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The Goals of Bilderberg 2014 Meeting: End Resistance and Unify the One World Order

Bilderberg 2014 is coming up – are you excited? I know I am.

One reason I’m excited is those of us who have written and exposed these types of events for years aren’t mocked and ferociously opposed like we used to be. Although I’ve only written about these topics for about 8 years, I had been vocal about them since age 18.

I should add as well that I am a late bloomer compared to writers like Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, who have been there all along exposing Bilderberg. In that span of time, the Internet has increased awareness of these international corporate syndicalist entities far more than I would have ever expected.

Another reason I’m excited is the intel coming out of Bilderberg, which appears to be more worry about losing grip on the “unipolar” world they once had, as knowledge of their existence expands and as other big players like Russia (no longer welcome at the annual meetings) begin to question the sanity of having a single global technocracy try to rewrite all of existence.

In fact, my college professors mocked me for bringing up Bilderberg over the years, but now, Bilderberg is something that has been forced into mainstream news. The mainstream so-called news for years would ridicule and laugh about anyone who dared mention the words, as did most of the faux conservative and liberal talk radio hosts.

While the ping-pong of gobbledygook back and forth on inane nonsense topics continues, Bilderberg will reportedly meet in Copenhagen, Denmark this Thursday at the Marriot Hotel or at another lesser-known secret location, Kokkedal Castle. Before delving into the plans this year, let us review our notes from last year, as the focus was transhumanism, surveillance and the passing of the torch to the acolytes of the tech industries.

As I explained last year:

“Intelligence expert Stephen Dorrill writes about Bilderberg in his MI6 as follows: “In an effort to cement western co-operation in the midst of the Cold War, the first Bilderberg conference was held in May in the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck at the hotel of “Bilderberg,” from which the meeting took its name.  It was seen as an opportunity for shapers of opinion among elite groups in Europe to speak with one voice to their counterparts in the United States, who feared differences over European integration and Eastern Europe would create misunderstandings.

“Funding came courtesy of the Dutch government and the CIA…” (MI6, pg 508)  Dorrill’s book can hardly be called “conspirtatorial.”  It is a standard treatise, though critical, of MI6 and British Intelligence.  Dorrill’s mainstream work was explaining Bilderberg’s purpose years ago, as did Rockefeller’s Memoirs, all the while the Idiocracy media parroting the lie that no such entity exists.  In fact, Bilderberg was instrumental in founding the EU and the Euro, so that it is irrelevant is absurd.”


“Bilderberg is therefore a manifestation of the world government written about in Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carroll Quigley that I have quoted several times.  Quigley wrote as follows concerning the Anglo-American establishment that both Rockefeller and Dorrill discuss.  Quigley, the Royal Institute and CFR chronicler, states:

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole… Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money…”  -Ibid., pg. 324″

Yet what are the real goals of Bilderberg and what is their strategy for the near future? David Rockefeller discusses Bilderberg and its origin in his famous Memoirs, writing:

“The conference had served a useful purpose, and the consensus was that we should meet again the following year under the continued chairmanship of Prince Bernhard.  We also decided to call the gathering ‘Bilderberg” after the hotel in Oosterbeck where we had first assembled.” (Memoirs, citation).  

Daniel Estulin encapsulates Bilderberg’s long-term plans as follows in his famous The Bilderberg Group:

“-One International Identity. By empowering international bodies to completely destroy all national identity through subversion from within, they intend to establish one set of universal values.  No others will be allowed to flourish in the future.” (pg. 41)

With its cousins like the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations and Davos, the move towards a cashless society and control grid is well under way. The globalization of garbage cultural Marxism like MTV and Madison Avenue is merely a manifestation of the influence and work of Bilderberg.  In fact, Bilderberg was at the heart of the creation of the new soviet, the EU.

“-Centralized Control of the People.  By means of mind control, they plan to direct all of humanity to obey their wishes.  The blueprint of their wishes is described in Zbigniew Brzezinski’ book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technocratic Era….He is, as well, an associate of Henry Kissinger and well-known for his several presentations to several Bilderberg Conferences.  He foresees, under the new world order, no middle class, only rulers and servants.” (pg. 42)

Examples of this strategy can be seen in the technocratic surveillance state, now erected at large here in the US, while some years are lacking in placing the infrastructure globally to erect the cashless total information control mechanism.  

As the public stares into their screens, the mutation toward Google Glasses and implantable chips is already becoming acceptable.  In fact, DARPA is using troops presently as test subjects for brain chips.

-A Zero Growth Society. In a post-industrial period, zero growth will be necessary to destroy vestiges of general prosperity.  When there is prosperity, there is progress….The remaining Canadian and American industries would be exported to poorer countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, where slave labor is cheap.  One of the principal objectives for NAFTA will then be realized.”  (Ibid.)

This is the entire goal of the global warming/climate change fraud – to deindustrialize and destroy the western industrial sector to reduce it to what Estulin aptly identifies as a nationwide version of Detroit.  Just as Detroit has been ravaged by NAFTA, so will the rest of the nation go.

A central attack pattern for destroying the economy is selective regulation to shut down all competition, selective high taxes forcing offshoring, and enviro/carbon/climate “regulation” that has nothing to do with the environment, but is the full-spectrum dominance plan to bring the west to a financial stagnation followed by designed implosion through derivatives exposure.

-A State of Perpetual Imbalance. By artificially manufacturing crises that will put people under continual duress – physically, mentally and emotionally – it is possible to keep people in a perpetual state of imbalance.  Too tired and too strung out to decide their own destinies, populations will be confused and demoralized to the extent that, ‘faced with too many choices, apathy on a mass scale will result.’” (Ibid.)

The military tactics of strategy of tension and destabilization are not just used by one nation against another. They are used by international corporate power brokers against large regions, other power blocs and mass populations. This is encapsulated in the psy ops and social engineering I so often analyze here at JaysAnalysis.

The drugging of the food and water, vaccinations, ELF/VLF weather and frequency manipulation, mass media, etc., all contribute to this aspect of Bilderberg’s ultimate goals of wrecking everything to remake everything.

-Centralized Control of all Education. One of the reasons for the European Community, “American Union” [NAFTA and TTIP] and the future Asian Union to seek greater control of education in general is to allow One World globalists to sterilize the world’s true past.”

Estulin’s book was written in 2007 and what have we witnessed since then in the US that matches up perfectly to that goal? Obama’s ridiculous Common Core brainwashing, where 2 + 2 = 5 and owning things is bad, and truth is discovered collectively according to groupthink are stellar examples.

The Sovietizing of US education has continued unabated since it was exposed years ago by Charlotte Iserbyt. Today’s youths are unable to find their own continent on a map, much less figure out major geo-political machinations and intrigues.

-Centralized Control of All Foreign and Domestic Policies. What the United States does affects the whole world….Canada, while appearing to retain its own sovereignty, marches to US demands.  Europe, of course, is now influenced by the consensus of the European Community. (pg. 43)

-Western Trading Bloc. By expanding NAFTA throughout the western hemisphere into South America, the “American Union” will eventually form similar to the European Union.” (Ibid.)

This year’s Bilderberg is important in regards to this element of the plan. Any economic self-determination interferes with the policies of international control. Combined with zero growth and foreign policy control, the TTIP, or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is designed to curtail individual competition and autonomy. TTIP is thus on the table for this year’s meeting according to reporter Paul Joseph Watson.

Watson writes from Copenhagen:

“Inside sources confirm to Infowars that the elite conference, which will take place from Thursday onwards at the five-star Marriott Hotel, will center around how to derail a global political awakening that threatens to hinder Bilderberg’s long standing agenda to centralize power into a one world political federation, a goal set to be advanced with the passage of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which will undoubtedly be a central topic of discussion at this year’s meeting.

“The TTIP represents an integral component of Bilderberg’s attempt to rescue the unipolar world by creating a “world company,” initially a free trade area, which would connect the United States with Europe. Just as the European Union started as a mere free trade area and was eventually transformed into a political federation which controls upwards of 50 per cent of its member states’ laws and regulations with total contempt for national sovereignty and democracy, TTIP is designed to accomplish the same goal, only on a bigger scale.”

-Expansion of NATO. As the UN intervenes in more trouble-spots globally, as it is in Afghanistan now, NATO becomes the UN’s world army.” (Ibid.)

The world is witnessing this element of Bilderberg’s great work at present in Ukraine as Soros NGOs and NATO destabilize the region to bring in the glorious salvation of billions in IMF debt-servitude. The same plan is also charging forward in Thailand as coups are staged, and in Africa, as AFRICOM expands into Nigeria and other areas under the pretenses of ridiculous fables of Boko Haram “terrorism” which the west itself funded, for example.

Bilderberg is also reportedly concerned with the recent “right-wing” victories in Euro nations, and particularly with National Front and Le Pen in France.  CFR president and past Bilderberg attendee Richard N. Haas has already written about the world being “Nonpolar.”

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In his 2008 article “The Age of Nonpolarity,” Haas described the present order as a “Newer World Order”:

“In a multipolar system, no power dominates, or the system will become unipolar. Nor do concentrations of power revolve around two positions, or the system will become bipolar.

“Multipolar systems can be cooperative, even assuming the form of a concert of powers, in which a few major powers work together on setting the rules of the game and disciplining those who violate them. They can also be more competitive, revolving around a balance of power, or conflictual, when the balance breaks down.

“At first glance, the world today may appear to be multi-polar. The major powers — China, the European Union (EU), India, Japan, Russia, and the United States — contain just over half the world’s people and account for 75 percent of global GDP and 80 percent of global defense spending.

“Appearances, however, can be deceiving. Today’s world differs in a fundamental way from one of classic multipolarity: there are many more power centers, and quite a few of these poles are not nation-states. Indeed, one of the cardinal features of the contemporary international system is that nation-states have lost their monopoly on power and in some domains their preeminence as well.

“States are being challenged from above, by regional and global organizations; from below, by militias; and from the side, by a variety of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and corporations. Power is now found in many hands and in many places.”

This is of course not what Bilderberg wants, and is actually not accurate. Power is largely concentrated in the modern world under the Anglo-American banking establishment. A single, technocratic global order is the telos of all of Bilderberg’s activity.

Undoubtedly, the moves of Putin and Eurasia coupled with the rise of the new Euro right will be debated and actions will be taken, as absolutely no movement or action, political or otherwise, can be allowed to occur outside their control and influence.

I know I’m excited – were you invited this year? I hear the hotel staff are not allowed to look attendees in the eyes. But don’t worry, Bilderbergs – they is good people.

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