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The Last Onslaught: An Open Letter to Pope Francis I

The pagan teachings of the Roman Church have the effect of putting the adherent into a living sleep and thus all who embrace this faith are under the total control of the Church. Anyone who is born into or has entered the Catholic Church has no further use for his reason.

The Church with its teachings and doctrines, as taught by the Catechism, becomes his guiding light – a community within which all he has to do is not to think/ reason and to blindly follow the priests and bishops, whom he should regard as his shepherds. [1]

During a General Audience in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis toured among the 60 000 people present in his open topped jeep for almost half an hour, shaking hands and kissing babies, he declared that the Lord wants us part of a Church that knows how to open its arms to welcome all; where everyone can be renewed, transformed and sanctified by His love.

First we have to ask who is this “Lord” you are speaking about, taking into account that the word lord translate to Adonai in Greek and in Hebrew to Baal.

Now, according to Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew word Baal refers to a Phoenician deity and means master, owner, lord, husband. So, Pope Francis you are  really saying here that a Phoenician deity wants us part of a church that knows how to…; where all can be renewed, transformed and – [don’t miss this one] – sanctified by his love.

During this same gathering of pilgrims, you ask the question I believe was on everyone’s lips:

“But how is it possible to say that the Church is holy although its path through the centuries has been full of difficulties, problems, dark moments; how can it be a holy Church made of sinful men, women, priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals, popes? How can this be a holy Church”? 

And I answer, “Yes indeed, Pope Francis. How can you and all your members of the clergy and even the lay people whom you have programmed say this church is holy?”

Please don’t tell me the old rhetoric that Christ loved the Church and gave himself on the Cross, because that simply is not true and you know it! Your Christ is non-existing and therefore your church is in reality also non-existing if, as you say, it is based on the merits of this man.

But we both know, pope Francis, you and I, that your church is based on the merits of a pagan religion that came forth from the mouth of the original enslavers of this earth in a far-away place called Mesopotamia, when the reptilian off-shoots of the Anunnaki decided to create a religion in order to put people to sleep. Is it not Nietzsche who said,

“Religion is the opium of the masses?”

How then can you say your god is holy – a god that resembled a lizard or a serpent, whom the people of that time when he came to earth, called “holy” because he came from out of the skies? It seems to me that you are the one that should wake up to the truth and fast before you drag all of your “estimated 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world” down into the abyss with you.

You who say your god does not abandon any one of you to the power of death and evil – well, in the first place you have been evil from the beginning and because of that are you in the clutches of death and darkness.

You are right though in saying that it is not you but the Divine Spirit who make your church holy, however, Divine Spirit will not make something holy that is unholy, evil and filled with lies and atrocities of people whose hands are covered in innocent blood. If he would do that, then he is no longer divine.

This process can only be rectified if all of you, starting with yourself, confess your lies told throughout the ages even unto this day; when you allow yourself and your “church” to be purged of all the evil starting deep inside the Vatican and deep inside your heart and the hearts of every Tom, Dick and Harry who calls him/herself a Catholic, popes, bishops and cardinals included.

What is it that you call ‘church’, Pope Francis? Is it the man-made institution with its doctrines, dogmas and canon laws or does ‘church’ consist of everyone who confess to be a true, honest, thinking, considerate, compassionate and peaceful human being?

If the latter is true, then the world do not need a church, whether a building, a papal throne or a set of rules that constitute rituals and liturgies, according to which things must be done in order not to be heresies.

If the latter is true then there is hope for the world of men and for the earth and for the universe but if the former is true, then I’m afraid, are we all doomed. During this oratory you gave in the public square, you said the church calls to everyone, receive them and is open to all.

Is this really true? I can guarantee anyone who would dare to accept your offer of an free-for-all that the moment they step over the doorstep of your church, they are willingly offering themselves up to be bound under your rules and lies; bound in the devil’s den!

Know what, pope Francis? A while ago a dear friend wished me well and said he hoped that many people will be inspired by what I write. My answer to that today is, the only person I wish to inspire in this article, is you.

Just as you said that day, “….if we all carry with us our sins, the Lord wants to hear us say to him, ‘Forgive me , help me to walk, change my heart’, I’m challenging you to go out there again and do what you advised that day; kneel down in the dust of ages and confess your evil doings as well as that of your institution, publicly.

Maybe then your god will forgive you and change you and wash you clean. And after he has done that to you he will tell you,

“Francis, my son, there is no need for a church as you have been taught there should be and as you are envisaging, for my kingdom. As long as you and all who will follow your example by kneeling in the dust and dirt, allow yourselves to be awakened to the real truth that I’m sending you day and night”.

Your god, whom we who have awakened, call Divine Creator, Source of All that Is will say to you as he speak in your heart, and in the heart of every single human soul that has awakened, the exact same words spoken by the Rabbi Jesus,

“He who loves the church, the pope, the sacraments, the mass etc., etc. more than Me [read Truth] is not worthy of Me; and he who loves all these things more than Me is not worthy of Me”. 

The sentence ends with your own words said above, “…he who does not ‘take his cross’ (substitute cross with the heaviness of your lies and that of your church, from its inception to this day) and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.…”

Who is the ‘Me’? It is your conscience, your soul speaking to you; nay, roaring to you that it wants to be set free to follow the true light of life and love and peace.

Pope Francis, you are 100% correct in declaring that “the ‘God’ we encounter in the ‘Church’ is not a merciless judge , but the Father…” He has more mercy than you or your church could ever have or have ever had.

He is not the father of the gospel but the father because he created us – because we came forth out of him and, when this earth incarnation is done with, we go back into him. It is not the church that opens its arms in welcome – oh please be aware of these deceptive words!

It is the divine Creator and his home is not your puny, earth-bound darkness-enshrouded church but the multidimensional universe!

There is no need to ask for transformation and sanctification of anyone in your church – such things happen when a deeply asleep person is woken up by the Father of all Truth, Source of all that is (sadly, even of you).

Once woken up, our DNA is changed, reprogrammed to conform to its original image of our Creator-Father! Only he and those he send, those who had gone this way before and know the pitfalls – spiritual beings existing in the multidimensional universe – can transform us. [2]

On another occasion, again in the public square – you do love this place as you are driven round and round the obelisk pointing skyward as if calling down the wrath of the gods (a wrath, which will soon rain down on your public square, have no fear of that!); no walking around on your two god-given feet among the people, pope Francis, for then not all will be able to see your smiling face and waving hands; no, you have to do it one better than your forerunner who had to be pulled around on a sledge, not so, pope Francis? – you ask this very pertinent question “…do people accept each other… or do we tend to try to make everything uniform?

We are not all the same and we shouldn’t all be the same… Each person has his or her own gifts, qualities and character… When we try to impose uniformity…” Then you asked people at the audience to pray that the “Spirit would make all church members more catholic”.

You try your utmost to explain away the fact that catholic means universal: “…the word catholic literally means universal, it is not first of all a matter of geography [Oh, please! We are not that stupid], but of unity in faith… The church is catholic because it is the space, the home in which the faith is proclaimed in its entirety, where the salvation Christ brought us is offered to all.”

Allow me to quote for you two sources who, it is obvious, understand more about what the word ‘catholic’ means:

“The word catholic literally means universal. In Greek it is katholikos, from the Greek phrase meaning “on the whole, according to the whole or in general.” The word in English can mean “including a wide variety of things; all-embracing,” or “of the Roman Catholic faith.” – Ref.

Including or concerning all humankind; universal as in the sentence: “…what was of catholic rather than national interest”; of, or involving the Roman Catholic Church; of, or relating to the universal Roman Catholic Christian church; denoting or relating to the entire body of Christians especially to the Church before separation into the Greek or Eastern and Latin or Western Churches; universal; relating to all men; all-inclusive;  free from provincial prejudices or attachments; “catholic in one’s tastes”; – Ref.

The word catholic, when heard by anyone, immediately calls to mind the Catholic Church and when anyone would mean that something is universal he would think or say ‘global, widespread, worldwide or holistic. So, what really is the issue here is the re-unification of eastern and western Catholics.

If the spirit then is to make all members more catholic, he is to do what? He is to re-unite all of the Catholic faith, whether east or west and, I’m sure what you really are insidiously referring to, is that the spirit should bring all who left the catholic church because of you and your church’s lies and crimes, back into the fold.

So, in order for all Catholics to accept one another as, well catholic, then you are doing just that: you are making all and everyone uniform for you expect of all who are catholic to bow to the rule and government of the “holy father”, the so-called ‘vicar of Christ’.

I know, by now you would have asked yourself who is this little upstart to come and teach me, the high and mighty, nay, the mightiest and richest man in the world? Well, Pope Francis, I had been a Catholic but God help me if I would ever just think of going back to that crime-infested, pagan-worshipping institution!
In your next breath you say the following:

“Being Catholic means being part of a family. No one should or can go it alone; in a family, each one of us is given what we need to grow, mature and live. We cannot grow alone, we cannot walk alone, in isolation, but we must move forward and grow in a community”. 

I’ve got news for you, old man: I am no longer part of either the Catholic or the Christian family for I have, in my longish life of 65 years found that people classified as Christians are the biggest liars and deceivers that the pits of hell could ever dish up.

I can and am doing and going it alone for the simple reason that the Catholic church first killed my father, broke up my much-protected family life, torn and scattered the members my family apart and then slowly but surely killed me – or tried to – by sexually abusing me first within the confines of a Catholic “home” and later by having given me to a pedophile-stepfather who carried on where you left off but adding physical, emotional and spiritual abuse until I was old enough to be married off. Thank God, this stepfather wasn’t Catholic otherwise I would still be stuck in a marriage where love did not dwell.

In parting, you asked your mesmerized audience to consider how they accept the gifts that the church offers to help them grow and mature, because “in the church, we find all we need to be saints.” Saints? Don’t make me laugh! The gifts the Church offered me, and many others who survived as I did, was to become sexually ripe long before the age of normal female maturity; to learn more about men and their ‘tastes’ at the age of three than would any wife of a 50-year marriage ever know.

Your last words before the crowd shouted “amen!” was,

“The church is catholic because it is universal, it is present in every part of the world and proclaims the Gospel to every man and every woman”. 

Let me ask you, Pope Francis, what is the meaning of the word Gospel?

According to Wikipedia, a gospel is an account describing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the most widely known examples are the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The word  gospel derives from the Old English gōd-spell, meaning “good news” or “glad tidings”. The word comes from the Greek euangelion, or “good news”. The gospel was considered the “good news” of the coming Kingdom of Messiah and of redemption through the life and death of Jesus, the central Christian message.  – Ref.

So, again it is a man-made word/concept giving or bringing the “glad tidings” of a man created by your Catholic imagination who allegedly died on a cross, resurrected on the third day, ascended into heaven and will come again to save the Catholics who have been faithful to their holy father.

A dictionary describes the word gospel as follows: a teaching or doctrine of a religious teacher; an idea or principle, accepted as unquestionably true; a doctrine maintained to be of prime importance; glad tidings, especially concerning salvation and the kingdom of God. – Ref.

What you really are saying here is that only the message that the (Roman) Catholic Church brings to the world, to every man and woman, is the true message of salvation and can be verified in Scriptures you call the New Testament of the bible – in the first four books.

After I left your church I have verified for myself that neither you nor the broader Christianity are speaking the truth about the what, the how, the why and the who, of him you call God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I have made the correct conclusion that a church, community or belief system that talk about love, redemption and – a favorite with Catholics – peace on the one hand and on the other hand spill the blood of people, spoil the virginity of little children and rob them of their innocence in childhood, are not worthy of me or of that ‘coming kingdom of God!’ [3]

By Caeli Francisco, HumansAreFree.com; | References:

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