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10 Ways to Build Relationships With Your Crystals

Throughout the internet and the bookstore there are plenty of brilliant and informative resources about crystals.

While there are many authoritative voices to be heard, I will suggest to you some practices and perspectives that will lead you into enriching relationships with crystals rather than giving you definitive rules or how-to’s.

This is because I believe that if you can embrace the basic nature of the fantastic and very loving kingdom (or queendom, whichever you fancy!) of minerals and crystals you will have your own unique and meaningful experiences that will be perfectly tailored to you and whichever marvelous crystal beings happen upon your path. Enjoy!

1. Acknowledge that they are living beings:

Nikola Tesla said, 

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

 He was right. Embrace that. Crystals and minerals are a form of life and are conscious living beings.

They are not tools to be used, but rather, allies to be partnered with. While the organizational groupings within the mineral kingdom are useful for understanding basic characteristics of crystals types (i.e. rose quartz is for the heart, amethyst is for the third eye), each individual crystal has had its own unique evolutionary process, comes from its own unique location, has a unique vibrational signature, and ultimately has its own autonomous purpose for existing.

This is exciting. It means that 100 different quartz crystals, for instance, are 100 totally different potential lessons, types of medicine, etc. Be open to that.

2. Put them in your mouth: Yes, you heard me right. Put them in your mouth. Have you ever been in a crystal shop and seen a table full of bowl upon bowl of glittering brightly colored tumbled stones and crystals? They almost look like fruit or candy. I have had many people tell me they want to put crystals in their mouth.

My suggestion is: DO IT! Why? Because your tongue is a highly sensitive organ capable of communication and information transfer (think of eating, speaking, kissing, etc.) Because of this, when you put the stone in your mouth, a natural interaction will occur whereby you can learn a lot about the stone and it can communicate freely to you. Listen.

See how it makes you feel, what imagery you may get, if you feel more focused, etc. As an example, when I am performing rituals, doing healing work, or meditating I will often put my tumbled moonstone in my mouth and I find that it heightens my openness and my intuition. The other important reason this works is because the energy of the crystal is absorbed by your saliva, which you then swallow and ingest.

I Will explain more about this phenomena in tip number 4. Before you put a stone in your mouth make sure it is physically and spiritually cleansed. You can find any number of ways to cleanse crystals online.

(Disclaimer: not all stones are safe to put in your mouth, some stones are water soluble and will break down. If in doubt please check This List First and understand that I am primarily referring to tumbled stones because they have no sharp edges. Please don’t start gnawing on a delicious looking quartz point.)

3. Be a good listener: This ties into tip number 1. With the understanding that crystals are living beings, listen to them. Obviously I don’t mean “listen” in the sense that you are hoping the crystal is going to bust out some spoken word poetry or a monologue in the English language.

I mean tune in with your intuition and with your heart. Some people hear music coming from crystals, some crystals quietly whisper their story to a tuned-in listener, some crystals transport you elsewhere, some crystals reflect yourself to you like a mirror.

Realize that any one crystal may reflect different energy or information from day to day- just like a person. They are infinitely multifaceted. Respect them and be open to what they have to teach.

4. Put them in your water: Many people have caught onto this practice. Placing crystals and gemstones in your water is a basic yet powerful alchemy practice. The basic idea is that each stone carries a certain vibration that can benefit and help balance, uplift, and heal us. Water is a substance which is easily imprinted with the information and energy it is subjected to.

When you place a crystal in a glass of fresh spring water overnight or for a few hours, the energy from the crystal is imprinted in the water. Then, when you drink the water, the water and the cells that make up your body are informed and transformed by the information in the water.

Try this: If you have a few crystals, pick one that calls to you. Trust your gut. Put it in some clean spring water overnight and drink when you wake up in the morning. Focus your gratitude towards the water and crystal, and all of life. Understand that a simple focused ritual such as this can totally shift your state of being.

(Please exercise the same caution I suggested in #1- make sure the crystal will not dissolve in water.)

5. Carry them with you: When you carry a stone with you its vibration is added to your overall vibration. Crystals have complex and perfectly geometric molecular makeups called crystal systems.

If you were to look at them under a microscope, you would see that there is complete cohesion in the patterns of interacting molecules and that, depending on the crystal, there are repeating geometric shapes. This is a brilliant example of sacred geometry- and that’s a whole other article for another time. We as humans as well have a crystalline structure.

When we carry a crystal with us all day, it will shift the rate at which we vibrate, and help bring us into alignment with a greater state of well-being. This is particularly true for gemstones worn in jewelry. Putting crystals and stones with metals like silver, copper, or gold increases their effects.

This is because crystals transmit electromagnetic energy and metal is electrically conductive. The metals help the energy spread and circulate in and around our body and energy field.

6. Keep them visible: Crystals and gemstones come in a mind-boggling variety of colors, formations, and types. They are aware that they have incarnated in beautiful physical forms and like to be appreciated.

In many ways, their appearance and form is their medicine. I have found in the past that crystals kept in a box or a dark place will regularly find their way back into visibility soon enough. Place them on your altar, next to a photo of a loved one, in a plant, near where you cook, beside your bed, or somewhere out on display. This serves a few purposes.

For one thing, crystals all possess their own energetic field- just as humans have an aura. Wherever they are they clarify energy, raise the vibration, provide protection, increase the attraction of positive energy and abundance, harmonize, and beautify.

Of course different crystals give different benefits, but you get the picture. The other main reason it is great to keep your crystals and stones visible is because it will make it easy to communicate and interact with them.

You will suddenly feel a crystal wanting to be relocated, or you’ll find yourself picking them up and rolling them around in your hands while you think or talk, you’ll feel inspired to put one in your pocket for the day, you’ll remember to put it in your water, etc. The more you see them, the more you think of them and hear them, the more love and benefit you will enjoy.

7. Sleep with them near: Sleeping with a crystal under your pillow or next to your bed is a great way to benefit from them because when you are asleep you are in a state of non-resistance.

When you are non-resistant, the high vibration and healing qualities of crystals and stones can be more easily assimilated. Furthermore, sleeping with crystals may enhance your dream experience. Certain crystals especially can aid with connecting to the other side, remembering dreams, etc. Sweet dreams!

8. Give them away: While many crystal lovers and enthusiasts may cringe at the thought, I am not suggesting you give away your favorite crystal. What I am suggesting, however, is to yes, give crystals away from time to time.

I always keep a large variety of crystal points and tumbled stones and I frequently find myself giving them away for birthdays, ceremonies, or just to someone who is ill or down in spirits. Frequently a stone will ‘tell’ me that it should go with this or that person.

This is a common occurrence with crystals. Sometimes they are with you for a time and then suddenly break or go missing. Do not resist the movement of crystals, they have an innate knowingness of where they need to be.

9. Have fun with them: I remember seeing a very inspiring video which recently went viral of young boy (6 or 7 perhaps?) who had created an amazing crystal grid and perfectly explained in the video how each crystal had told him where it needed to be placed.

It is amazing, give children crystals and they just GET IT. They understand the magic and the medicine. It will benefit us collectively to approach crystals, and indeed many things in life, from the spirit of a child. If you have a few stones get them out, lay them on some nice fabric, see how it feels to arrange them in different ways.

Bring them to the ocean or the woods with you, tune in to how they seem to interact with other elements. Watch the magic that happens. In my experience the most active and energetically powerful crystal grids and arrangements that I have co-created, came to be while just playing with the stones and next thing you know one thing leads to another and you have a fantastic grid or a beautiful spiral with fresh flower and candles- energy art.

Add them to a sand castle on the beach or in the hollow nook of tree. Not only does putting them in the elements cleanse and re-charge them, it’s a great way to interact with them.

10. Treat them with respect: The whole idea with crystals and minerals is to develop a real relationship through experience. Any good relationship is built on a foundation of love and respect. The mineral kingdom is no different.

There is not one being in existence who does not want love and respect. I can guarantee you, when you open your heart to the energy of the crystal beings, you will be absolutely amazed at the energy and love they have to offer.

So there you have 10 practical ways to connect with the healing and transformative personalities of the mineral kingdom. All of these tips will hopefully help you get a lot out of your relationships with these particular beings.

Yet if I could offer you one more tip, it would be this: Take that brilliant, multi-faceted, seemingly perfect, high-vibrational, gorgeous crystal in your hands, gaze into it, and see it as your reflection.

Because you see, for every moment of beauty you experience with another being, every layer of depth and fascination, you are actually exploring another facet of the indomitable multiverse that you are. You are the universe and within you is infinite creation.

By Laura Weber, Spirit Science;

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Hi everyone, my name is Laura Weber. While I find it limiting to put a label on any one person because we are all so dynamic and complex, I would be happy to identify myself as a vibrational alchemist. My background includes Massage Therapy, Reiki, writing, and visual art, and last year I published my first book, “2013”, a book of poetry.

I believe that each person is an expression of the one creative source, and thus we are all powerful creators. My ritual of daily life includes water and crystal alchemy, writing, birthing various pieces of art, and being the shamama of my magical 3 month old daughter, Anaiya. I am currently channeling my creative energy into my recently launched brand: Earth&Ether Designs where I create energetically activated jewelry and soul adornments.

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