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Decoding the Story of the Forbidden Fruit – Why Was it Forbidden?

What Does the Forbidden Fruit Represented and Why Was it Forbidden?

We are all familiar with the story of The Forbidden Fruit, but, what if it was not just a story? What if a similar event really did happen in our ancient past and what if it was the catalyst for who we are today?

The Story of The Forbidden Fruit

The story goes:

“God created Man – Adam – in his image and when Adam fell in deep sleep, God took 1 of his ribs and from it he created Woman – Eve – placing them to live in the most beautiful garden and to take care of it. However, God gave them 1 rule – not to eat from The Tree of Knowledge.”

“God said: You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.”

The story continues with “the Snake sneaking up on Eve and manipulating her into taking a bite of The Forbidden Fruit. saying: You won’t die! God knows very well that when you eat it you will become like Him – you will know good from evil!”

“After breaking the 1 rule given to her, she persuaded Adam into eating The Apple also by telling him she ate from The Forbidden Fruit and she didn’t die. After they ate they weren’t much wiser, however, they noticed they are naked.”

“God found out about their disobedience and punished them with banishment from paradise, Adam would have to struggle and sweat for their existence and Eve would bleed once a month. They’ll be mortal and in order for their kind to survive they would have to bear children.”

It is really a neat story with a lot of important lessons to learn from. It says a lot about our tendency to do the wrong thing because of our spark to discover, explore and put our nose where it doesn’t belong.

But, let’s look at the whole story from a different angle. What if it was something more? What if it all really happened and it can be scientifically proven?

What if the lack of our knowledge back then made us describe what was actually happening sound like a fairy tale?

Let’s recap through a prism of science

What we call God in the story, could have been and intelligent being experimenting with DNA creating new form of life. The Earth as a habitable planet could have been used for experimenting with creations. What if this alien scientist wanted to create immortals from mortals.

What if this alien scientist created Adam in laboratory, in his image, meaning he experimented with his biology and the biology of Homo Sapiens through DNA creating a new form of life he called MAN – the image representing the DNA of God.

After Adam was created and GOD saw how the creation was working and behaving, he gave him anesthesia to operate on Adam and finish his work. He took a sample DNA from his rib to create another part of his design, a life form driven by more female energy than Adam to maintain the balance he saw on Earth. He called her EVE.

The Circle of Nature

We must understand that Higher Life Forms understand the importance of balance, spirit and types of energy and they use this knowledge to improve in science.

The garden Adam and Eve were put in was something like a giant Zoo. It could have been a part of the laboratory where the alien scientist worked.

What the scientist wanted to see was if his new creations were able to live as part of Earth’s Nature when they are not completely from it.

The new creations were immortal, like him, but their biology and system their bodies operated with was integrated with Nature’s which is a circle – Life and Death meaning new Life and so on – and this was all to bring balance and to fit the puzzle into the picture.

So, the scientist took away their urges, Natural instincts and also the need of Eating and reproduction.

He have created perfectly balanced system where cell reproduction is also perfectly balanced meaning Adam and Eve didn’t grew old; the difference between their new born cells and their died out cells was 0.

These new creations were in the middle, something between what we call animals and what we call gods.

What the scientist did was brilliant. He discovered a way for these new creations to fit the puzzle by being immortal and still be a part of Nature’s Circle.

Their biology was as same as animals, they had organs for reproduction and consuming food, however, the scientist discovered that if he finds balance between the 2 DNAs – god and animal – they can maintain balance between their cell regeneration – between new cells being created and old ones dying out – without having to consume food creating a circle inside a circle.

We were not allowed to consume Carbon

They say that Carbon is the building block of life. What if Carbon is not just the building block of life but the essence of Nature’s circle?

CHO is the essence of our energy. It is a compound naturally created only through one unique process, photosynthesis. When photons of light penetrate plants they merge their building block of life with Oxygen and Hydrogen creating a chemical compound we call Carbohydrate or CHO.

Carbohydrates are famously known as Saccharides and the main reason, the essence of why we need to eat is to consume them.

In other words if we don’t consume carbohydrates our bodies would only die out having no energy to keep their system balanced and working. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source.

Saccharides and their derivatives include many other important biomolecules that play key roles in the immune system, fertilization, preventing pathogenesis, blood clotting, and development.

Today we eat plants, animals, processed food but if you know about CHO you understand that no matter what we eat we eat Carbon with it. Plants create CHO, animals eat plants, we eat animals but the CHO is the same CHO the plants have created.

So, we may just skip that 1 unnecessary step of eating animals and eat plants, first hand CHO.

We all know that Carbon makes a circle in Nature, it is transferred through Life and Death of creations which are a part of Earth’s Nature.

If this alien scientist was not from Earth’s Nature and he was immortal, his system of existing would have to be infinite or, in other words, the circle would have to be inside of him.

So, when he created Adam and Eve he created them in his image by manipulating a being already a part of Nature’s circle, the Homo Sapiens. The scientist’s main problem was how to make them a part of Nature without making them mortal.

Because he wanted our DNA to remain in god form he knew Adam and Eve need to survive in the midst of Nature without being affected by it.

The scientist put a tree of life and a tree of knowledge inside the garden to program them consciously to avoid foods like that, foods with high amounts of Carbon, or maybe to even see if their Natural Instinct of eating would awake.

He told them to NOT eat from the one but he didn’t said anything about the other probably to test the limits of their urges.

After, he explained this to them – if you eat from the forbidden fruit you will die meaning they’ll enter Nature’s circle and become mortal – he left to observe their behaviors – maybe god is always watching comes from this – and see if they are able to live in Nature without being a part of it.

What was the role of The Snake

When it comes to the snake and what it actually was 2 possible answers come to mind: Another alien life form – reptilian looking – working for the scientist testing them or wanting for the experiment to fail; A normal snake climbing the tree and shifting Eve’s focus towards the delicious forbidden fruit.

When Eve gave upon her Natural Instinct to eat and saw she is still alive, she ran up to Adam and told him that God was lying about the fruit. That she ate from it but she is still alive. Adam saw her eating and he tried the fruit also.

Being in the middle of immortality and mortality, between gods and animals, Adam and Eve took CHO into their system and activated their Natural Selves again awaking their instincts for reproduction – they noticed they are naked – and the ratio of their cell reproduction balance was disrupted.

God’s Punishment

God didn’t curse them or punish them he just told them the consequences of their actions: They’ll need to search for food, eat, excess what they ate, grow, reproduce and die because they are becoming a part of Nature.

“Adam would have to struggle and sweat for their existence and Eve would bleed once a month. They’ll be mortal and in order for their kind to survive they would have to bear children.”

Because they failed the test god released them in Nature away from the Zoo – “..punished them with banishment from paradise” – and his laboratory.

Adam and Eve lived long time as we know and that was probably because their organism was not far from the balance for a long time. One fruit wasn’t much of a disruption for the balance. However, the experiment failed because the scientist couldn’t take away their natural instincts.

As they continued with their lives, alone, driven by what they knew and their Natural Instincts, humanity’s life span continued to shrink until we suppressed our god DNA to less than 10% and let our Nature DNA become the 90% of the blueprint for our bodies.

The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge

The tree of life meant the tree of Nature’s Life and the tree of Knowledge of good and evil meant knowledge of life and death – knowledge of Nature’s circle – the circle that the alien scientist wasn’t interested at as it was not affected by it.

This explains why we, the Humans, are disrupting the balance of Nature, because that part of us which is god is driving us to “more” to “infinity” to “immortality” and the interaction with our natural part has an outcome we call “greed”, “EGO” and “fear”.

We are a straight line expanding inside a circle which creates a triangle or a pyramid. Is it too late to become gods? Is being a god more righteous than being our Nature self? And most importantly, what makes us human?

By Dejan Davchevski,;

About author: Dejan Davchevski is one of the brightest young minds who writes about the complete human health, motivation, philosophy and the secrets of success. With Life Coach Code he creates a mindset of happiness and prosperity through his articles – Codes – which Reprogram the negative Paradigm creating a better version of ourselves.