalu who will rule the world for a short while once he has appeared. He will not enslave us but his sole purpose is to rid the earth of those who are destroying her and us. He will also firmly close and lock the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, which has lately stood wide open allowing a constant to and fro of creatures from the world of the dead, into our world of the living – a thing allowed to happen by those reptilian hybrids that were supposed to stand guard at these entrances.

Further-more is it the task of the dragon during his rule as king to rid the earth of all religion, demi-gods, saints and other religious manias, together with their popes, pastors, priests and bishops, who will lose their jobs by the thousands. 

However, many of them together with teachers and people from all professions of life who had been unknowingly inside the system of the matrix because they thought it was the right way, will Alalu wake up and give something more worthwhile to do to keep them busy.

All Alalu asks of us who understand what is happening and who have woken up to the truth and are already making others aware of what is going on in this world, is that we offer him our assistance to do what he has proposed to do.

He asks this of us so that he, who had been on this planet Earth for so long; who had fought his brother for a throne that is rightfully his; who lay waiting in a semi-death sleep through the ages for this moment of victory, can one last time fly out of that dark, wet dungeon through the air to the mountain that is waiting to receive him and from where again he will leave this planet to return to his own place and people: Mount Moriah in Urushalem!

Fact of the matter is we are here on this earth that we regard as our home while Earth is also our mother and nourisher, who supply us with what is necessary for life, health and growth and who cherish and love us enough to keep us alive. We have absorbed her essence, her spirit into our systems.

We are part and parcel of Earth, whether we evolved from the apes and through alien DNA became human or whether we are children from other stars, or other dimensions who were sent to earth as evolving souls to finish our earth incarnation, we are all together in this our demise.

This world of men has in the past few thousand years become utterly without faith, peace, compassion, love, or believe in any kind of god that stands for what is really the truth. 

And yet, in spite of this is there within every human being a seed of expectation that someday there will come a savior to set us free – us and our earth; that we and the earth upon which we live and have our being will be made new; an earth of which we might have heard it said that the old things will pass away; the new has come and we will all live an eternal life of perfect joy, peace and in harmony with all life forms.

In this new life and new earth, the only thing that will truly count, will be the love we have for one another – a love that is the same as the love of him who had originally created us and our universe, who had endowed us with our soul and gave us the spirit of the planet whereupon we dwell.

Let us take hands in spirit and pledge ourselves to help our dragon set our world free of what is really evil. And he, who dwells in the multi-dimensional universe, is watching over us where he is holding us and our dragon in die hollow of his hand. 

Soon, will he let the hologram that is this physical universe, dissolve and all among us who are star children and star seeds, will return from whence we came to a state of eternal bliss.

By Caeli Francisco,; | References: [1] David Icke; [2] White tigers; Dragon;