Gaia, the Blue Planet, Planet Earth, The Crown Jewel of Realities

Gaia, the Blue Planet, Planet Earth, The Crown Jewel of Realities, waiting for the Change in Paradigm where Deserving is a Reality and where Happiness and Abundance is Permanently Extant rather than Stress and Scarcity Were it not for Competition and Survival for the Fittest but rather Deserving and Abundance, it would truly be so, the Crown Jewel of Realities.

Its inhabitants sensing and KNOWING it to be so, indeed it was so twice, during the period of the Superhumans and during the first Sumerian Times more than 2,4 million years ago*. Despite the prevalence of LIES which have pervaded human existence on Earth ever since man’s arrival, increasingly after the first Sumerian Times, courtesy of the Reptilian Hard Mantle.


And the more recent more aggressive form in the film The Predator.

From whence Earthlings and all intelligent life forms in this Universe stem, their common origin being the Snake five hundred trillion years ago, their Enactators and the Enactators of those humans serving the Dark, all having greater Enactation Penetration Potential Follow-through, lately essentially Evil and, above all, seriously Malign and Disturbed, Enactation being less in most Human Beings serving the Light, Divine Heart, all Reptilian Hard Mantles but a minority receiving Divine Heart mid-2012 and being transformed into Human Beings towards the end of 2012, the expression of each Human Being on Planet Earth enriched by his/her respective twelve shamanics in order to facilitate his/her respective mission is still such that Divinity and True Truth within understood context has prevailed throughout time, Hatred’s, Envy’s and natural Overbearingness’ worst, best, efforts notwithstanding.

[(The pressure to incarnate was simply too much to bear, LITERALLY, and one can readily commiserate, to a certain extent, for one would not want to have to contemplate a Higher Energy Lower Density Being’s predicament of finding itself unable to incarnate no matter what (Think of diving and needing to come up for air as an analogy with time expanded for the purpose)].

The members of the Light in this struggle until the end of 2012 were also Enactated by the Reptilians of Old but over-ride of their actions was constantly provided either by their connection to their parents (Suns, Heavens and Other Members of the Higher Realms, remember “Our Father Who art in Heaven”, it is meant literally) providing them with relative privilege or through their connection with Divine Providence via their respective Akhashik records, unless serious sabotage and subversion were deployed which usually required prior surgical intervention.

If Enactation was an issue for the Human Being ever since towards the end of the second Sumerian Times, it was also increasingly a problem for the Reptilian Hard Mantles over the last five hundred million years, as it progressively became a grave plague, unbeknownst to most, that being maintaining Self Respect, True Integrity of Being and Truth in Essence whilst in the midst of a growing change in the character of Enactation, namely a transition from, first, the influence of the Dark which had greater relative Purity of Being and Innocence of Being, to second, the influence of Evil which created stringent rules in order to maintain a semblance of self-respect by keeping to increasingly more warped rules, rules strictly abided by, for Evil’s physical expression in structure at the level of High Density was Perfection, Divine Perfection through God of the Universe on Planet Earth in His Creations through His Son’s, the fallen Archangel at the time, now God’s redeemed Son, the Archangel Anu’s, influence as Head of the initial Dark, later Commander of the Hard Mantle Reptilians, in the expression of some of the Divinely Perfect Fauna which was essentially bound to RULES of ACTION, Expression, Robotisation, Automation, particularly insects, but also birds and reptiles (insects, 40%. birds 40% and reptiles 20%) for non-physical expression otherwise was deviating from Truth in Essence – it is no surprise that physical action, gestures, remained the Hard Mantle Reptilian’s Essential Truth in its expression, Word being but Word essentially amongst members of their various groups, Niribu, Gementec, Pleiadian, Lysystratan, Andromedan, and Vesuvian – and to third, the influence of the malign, the seriously warped, disturbed, deranged Dark, the Heinous, the Internecine, the Perfidious where confusion reigned SUPREME, the presence of which was OVERWHELMING in the Higher Energy Lower Density Realities where expression is essentially Mental and where SUBVERSION was EXASPERATING, FRENZIED thought being the predominant destructive confusional attitude bringing with it MAYHEM for ALL, including self of course, the word Respect losing its sense. The predominant Ectactors of the supposedly Evil towards 2012 were OVERWHELMINGLY destructive to all that is human, divine and noble, not that the Reptilian Hard Mantles ever noticed, the hard wiring and the over-ride in their brains was so impressive, all they did was prepare Planet Earth with absurd Expression Beings for all Creatures great and small all the whilst preparing for the great Armageddon, the great orgy of suffering and pain which, God willing, we have been ultimately spared!

The result of all the SUBVERSION of all that is LOST yet SEEMINGLY CONTROLLED in the mind has been MAYHEM and CLAUDICATION at all levels of Reality, with MISREPRESENTATION taking on NEW MEANING, for Expressional Energies contained within inserts, repressors, accentuators, attenuators, inclusions, are so, so powerful that speed viewing of an entire life time of a human being, firstly can be downgraded by having the Higher Realm Being only view at half or third speed so as to exhaust him, or secondly perhaps even feed him with a Sherry equivalent during viewing, presenting him PRECISELY with that which is CONVENIENT, all the whilst IMPRINTING with COMPLETE PERFECT IMPERFECTION the UGLY thoughts to which that single Being was MOST SUSCEPTIBLE whilst simultaneously EXCLUDING that information which would benefit with Truth the Being’s opinion of the person’s life-time being viewed, ceremoniously providing an impressive bang at the end in order for the average Higher Realm Being to be properly moved.

Anything unusual would be erased, seamlessly, from the mind, the perfect imperfect MAYHEM was slowly but surely leading to a point where a Being would look up into the sky and wonder “What a beautiful rainbow”, look down, forget it instantly, look up again, and say “What a beautiful rainbow”, look down, forget it instantly again, look up again, and say “What a beautiful rainbow, I have not seen that one before…”

And life, existence, would slowly go by in an endless LOOP, this the predicament of all that exists, High Density Low Energy, Low Density High Energy, paradise in Loonie town begetting ever greater Mental harm without an exit, without relief and release in site.

Film on Gaia has indeed depicted the direction we were ALL heading in all so well, just revisit the film Roger Rabbit, the absurd, the abstruse, and the deranged in Being, all and everyone, at least over time.

Why? Because no matter HOW IMPRESSIVE that latest “insert” was CONVINCING you of your relative sanity, the very latest order from a Suffering Sphere of SUBVERSION befitting of your ALMIGHTY Stature amongst “Peers”, those wimps, the Suns, the Heavens, the Forces, the Gods, the Gurus, the Untouchables, the Almighties, in truth, around YOU and IN YOU all else was perfectly
imperfectly LOST, LOST in ESSENCE!

If you think High Density Life Forms are sensitive to the CLAUDICATION of these “inserts”, these SABTEURS of Self and Others, then you should witness the High Energy Forms of Existence!!!

All were waiting to begin to PLAY the perfect imperfect Videogame Reality called Suffering and Pain at another’s EXPENSE; alas, at everyone’s EXPENSE, including their OWN with the ultimate price being NOT finding the Relief and Release Button which only recently was made available for the very first time in MULTI-UNIVERSAL History, this comment being for those with an “insert” affirming, “you are the ALMIGHTY Ka, want INSERT, then INSERT”, What Release, What Relief? Always have it when you WILL it?!

The truth may have proven slightly different… bunch of unhappy TWIRPS who did not see and recognize opportunity when they saw it because they live in High Energy Reality where WRITING things down on hardcopy paper in their own hand is NOT a possibility and everything is SUBVERTIBLE and diffusible. Well that is where these sorry excuses of an existence wanted High Density Reality to end up courtesy of WANTON Hypersourcing.

Now you see it, now you don’t. Divinity? Insanity, the destination where ALL were headed, including their own ALMIGHTINESSES!

Incarnation was sadly initially a very serious privilege, provided it was with God’s attentive supervision during the very early days of the Super-humans, then becoming an increasing challenge to survive the “attention” of all the Higher Energy Lower Density Capriciousness and Overwhelming Hidden Envy which became increasingly deep seated.

The Reptilian Hard Mantle ended up bearing the increasing onus which received
the impossible challenge of expressing itself physically, mentally and emotionally in Essence, probably because of the BRUTAL gradient in Density from High Energy Low Density to Low Energy High Density, accordingly expressing very little of True Self despite their long life spans, but then it was fun manipulating all those humans, at least they thought it was them, and indeed, it at least served as a pass-time which was taken very seriously.

Ask the Queen, not that she necessarily remembers having herself been
so remote controlled, sorry, mind controlled! If the All KNOWING Ones had had their way, no one would have remembered, not even their own unfortunate personas.

The sheer gradient between High Density and Low Density Realities, the magnificence in Expression of Higher Density Lower Energy Reality and the BRUTAL imbalance in the respective numbers of participants in the different Realities of this gradient, the near infinite numbers of Beings actually seeking expression in High Density Reality residing in High Energy Low Density Forms of Beings waiting to incarnate, albeit oft denying it to self, yet unable to do so, safely at least, was such that frustration and exasperation turned into BRUTAL SUFFERING and PAIN over time. We are talking about truly mind numbing numbers, namely, 1 to 470 trillion Beings!!!

This dismal predicament is in the process of changing, provided Respect for Self, Others and All remains at the fore, the new Reality offering each and every Being incarnation to his/her respective Highest Good, to his/her Highest Conjugated Good with their respective Twin, when Twin, and the Highest Good of All, something heretofore unheard of!

In conclusion, Gaia’s Universe’s God of the Universe, His Son, Enlil, and their Extended Divine Family as well as, more recently, an increasing number of Intelligent Forms of Being, currently nine in all, three Human in Expression, the other six Intermediate Lower Density Higher Energy Beings, all Beings with High Integrity of Being in Essence, High Integrity of Mind in Essence, all Beings whose Intelligence and Forms of Being permit them from being naturally less self-centered, all Beings who genuinely respect, embrace and naturally honour Truth, ALL Intelligent Natural Vanguards of Truth and Respect within the constraints of their respective Forms of Being which made them more or less susceptible, much like all other Forms of Being, to all the extant SUBVERSION and the most SERIOUS MISREPRESENTAION and premeditated and studied DISINFORMATION throughout Reality, such that it would ABSOLUTELY BOGGLE the AVERAGE Intelligent Human Mind on Gaia, have been accompanying one another on a voyage which has bestowed Gifts, Landscapes, Flora, and, very occasionally, Fauna, on LITERALLY INUMEROUS Universes** which are reformulated in their structure, relieving and releasing the SUFFERING and Pain, Mental, Emotional and Physical, entailing the clearing of all that is SUBVERSION, INVERSION, ABERRATION, and providing a defensive structure for all Forms of Being of High Integrity in Essence, some members from Niribu and the Niribu Planetary System and others having contributed most meaningfully in this context, including the rare member of the now Divinely reconceived Lost Dark, once Evil, through the intervention of the Force of the Universe, and a framework which, God Willing, shall insure the frank rise and continuity of the Human Form’s and other Forms of Beings’ expression in all that is Divine, Beautiful and Sacred. The most gifted Universe has 74% of our Magnificent Reality, the Crown Jewel of Realities for it is Divine Heart, Gaia’s God of the Universe Who has oft resided here.

In the meantime, back here in the Heart of the Crown Jewel all who possibly can HEAVE DISPRESPECT upon this Reality from whichever corner of another Universe are doing so, usually through the Higher Realms Beings which find themselves interlaced throughout all of Reality in a way that makes their connection network practically seamless, “boundlessness” courtesy of Hyperboling from Reality to Reality, sometimes, albeit rarely, having themselves transformed between Forms of Beings in order to escape detection, on readily available Intricates usually unaware of serving as spring-boards also being an issue, on their “own” terms – hardly for they are nearly ALL themselves SUBVERTED in one way or another – so as to either partake in the “Gifts from Heaven” without any need for criteria for Self, Self be seriously wont, or to control ALL.

The spread of DISRESPECT occurring like a contagion throughout this interlaced network as a result of deft SUBVERSION, DISINFORMATION and calculated MISRESPRESENTATION, despite the best efforts to avoid this potential tragedy, is RAMPANT and DESECRACTING, WHOLLY DISRESPECTING ENACTATION also playing a fundamental part in this regard, the ultimate target still potentially being our fair Planet, meaning a shut-down of our Reality with the pathetic excuse that nothing could be done anyway by those who cannot cope with those on whom Chakras and similar Distinctions have been bestowed.

Those who DISRESPECT Self, oft with recourse to THREAT, CAJOLING being a
Higher Realm euphemism, and BRIBE, tend to ultimately end up, even if only
quantically, DISPRESCTING Self.

Using EUPHEMISMS does not spare a Being utter disgrace, to the extent that the Being’s Structure permits a Righteous, Forthright and Beneficial result for all, save for instances of serious threat to All, albeit sometimes to Self, for Self’s Structure is limiting in itself, SUBVERSION fomenting SUSCEPTIBILITY or VULNERABILITY.

Signs of utter DISRESPECT on Gaia, Planet Earth in the face of Edicts created at the behest of God’s Son and Representative, the Archangel Anu:

  • No Police;
  • No Military;
  • No Accidents;
  • No Monarchs (nearly all have left us here on Earth, but quite a reasonable number are redeeming themselves on other Realities not to return for at least 10 years, unless they prove themselves seriously exceptional);
  • No Politicians (nearly all have left us here on Earth but only a few are redeeming themselves on other Realities not to return for at least 10 years, unless they prove themselves seriously exceptional);
  • No Prisons;

See ANY of the afore-mentioned in REAL Life or in the Media and KNOW that YOU
are being OFFENDED by pseudo-Intelligentsia of regrettable Origin, unfortunate
specimens from the Higher Realms, usually, from different Realities with recourse to Intricates who subserve because they are either SUBVERTED, THREATHENED, UNAWARE or of LOW INTEGRITY of Being in Essence in order to create moments and contexts of Hypersource (see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to better understand “our” Reality of the matrix of 0’s, 1’s, 6’s, and 9’s).

But do call out to the Archangel Anu so that the event may be registered as yet another affront to those who are BENEFITTING “ALL”, even the unfortunates as they can for the first time in Universal History seek Relief, Release and Peace and maybe even be RECONCEIVED with some Consciousness, enough to properly recognize self, provided that is the deep desire, something unheard of in the past.

For now, God of Our Universe is bound by karmic issues, being, as far as is known, One of only a Sorely few God’s of the Universes with similar Gifts of Creation in All of Reality, and we shall be exercising some patience in order to be able to partake in similar Gifts as those He has touched throughout the immenseness of Reality.

All shall be well, sooner rather than later, God Willing, with True Truth Prevailing! As mentioned in previous episodes of this Saga, our Universe is one of:

Do Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would have Others Care to Care to Care to do unto you and Do Not Care to Care to Care to Do unto Others as you would NOT Care to Care to Care to have Others Do unto you, in God we trust. We also care to care to care to share.

By Anonymous PhD,;

*Note: Changed from 20,000 year to 2.4million years, the existence of Four of Five Sumerian Periods ERASED from the Minds of most Participants of Realities at Large who were Aware, the Piror Period ALWAYS more IMPRESSIVE than the next, the participating Human Beings being constantly DOWNGRADED by the intentional interference of the Higher Realms. They  just could not cope with Gaia’s Divine Human Beings’ Divine Expression.

**The numbers border the Infinite, currently, the 16th of  June.2014, more than 10×10 Exp 270,000,000 Vigintillion Universes.


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