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New TEDx: The Best Choice I’ve Ever Made? Dropping College and Doing What I Love

About 7 years ago, something happened in my life that changed the way I saw myself, my life and the world. I left college for good.

I had been through 3 different programs in 3 years trying to figure out what worked for me. I was depressed on and off. I couldn’t believe that life was simply wake up and go to school until you get a degree.

Then, wake up and go to a job you don’t truly like to make money to support your life until you’re 60 and then hopefully you can retire. Then, you die.

I had to make a change and all along something told me that if I did, everything would be okay. Regardless of what everyone told me my whole life, I knew deeply that I didn’t (just as you don’t) have to live life in the way everyone tells you.

5 years ago Collective Evolution was born. A platform that has touched millions of people in a positive way over its 5 years and has changed my life in a positive way. CE likely wouldn’t be around if I didn’t choose to leave school for good.

I was invited by Columbia University’s Teacher’s College to give a TEDx talk as they felt I was an agent of change. Below is that talk and it tells my story as well as what I feel is one of the most important things we need to know and internalize: change starts within.

Follow Your Passion, It’s Important

The bottom line is, I believe we need to begin following our passions as a first choice when we are young. If we don’t yet know what our passions are, take the time to enjoy life and figure them out.

There is no need to rush into post secondary school so we can get in debt and be stuck in a job for the rest of our lives. This, unfortunately, is a western mentality where we operate under the idea that this is the only way and since people who follow this path are praised and celebrated, many follow the same path.

Even for people who are older and well out of school, it’s never too late to start doing something new and following your passion. Although there may be financial responsibilities at times, make arrangements and plans to transition into doing something you love.

It’s always possible and there is a way, we just need to begin trying and putting the steps into place. I believe that the moment we truly choose to begin doing something from our hearts, the world around us begins to conspire to make it happen as a result of our conscious desire to make it happen.

Since the thoughts might be building, I want to be clear, I am not saying there is no value in education or post secondary school. I am simply stating my belief that it should only be attended when you TRULY know what you want to do, need the education for it and are passion about it.

I believe that the education system is designed the way it is for ulterior purposes more so than simply educating with pure intention. More on that below.

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By Joe Martino, Collective Evolution;