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The Exodus From the Videogame Reality

The Exodus from the Videogame Reality of the Multi-Universes of Pain and Suffering and the Advent of a New Beginning

(German) The Vicious, Vile, Pernicious, Perfidious, Malign, Nefarious, Heinous, Internecine, and Evil in their great majority decided to take their leave and relieve us, and themselves, of their presence in this sometimes impressive yet daunting Videogame Reality of the Multi-Universes of PAIN and SUFFERING.

Why? There was simply no EXIT!

There was ALWAYS the NEXT BASKET, meaning that for a Form of Being, even the most lost, there was the implicit hope, not necessarily its own, that at some point in time there would be the true and genuine understanding, comprehension, compassion, dedication and giving necessary to REALLY HEAL all the AFFLICTED, the SUFFERING of the MIND, Mental and Emotional, BODY, SOUL (Divine Heart), and SPIRIT (Creator Source), this the view essentially of the members of the Light.

The result of this attitude was a WANTING, if not LOST, NOTION of TEMPERANCE, PRUDENCE and TOLERANCE with the accompanying increasingly seriously WARPED thought permeated by a sense of natural and necessary inherent PERMISSIVENESS, a Live and Let Live Attitude, a Laissez Faire perspective, someday we shall answer those whom we cannot help.

The attitude of the members of the Dark, neither Bad nor Evil, initially, for those who were LOST was CORRECTION as a form of rehabilitation, renewal or/and readjustment; hence Hell, the Inferno and Purgatory.

The result of both attitudes was unimaginable increases in the sizes of the Basket Cases, both literal, the ones as lost human or other Forms of Being, the others as groups of accumulation of Beings, then obligatory exits, not EXITS, meaning the passing on of Beings of ever greater levels of SUFFERING, mental, emotional and physical, to an ever greater number of other sectors of Reality with no prospect of RELEASE and RELIEF from SUFFERING!

No one had an appropriate answer to the SUFFERING, increasing SUFFERING naturally generating ever higher levels of Disrespect for Self and for Others, implicit and un-understood or understood, independently of the Form of Being, Higher Energy Lower Density, Higher Density Lower Energy, in the Videogame Reality of the Multi-Universes of Pain and Suffering.

A living from, when conscious, requires some form of EXPRESSION (ENACTATION, namely, seeking expression through OTHERS in the Higher Energy Lower Density Reality Forms of Beings, formally increasingly) every living form deserving to live to its highest potential with True Respect for Self, True Respect for Others and True Respect for All within the context of the Highest Good of the Individual, the Highest Conjugated Good with one’s Twin Soul, and the Highest Good of All, the Essence of Goodness of Being, the Essence of Integrity of Being, the Essence of Purity of Being, the Essence of Truth, the Essence of Chastity, the Force of the Universe being of Essence.

With the accumulation of the SUFFERING over eons, the Dark begetting the Lion’s share by wanting to necessarily address errant behavior through CORRECTION, ie, Hell, Inferno and Purgatory, not to speak of prisons in the reality of many human beings, both the Light and the Dark contributing by not embracing true HEALING (Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colour Therapy, Bio-Magnetic Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Modern Energetic Medicine), both not accepting true EXITING, that is, transformation into 0 and 1’s from 9 and 6’s in the Matrix that are our Realities, thereby perpetuating and propagating ever greater SUFFERING and PAIN of all Beings, a phenomenon which was reflected increasingly in the ever longer periods of Dark around the Alcion Star of Creation, for they represented periods of ever increasing times for Hibernation, REST, of the Higher Energy Lower Density Life Forms which are/were prevalent and which needed Peace and Tranquility from the effort, oft SUFFERING, of wanting to express themselves through the ever Higher Density Forms of Being which were a certain form of Refuse in their relative stability and their richness in ever greater Divine Expression resultant from the Creation of Divine Heart, at least initially, until they too became seriously ENACTATED.

The increased SUFFERING, both in scale and number, and the implicit insistence by all in not permitting EXITING begot ever greater numbers of WARPED expression of Forms of Beings in Essence, variance in expression being stretched to the limit, and beyond, for the respective Form of Being, resulting in such shocking IMBALANCE through SABOTAGE, SUBVERSION, SUBTERFUGE, and DISTORTION that ABERRATION of Essence became the norm, INVERSION of ESSENCE representing the Death Knell for all that is Human and Divine in Expression, MIS-REPRESENTATION elevated to a refined art form of all that is TRUE, PURE and INTEGRITY seeking to perpetuate the tendency in order to insure the outcome.

It has been Divine Heart which has helped the Human and the rest of Existence in Essence to maintain focus on Essence, the Force of the Universe, first Hard Heart, then Clay Heart and, during the last century, the Chimera Heart, inverted Heart, representing Force of the Universe’s last gasp with the Human Form before entering a protracted phase of SUFFERING of ALL.

As it turns out, chimera Heart, an alteration of Divine Heart introduced by the “Reptilians of Old”, through their Pernicious and Internecine Enactors to a certain extent, has brought about the upsurgence of the incidence of cardiopathy throughout the last century, distorting and disrupting the expression of facets of Divine Heart either by neutralizing and negating them or by actually inverting them, the facet of Love, for instance, not only being ABSENT but a facet of Hatred actually being given expression.

In the next generation, a human being consequently would have had the potential of actually having a Heart so warped it would actually have had two facets of Hatred! Two percent of the current human population has or had chimera Heart, God of Our Universe having replaced or replacing the same either directly or indirectly through identical Human Beings from what is called the Mommy Pappy Wombs which God of Our Universe created over the last two years, Divinely improved versions of the film The Island where the Human constellation is respected to near perfection, near because the parents are missing physically, not energetically though.

As a consequence of the Exodus, the WARPED of Being, mental, emotional and physical, have now finally found RELIEF of Being, of Existence in a SUFFERING State, or are in the process of finding RELIEF, and all which were INVERSION, SUBVERSION and ABERRATION of ESSENCE are rediscovering PEACE.

God Willing, the Force of the Universe Willing, a new Paradigm of Being shall soon be upon us, one in which TRUE GOODNESS IN BEING shall PREVAIL.

As mentioned in previous episodes of this Saga, our Universe is one of Do Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would have Others Care to Care to Care to do unto you and Do Not Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would NOT Care to Care to Care to have Others Do unto you, in God we trust. We also care to care to care to share.

By Anonymous PhD,; | Images: Andromeda Galaxy; Free Spirits II painting; The Fountain movie;


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