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The Pope With Two Faces

Evil must run its course

“How true it is  he who lusts after what is not his due, not only does he not attain his desire, but he also loses what he has!” [1] 

Being a benign Divine Creator, Source of all that Is, is filled with pity for such as those in positions of control over others; such as have the self-accrued authority to rule others whom they, themselves asleep in the slumber of past ages, have put their adherents to the same sleep, drugging them with tenets of religion and, not its blessings, but its curses.

Source allowed such as popes and kings to wear fine clothes bedecked with gold and scarlet, jewels and lace; he allowed them to sit on thrones carved from the best of what nature can offer. He would permit them to remain in their self-created paradise, if only they would acknowledge him as their true Creator, be truly penitent of their own evil deeds but, to this day have they refused to repent. So they have to leave their little kingdoms; give it over into the hands of those they have, with not a little bit of relish, called the poor of the world; those they have so terribly abused and tortured.

This has to be done lest their own understanding of the likeness of God teach them to live forever. Source is already foreseeing their empty space on the earth, in this world and in his mercy.

He is saying, “O what a pity that to the very last, they were not able to observe the command lain upon them, to choose my will above their own, for even such a brief span of time!”

Why, we ask, was it necessary for Source to create the opposite of good in this holographic-projection-third dimension that we call home?

The answer is easy. We have said, a while ago, that the earth incarnation of any soul is a period of probation to test whether the soul will love Source instead of fearing him. The rebellion of that one tribe of the Anunnaki, the Reptilians, was allowed so as to be a lesson to the Universe through all coming ages, a perpetual testimony to the nature and terrible results of turning away from the purpose for every creature’s incarnation. The present working out of the Reptilian rule in this world, its effects upon both man, animal, Earth and all other life forms visible or invisible, has been allowed to show what the fruit of setting aside the Divine Authority, is.

In order for the influence of the deceivers to be fully destroyed and for the spirit of rebellion to be utterly eradicated, must evil be permitted to come to full maturity. For the good of the entire universe – third dimensional and multi-dimensional – through ceaseless ages and even beyond time, the spirit of evil had to develop its principles. This is so in order for its charges against the Divine Government to be seen in their true light by all created beings and that the justice and mercy of those who rule the Multidimensional Universe, under the directives of the Divine Creator and the immutability of his laws may forever be placed beyond all question.

The Hypocrite Pope

In his own words is this present ruler on the papal throne, this Pope Francis, condemning himself and all of those who went before him, by quoting from scriptures – scriptures that his kind has seen to that, what little truth they really contain, be rendered completely delusional and useless:

“They had paid to silence the truth. People can be really evil sometimes! Because when (i) we pay to hide the truth, we are [committing] a very great evil. And that’s why people knew who they were and would not follow them, but (ii) they had to tolerate them because they had authority: the authority of the cult, the authority of the ecclesiastical discipline at that time, the authority of the people… (iii) Jesus said that they weighed people down with oppressive weights and made them carry them on their shoulders. (iv) These people cannot tolerate the meekness of Jesus, they cannot tolerate the meekness of the Gospel, they cannot tolerate love…” [2]

There you have it, dear reader. (i) “We pay to hide the truth” is exactly what the Roman Church has been doing since its inception and is still doing. To give you but one example: millions of dollars and pounds across the length and breadth of the world have been paid out by the Church to victims of child abuse by priests; more millions are paid out for counselors, psychiatrists, etc. chosen by the Church, to treat these people, whom they continue to call victims for they intend to keep them victims. Rarely will you hear the word ‘survivor’. Why?

Because a survivor is someone who has woken up to the truth; someone who is rallying for the truth and working hard to equip him or herself with the truth so as to expose the evil, the hypocrisy and the trillions of untruths being spread from the mouths of these evil people.

(ii) “…they had to tolerate them because they had authority: the authority of the cult, the authority of the ecclesiastical discipline…”

Most Christians and lay Catholics feel that they not only have to tolerate them but that they have to conform to the dictates of the Church because they, at the top echelons of the Church of Rome (and the other churches/governments), have the authority of the cult of what constitutes Roman Catholicism, which they call the ‘ecclesiastical discipline’; even those of the Church hierarchy who do not in their hearts conform to this evil, feel compelled to the same, due to their having been so programmed from the cradle to almost the grave because they, under pain of excommunication are forced to tolerate the evil and untruths; forced through the vows they had to make of obedience, poverty and, the most unnatural of all, celibacy, for the rest of their lives.

I know, they had a choice and always will have the choice of free will but we must remember that this small group of people are inherently such great empaths that they felt called to help their fellow man in any way they can and if the only way there is, is to make that vow, then they do it.

(iii) “Jesus said that they weighed people down with oppressive weights and made them carry them on their shoulders”.

Yes, Pope Francis, that is exactly what you and your Church are doing – not only to those who follow you blindly but also those who made a vow while still wet behind the ears and filled with an unstoppable zeal to win people over to what they perceive as the truth; but also to those who in their later years lay down an oath – not to God as they are made to believe – but to you and all the popes before you, to be your most loyal subjects.

(iv) “These people cannot tolerate the meekness of Jesus…. they cannot tolerate love…” Listen carefully, Pope Francis to what is written here: the Rabbi Jesus was never meek, as you make him out to be. This ‘meekness’ is something you equate with blindly following the dictates, teachings and doctrines of your church and your papal bulls and your papal encyclicals.

You want all of your church, all of the other religions and faiths and even all who do not even believe in your god and your bible, to meekly take up the cross upon which your Christ had died. Is this what you call love? Is what I wrote in the above paragraph, what you call love? If so, then you have to start over in the school of life so you can learn, without your church, and your savior and your god, what is love.

You should start over as someone who, as a child has seen its parents being made slaves to a dictatorial regime; as a child who had escaped the knife on a sacrificial altar or as a child having been set free of dirty, oily, probing old men’s fingers into every possible orifice of your body for their own sexual gratification. Then, Pope Francis, will you come to know the difference between love and hate.

From Ease in Rome to War in Syria

“The latter’s wealth is so big that they could create sustainable social programs to end famine on Earth; they have the power and the means to oppose wars; they have the financial resources to create an Eco-friendly planet — the biblical heaven on Earth… they have huge investments in oil and gas cars manufacturers In fact, the Iraqi, Afghanistan and now the Syrian wars, perfectly suit their financial investments.” [3]

The destruction and final removal of Syria’s chemical [weapon] stocks, which turned out to be nothing more dangerous that plain old fluoride, has been accomplished and this opened the way for the West to harden its position.

Make no mistake it is not only the US who has a stake in this battle with Syria, warring not directly with conventional weapons but with people against people, but all of the countries where the Elite rules, have a stake. Theirs is for the riches and the oil in Syria and their accomplice, the Vatican, is for the ‘souls’ in Syria that have to be brought in under the fold of Catholicism.

[No matter that the traditional religion in Syria is that of Islam and that the Jesuits created the religion of Islam – this is where the Vatican/Holy See’s stake comes into the picture].

One of the weakest points in the Elite’s policy towards Syria is the fact that about a third of the armed rebels in the country, belong to extremist groups. These groups are ‘converts’ from Western Europe while most if not all of these rebels, including al-Qaeda, were trained within the borders of good old USA and funded by the good old Vatican.

[Knowing what I know by now at some point these rebels may just happen upon the truth about what is really going on – that they have been a  pawn in the hands of the NWO – and then may turn around, come back to their respective countries and launch their own local “armed struggles”].

An example of such a situation is Libya, a country “liberated” by the West, but which is now resembling a lawless land where al-Qaeda fighters have training camps and from where these rebels infiltrated into Syria, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere in the Near East, wherever the Elite has found a reason to incite a war.

However, if we consider that one man’s stalemate is another man’s opportunity, the future might not be so bleak for Assad and the people of Syria, especially because substantial defections and desertions of the Syrian armed forces have not materialised – as was hoped in Washington – and popular support for the rebels has been on the decline. [4]

The United Nations approved a ‘first historic’ international treaty on the trade of conventional weapons. What is trade but the buying and selling of weapons, whether conventional, which is normally guns and canons, or,  with this climate of un-peace in the world it is easy for such traders to include chemical and nuclear arms into the deal. According to the Vatican such a signed treaty introduces a rule of law, which tells me that up to now the trading of weaponry had been lawless for the sake of chaos.

Does the Vatican, who had a hand in this pie herself since forever, for one moment think a rule of law will make the trading of arms a thing of the law? Are they so stupid? And what will they say when they are caught out for not holding to this law – will they again say like they did with the treaty of the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment, which they ratified in 2002 that the U.N. are allowing themselves to be “reduced to tools of ideological pressure rather than a necessary stimulus towards the desired progress in promoting respect for human rights”?

The Arms Trade Treaty is strongly supported by the Holy See, which over the years has, according to one of their officials, repeatedly called for an “effective” measure to be put into place based on the protection of the human person. Can a human person even feel protected when the Vatican gives a weapon into the hand of such a person’s opponent and tell them both it is for their own protection? Why do humans, whether a member of a community/nation or an individual, even need to have weapons that can kill? And shouldn’t the Vatican, as the strong arm of the Holy See, its pope and its church, be advocating peace in the world without weapons for war of any kind.

Asked for an opinion on the matter, an official of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace declared that in the sense of the introduction of a rule of law, it is a favorable outcome for the Holy See and for society. He continued his illogic by saying the obvious: that human rights, the human person and weapons for warfare are incompatible with one another.

According to him, you have to maneuver within compromise, which is not necessarily a bad thing… Oh, but compromise is always a bad thing my dear Vatican official for it means keeping the back door open to evil! “Ideally”, he said, “peace would be built politically, as called for in the encyclical Pacem in Terris…”

Ah, is this then what the present pope referred to when he said the peace in Syria can only be accomplished through diplomacy and dialogue? Has this tactic ever worked throughout the history of the world? Who will talk what to whom in such a dialogue? No, Mr. Vatican official, you cannot ‘win souls’ for whichever of your gods with a bazooka in one hand and a bible in the other!

The Blood of Catholic-made Martyrs

On Monday 22 April 2013, Reuters reported that two Syrian Catholic bishops were kidnapped by armed rebels in the northern part of the country. In a further paragraph Reuters said,

“Several prominent Muslim clerics have been killed in Syria’s uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, but the two bishops are the most senior church leaders caught up in the conflict…”

The above sentence sounds as if the reporter really wanted to say the prominent Muslim clerics’ kidnap means less than these two Catholic ones. In a country where its President for 40 years ensured religious freedom without political rights, it becomes rather ‘fishy’ that all of a sudden now a huge issue is made of something that sounds very improbable:

“Christians have been attacked and kidnapped in monstrous ways and their relatives have paid big sums for their release. In the central city of Homs, which saw the heaviest bloodshed earlier this year, several churches and Christian centers had been damaged in the fighting. Until a few months ago the idea of escaping had not crossed the minds of the Christians, but after the danger worsened it has become the main topic of conversation.”

Is this why Pope Francis went to hold a mass with Syrian refugees somewhere in Rome some time during 2013, ensuring them that they have been very brave to leave their country and very wise to have come to Rome where he rules the roost?

And is this why the same caliber of refugees allegedly fled to Australia where they were kept in quarantine in the harbor of Sydney, deloused and sent back again by the Australian government? Why did not the pope mention any of this latter group in his worldwide papal exhortations on the love and poverty of the Church’s Christ?

In September 2013 Pope Francis called for a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the entire Mideast region and throughout the whole world to be held on Saturday the 7th. He said very dramatically,

“I wish to add my voice to the cry, which rises up with increasing anguish from every part of the world, from every people, from the heart of each person, from the one great family which is humanity: it is the cry for peace. How much suffering, how much devastation, how much pain, has the use of arms carried in its wake in that martyred country (Syria)”.

Yada-ing about condemnation for the use of chemical weapons and some images he saw of the effect of chemical warfare on people, which were most probably images shown him of another war in another country, he dared to call down an inescapable judgment of God. Then came his clincher:

“I ask each party in this conflict to listen to the voice of their own conscience, to courageously follow the path of negotiation through intervention of the international community based on dialogue and negotiation for peace”.

He did not ask for negotiations for peace between the warring parties or between the different Islam-states in the Mideast. What he really meant was that President Assad had to be convinced to stop defending his country and his nation, throw in the towel and give whatever the initial instigators of this war, through US-trained and Vatican-funded rebels, want with Syria.

Relying on the fervent compliance of the programmed and delusional adherents to the catholic faith with their rosary and novena prayers, he calls upon them – not the Vatican or Holy See or Roman curia – and “every Christian of other confessions, as well as to followers of every religion and to those brothers and sisters who do not believe…” to pray in a spirit of penance for peace in Syria. He proclaimed this time of prayer on the day of the “Vigil of the birth of Mary, Queen of Peace, who, as our mother… may help us to find peace”. He ends this call-up with the following: “Help us, Mary, to overcome this most difficult moment… Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us! [5]


And did Mary help to bring the desired peace the way the Papacy and Vatican wanted? No, she cannot do it for she is but a figment in the imagination of the Catholic faith. The war and unrest in Syria is still going on. What sadness all this is. Typical Roman Catholicism to whip up emotions by creating something that does not really exist, with words of evocation; what a buhara for a thing he knows in his heart will only come about if those who funded the rebels and those who trained them will withdraw their troops, their weapons and their money.

However, clever Latin American that he is, he knows full well that when the spirit of rebellion, coupled with the smell of cordite and sweat and blood, has run as high as it did, it is not a thing easily calmed down – that is why he want dialogue. I am very certain President Assad will not deign himself so low as to sit at a table with the likes of those who incited the war – not the rebels for they are of Assad’s own kind – but the international community with the papacy in the lead.

Fluoride becomes a Chemical Weapon of War

The hidden allied hands – some clutching a crucifix and some an atom bomb – behind world events want us to believe that the people of the Middle East and North Africa are spontaneously rebelling against the oppression and tyranny of the Islam religion – something they call ‘Arab Spring’.

Truth of the matter is that such countries have been marked for a take-over by these hidden hands. Thus is Syria just another step in a long-planned series of countries being hijacked, with the Arab Spring as the front, the excuse and the smokescreen.

How do we know this? Well, in 2007 the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe related in a television interview how he was informed in the White House of an impending invasion of Iraq by the US for no particular reason.

A few weeks later this man spoke again to the same informer in the White House and the conversation went like this – Clark: ‘Are we still going to war with Iraq?’ Other general: ‘Oh it’s worse than that.’ He picked up a piece of paper on his desk and said, ‘I’ve just got this from upstairs. (Meaning the office of the Secretary of Defense) This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.’

Former French Foreign Minister said in an interview with a French parliamentary TV network,

“I was in England two years before the violence in Syria… I met with top British officials who confessed to me that Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. Responding to a question on the motive behind inciting violence in Syria, he said, “… with a very simple aim – to overthrow the Syrian government because the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli talk. Tel Aviv would seek to destroy any country that did not get along with it in the region. It is not just about Israel, it is about the acquisition of country after country across the Middle and Near East, North Africa and then going deeper and deeper South into Africa. This has been planned for decades”. [6]

The US government together with those ‘hands’ mentioned above, have decided to conquer Syria. Their lie about the use of chemical weapons in Syria by President Assad is just a repeat of the lies told about Saddam’s nuclear weapons in Iraq. E-mails leaked from a British defense company, Brit-Am, revealed a plan already in place and approved by the White House, to give chemical weapons to the hired mercenaries to use on civilians in order to frame Assad and thus justify a direct US intervention.

Assad had been requesting for months for a special United Nations Chemical Weapons investigation team to come to Syria and check out earlier allegations that his government had used chemical weapons. The United Nations finally agreed. So why would Assad be so stupid as to carry out a chemical weapons attack on women and children the very day the UN chemical weapons inspectors arrive, just miles from where they are staying?

A Palestinian activist and author, Edward Said had this to say about the US and her allies’ desire to conquer the Mideast countries:

“Terrorism has become a screen created since the end of the Cold War by policymakers in Washington … It is fabricated to keep the population afraid and insecure and to justify what the United States wishes to do globally.” [7]

With so many voices mentioned in this article, re. the ‘bullshit’ about Syria’s use of chemical weapons and the imagined aggression of President Assad, it will be in order to ask at this final stage, where did the Vatican stand in the execution of this plan of the ‘hidden hands’?

During the present war in Syria, as we have said above, the pope adamantly commanded the world to pray for peace but during the bombing of Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan, where masses of people were slaughtered, cities destroyed, Libyan and other leaders eventually captured and/or murdered, we have heard no such call for universal prayer and a whining for peace and détente – reminder of the age-old tactic of the Holy See to enter into a concordat with whatever country has to offer whatever.

From the Mouth of Babes

A last word to Pope Francis, his Vatican officials and his allies on the stage of the Western World, is a request to watch this video. While you watch, remember that the God of this little Syrian boy, which could just as well have been any of the little children you and your priests have tortured and raped and sacrificed, will hear what they have to tell him. This God will act upon what he has been told and when he does, no amount of praying to a pagan goddess whom you call the “Mother of God” is going to avail you even a little – make no mistake!

‘The last thing a dying Syrian boy said, “I’m gonna tell God everything!”’

By Caeli Francisco, HumansAreFree.com; | References:

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