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Conserving Sexual Energy for Stronger Legs

All too frequently in this modern professional sporting world, injuries concerning the legs occur on a much greater scale than any of the other parts of the body.

Whether it be ankles, knees, hamstrings, Achilles tendons or hip flexors, there seems to be a trend concerning the legs which far surmounts that of other body parts.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why? Why are there so many sportsmen that suffer detrimental injuries to their legs? 

Us as human beings have been walking and working on our legs for millions of years, the legs contain by far the most powerful muscles in the body, namely the gluteus maximus or buttock muscles and the quadriceps.

Surely our legs should be evolved enough to withstand incredible force and strain, yet so many individuals suffer all sorts of problems with them nowadays that prevents them from following through with their physical aspirations.

Most people today are oblivious to any weaknesses in their body due to their lifestyles which does not include any rigorous exercise. If you ever take note of the way people’s bodies are shaped these days you will easily spot that with most men, their legs are skinny and appear weak.

This may not be a problem to most men, but if not attended to is surely able to haunt them in old age. There is a correlation between legs and sexual hormones that most men aren’t aware of.

In Chinese medical Qigong (energy cultivation) it is believed that the legs have their own Qi (bio-electric energy) vessels (A Qi vessel is synonymous with a reservoir that stores energy in specific parts of the body for specific functions).

There are another eight extraordinary vessels in the body which are all responsible for a number of different functions for example the regulation of Yin and Yang Energy to the organs by the Governing vessel and the Conception vessel respectively.

Yin energy can be likened to a negative charge which cools down, and Yang to a positive charge which heats up. In a healthy body these vessels all work together to keep the organs and all the vital bodily functions in the body functioning at the proper  voltages.

Organs are likened to machines which malfunction fast when too much electricity is supplied or become diseased when too little is applied.

Interestingly, the Qi vessels in the legs receive ALL their energy from the Jing (sperm or original essence) which resides in the external kidneys (gonads or testicles) and this is the main source of the Qi which fills up the four major Qi vessels in the legs. 

Two are located in the knees and the other two in the ankle regions. This means that the strength, endurance and athletic potential of the legs depends on the concentration and the strength of the sex hormones.

It is believed that when a man abuses his sexual powers that his legs soon become weak like that of an old man. Furthermore, in many ancient martial art styles one is expected to conserve his sexual energy for a minimum of three months beforehand to ensure that one would be able to handle the harshness of the training.

The Taoists did not want to give up their sexual lifestyles and trained sexual Kung Fu techniques which allowed them to fully enjoy the sexual pleasures of life while at the same time conserving their seed.

These techniques may be found in books of Mantak Chia’s work of sexual energy cultivation, where he teaches the ancient art of the internal orgasm – where the power of the life force is not lost but used for many potential benefits including spiritual.

Its very important to take into account the diet when one wishes to strengthen the legs. Pasteurized milk is definitely something you need to cut out, as we now know that the calcium inside it is useless to the body and actually causes your own bones to sacrifice calcium to neutralize the dead calcium from the milk which leads to less dense bones and possibly osteoporosis in old-age.

Sodas, coke and fizzy drinks also have the same effect on the body due to their very low PH as well as high concentrations of caffeine. Processed bread are also suspect, as it interferes with nutrient absorption due to high amounts of gluten.

Supplementation or foods rich in natural elemental calcium, vitamin K2, magnesium and vitamin D are crucial and all inter-dependent for your bones and the legs to regain the strength they might have lost. Marrow from animal sources is also great to supplement your own marrow in your bones.

I hope with this knowledge that you may regain hope and correct any mistakes you may have made in your training. Today it is harder than ever to attain the perfect training regime due to so much disinformation.

Always seek the truth and work hard at your goals, get off your butt and save your reputation!

By Arno Pienaar, HumansAreFree.com; | Learn more about Chinese medical Qigong by reading ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment.’