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Mankind is Awakening: Russell Brand’s Message to the World

Beautiful rendition of Russell Brand’s most impactful speeches, originally composed by Tim Shieff.

If you understand what Russel is talking about and you also agree, then you are spiritually awake and ready to make the world a better place.

You understand that you are only having a human experience, and this reality is merely a fraction of a much bigger whole. You know that the real you is infinite and immortal. You are selfless and kind, and you wouldn’t disrupt the natural balance of everything that IS.

Thank you for being here, shining your Light!

Russell is able to address some of the most controversial subjects in a funny, yet mature and intelligent manner, making himself understood by people of different ages and education backgrounds.

Personally, I am interested in the young generation, especially, because they are the future of our species, and they are currently being subjected to the most powerful mind programs to date.

In a recent BBC interview with Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand might have marked the beginning of a revolution. Yes, the revolution is already happening for quite some time now, but Russell Brand draw awareness to these changes, live, on BBC. And he was passionate about it!

As we all know, people get inspired by passionate people who MAKE SENSE. More people like him, and it’s going to happen sooner, rather than later.

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By Alexander Light,;