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15 Dark Sins of the Vatican Exposed

Here are 15 scandals (5 presented by RT News) of the Vatican Church:

1. Nazi-Friendly Priest

Bishops and priests were accused of helping high-ranking Nazis escape during WWII. Alois Hudal, a bishop, openly shared his pro-Nazi views and is believed to have helped dozens escape. Krunoslav, a Croatian priest, also played a key role in organizing a Nazi escape line.

Ludwig Kaas, a Roman Catholic priest and prominent German politician leading the Centre Party (a Catholic Political Party), aided Hitler in obtaining votes.

2. The Vatican Bank Hid Nazi Gold

Because to the Nazis, many suffered at the hands of the brutal regime. In particular, were the Jews and Roma [i.e. gypsies]. Some 750,000 were executed in a mass slaughter in Croatia after fascists take control in April 1941.

The then Ustaše pillaged and looted the belongings of the dead, hoarding millions worth in gold teeth, gems and jewellery. The staggering sum was said to be between $80 to $90 million.

The newly created Vatican Bank acted for the Nazis, storing the looted gold bars and jewellery of the dead. Holocaust survivors attempted to sue the Vatican in 1999, but failed because of the sovereignty of the Holy See that gave immunity to all prosecution.


Did you know? The most important institutions that work hard to establish the NWO and completely enslave our species, are:

  1. The City of London (finance, controlled by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the UK
  2. The US Federal Reserve (finance – private bank, owned by the Rothschilds) – NOT part of the USA
  3. The Vatican City (indoctrination, deception and scare tactics) – NOT part of Italy
  4. Washington D.C. (military, mind programming, brainwashing and depopulation) – NOT part of the USA

All of the above institutions function as individual states, operating under their own laws, hence there is no court of law on Earth that could ever prosecute them.


Kaas gave a speech outside Reichstag voicing the Party’s support for the Enabling Act, an Act which gave Adolf Hitler the power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag (a legislative body in German).

This Act is sickly similar to the Patriot Act enacted by Bush and was a major step in instituting the dictatorship of Hitler.

3. The Vatican-Mafia Connection

The Devil’s work didn’t stop at the end of World War Two. It continued. In 1957, a plan was hatched to launder money for the US and Italian mafias. Again, the Vatican Bank was a central figure that picked up a 15 percent commission for their troubles.

Michele Sindona, the Italian lawyer who transferred the blood money into the Vatican Bank later was made a financial advisor by Pope Paul VI himself. Soon, both became very rich.

4. More Mafia Links

The church has managed to maintain a troubling relationship with Italy’s powerful criminal organizations — from the Sicilian Mafia to the Calabrian Ndrangheta and Campanian Camorra.

At a time when the church was not reconciled with the Italian state they looked to other sources for local authority and the Mafia fit the bill. As a result this lead to years of the church turning a blind eye to their wrongdoings, which we still see the effects of today.

5. Vatican Bank Scandals

The Catholic bank, Banco Ambrosiano, made a series of unsecured loans to Panamanian shell companies, transactions facilitated by the Vatican Bank.

When their bank collapsed in the 80′s, the Vatican denied any workings with the group, but would eventually pay $224 million to various creditors.

It was soon discovered that the Catholic bank was involved in money laundering with Italian gangs, however no one from the Vatican was arrested.

6. Prostitute Rings, Gay Networks, and Homosexuality 

There are far too many sex scandals that have occurred in the Vatican. There are priests who are gay but celibate, priests who actively engage in gay sexual activity, and priests who endorse it in contradiction to their own policy.  

According to the catechism homosexuals are to be treated with respect and compassion, however the homosexual acts themselves are contrary to natural law and are not approved under the church. Yet many of these sinful acts remain. 

Two well known Vatican members ran a gay prostitution ring, Angelo Balducci and Ghinedu Ehiem. Which many believe lead to the resignation of Pope Benedict. Read more about that here.

7. The Vatican Paid Nearly $4 Billion to Settle Pedophilia Lawsuits

The reality of child molestation by the Roman Catholic Church has surfaced time and time again, and yet, somehow, it continues to happen.

If you watched the movie Spotlight, perhaps you have an idea of just how things are going down. But let’s break it down to date.

While you can’t put a price on the innocence of a child, you can put a price on just how much the Roman Catholic Church has paid out in lawsuits over the never-ending epidemic of child molestation wreaking havoc in its ranks.

According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who decided to research this particular topic, since 1950, the Vatican has spent a disgusting $3,994,797,060.10.

That’s nearly $4 billion to keep things hush hush. That number may even be a bit conservative, as we cannot know for sure the agreed upon “under the table” amount.

The figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, which includes a review of over 7,800 articles from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases and information from BishopAccountability.org. Reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were also used. 

8. Sex and Drug Ring Raided at Apartment of Third Highest-Ranking Vatican Cardinal

Only days after the third highest-ranking member of the Vatican was charged with raping children, another scandal has been uncovered in Rome.

In 2014, Pope Francis admitted that “about two percent” or 1 in 50 Roman Catholic priests are pedophiles. He then promised solutions to the history of the church essentially condoning the horrid practice.

However, in light of recent events, it appears the Pope is either unconcerned with or actually facilitating the abuse and hypocrisy of those within his holy ranks.

Within the last few weeks, scandal has plagued the Vatican as the third highest-ranking cardinal, George Pell, was charged with sex abuse against children in Austrailia.

Now, on top of pedophilia, the Vatican can add drug running to its ever-expanding list of corruption.

The newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano — translated from Italian to The Face Daily — reported last week that Vatican police raided the apartment belonging to the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Ironically, that department is charged with, among other things, tackling clerical sexual abuse.

The occupant of the apartment is alleged by the paper to be the secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopa­l­merio, head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a key adviser to the Pope.

Coccopalmeria had reportedly just recommended the secretary, who was charged with running drugs, be promoted to bishop. That promotion is apparently on hold at this time.

During the raid, police allegedly walked in on a massive ‘drug-fueled gay orgy’ taking place, according to the report.

We feel that it is anyone’s right to do as they please with other consenting adults so long as all parties act voluntarily. That being said, however, the hypocrisy of the church in this instance is rife and certainly warrants scrutiny.

9. At Least 231 Children Abused at Catholic Boys’ Choir Run by Pope Benedict’s Brother

George Ratzinger, Benedict’s older brother, ran the famous Regensburg choir from 1964 to 1994.

Ar least 231 children at a famous Catholic boys’ choir in Germany were victims of physical abuse, a lawyer commissioned to investigate the scandal said today.

Lawyer Ulrich Weber, who had been commissioned by the diocese to look into the cases, said at a press conference today that his research, which included 70 interviews with victims, uncovered abuse that took place from 1945 to the early 1990s.

I have here 231 reports of physical abuse,” he said, announcing a figure far higher than had previously been assumed.

Pope Benedict is applauded by members of the Regensburger Domspatzen choir

These ranged from sexual assault to rape, severe beatings and food deprivation, said Weber.

Weber added that “50 victims spoke of 10 perpetrators”.

10. Baby Theft

Nuns, priests, doctors, and nurses all conspired to steal as many as 300,000 Spanish babies over the course of five decades. Spanish babies because many of the Spanish hospitals were run by the Church.

Mom’s were informed that their children died at birth and shown an infant’s corpse. The babies were believed to have either been scarified under some sort of ritual or sold to approved families for large sums of money. Sister Maria Gomez, was one of the first Nuns to be charged.

Read more on the subject here.

[The babies have definitely been sexually molested and sacrificed in Satanic rituals, as massive amounts of evidence shows, but you have to be ready for it. Satanism is the worship of the ancient Anunnaki ‘gods’ and it is also the secret religion of the Vatican.]

11. More Child Abuse

The Vatican, for decades, has denied all knowledge of child abuse. However it has been suggested that a Latin document, signed by Pope John XXIII in 1962, proves otherwise.

This document lays down a policy of secrecy in dealing with sexual abuse and recommends victims to take an oath of silence. Those who do not comply are excommunicated.

Pope Benedict, Pope Francis, and many others have been accused of covering up child sexual abuse within the church. Some even believe the Popes themselves are involved

12. The Masons and the Vatican

Allegedly printed in the Italian press at the time, secret rites taking place in the P-2 Lodge.

Although being a member of a masonic lodge meant being excommunicated, it didn’t stop 121 church representatives from joining. Not surprisingly, the members were all officials of the Vatican Bank and were closely associated to Propaganda Due (P2).

P2, uncovered during an investigation into Sedona, held a 1,000-strong high-ranking political membership, which also included not only Vatican officials but CIA, mafia, and future Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi. Their goal: achievement of an authoritarian state.

After P2 was exposed to the public in 1981, public uproar followed – that a secret society planned to rule over them.

13. The Murder of Pope John Paul I

The shortest serving Pope in the history of the Vatican, Pope John Paul I died only 33 days into his office.

Circumstances are still questionable as a post-mortem never took place. What we do know is that Pope John Paul I died hours after firing Jean-Marie Villot, the Cardinal Secretary of State, for being a member of P2.

It was also known how Pope John Paul I was vehemently opposed to the Vatican Bank.

14. Blood Money is God’s Money

Giorgio Ambrosoli died of several gunshot wounds just outside his Milan home. It’s 1979, and Ambrosoli was working as an appointed liquidator of one of Sindona’s banks. He was about to reveal his findings of the Vatican Bank’s money laundering network with the mafia when he was gunned down.

Although the Vatican Bank is under close scrutiny these days, there are no instances of prosecution for any wrong doing. Only in 2016, over 190 financial transactions were flagged as suspicious with four of them totaling in over $2 million.
In the last 2 years, accounts frozen for suspicious activities have amounted to over $21.5 million. 

15. Largest Catholic Church Pedophile Bust in History: ‘Unprecedented’ Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican

Detectives have uncovered an “unprecedented” amount of child pornography including images, videos and other explicit content discovered within the walls of the Vatican.

The Vatican Promotor of Justice, Gian Piero Milano, released a report in response to the allegations which he read in full to Catholic Church officials during a judicial ceremony.

Due to the Catholic Church’s internal investigations protocol, Milano claims he is under no legal obligation to actually name names of people accused of pedophilia and possessing child pornography.

However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation.

Archbishop Josef Wesolowski

Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

Due to the Vatican’s internal policies, Wesolowski was investigated but escaped jail for “his own protection”.

In an unusual move by the church, the high-ranking Catholic official was facing trial from the Vatican’s prosecution for his crimes and had been placed under “protective” house arrest, but mysteriously died before the case even reached a “courtroom”.

According to Church and State, the descriptions of what was actually found on Wesolowski’s computer were more than a little stomach-churning:

There were more than 160 videos of teenaged boys being forced to masturbate for the camera and perform sex acts on one another.

In addition, the boys were raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults, as well.

Wesolowski was tedious and protective of his child porn collection, filing more than 86,000 images into categories in locked folders.

In addition to the images and videos present on the computer, at least 45,000 others had already been deleted.

Further, the good Archbishop wanted to make sure he wasn’t without a stash of child porn while traveling, so he took a laptop along on his trips containing, even more, images and videos. 

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As outrageous as all of the above is, please note that it’s only the beginning of the rabbit hole. If you have the guts to look deeper, the truth is there for everyone to see: Page one; page two; page three.