High Level Government Pedophile to be Exposed: Victim Speaks Out

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Brian Clare at the Children Screaming To Be Heard event in London England.

Brian is one of many victims of child sex abuse in England and details his story of what he had to go through.

Brian currently has a criminal court case against a high level British elite who is responsible for the child sex abuse.

I know pedophilia and child sacrifice are taboo subjects in our society, but for as long as they remain taboo, the monsters will operate unhindered. SHARE pedophilia-related articles for the rest of your life and don’t be reluctant to talk about it openly, with everyone.

The truth must be known and the monsters locked up!

If you want to understand what is truly going on in the highest levels of our society, then please read the following series of articles. Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring!

By Alexander Light,;