5 Steps to Recognize Truth

How do you recognize and trust what is Truth? With so much conflicting information available to us on every imaginable topic, how do you discern what is Truth, what is fabricated, or just confused half truths?

Here are 5 simple steps to recognizing TRUTH.

1. Go to the SOURCE

The easiest way is to go to Source.

Truth is actually an energy, a formula and a principle of Source. Before it is articulated into specific information or “fact”, it is an energy and a specific frequency. Because it is an energy, it can bypass the human mind and organically be registered by the body and spirit for confirmation. Many times we “feel” the Truth of something and cannot even explain it. We just “know” it is right.

The more you are connected to Source, the easier it becomes to recognize TRUTH. It plugs you directly into the main power hub of its distribution throughout our Universe, free of any human interpretation or manipulation.

It re-aligns you directly with the Truth of your Divine Self and Blueprint. By calibrating ourselves to this Divine hook-up, it is immensely easier to know and recognize Truth.

For support on connecting to Source, you can go to meditations and music on my website.

2. Trust You Have Direct Access

Each of us now have this direct access. For millennia, we looked to certain individuals to bring through and access Truth for us. Whether it was our guru, priest, rabbi or teacher, most did not feel we had the ability or even permission to know the greatest and highest Truths of the Universe. 

But we are living in a New Reality and each of us now has our own private line to God, Source and all the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe.

What makes it even more amazing is that each of us has our own unique and intuitive way of discerning Truth. The trick is to recognize and hone your body and energy field to become a precise tuning fork for the frequency of Truth.

3. Refine Your Beliefs

Part of this refining process is about becoming conscious of the many voices and at times, beliefs, that we have taken on from family, school, authority, media and religion about what we hold as truth. Most of us are living from a collection of beliefs that are really not even our own. We have absorbed them unconsciously and made them the foundation of our reality.

As we ask to experience and awaken more to our Divine Selves and our truth barometer, we may notice that we question more of our thoughts and long-held perceptions. We begin to look at them through a different lens and find that some feel a bit flimsy.

We become more apt to notice the beliefs that keep us small, limited, stuck and realize they are old, false and no longer serve us. And with this clarity, it becomes easier to lean into more of our innate knowing of who we are and what resonates within us as Truth.

4. Recognize Your Way Of Experiencing Truth

Becoming aware of our way of attuning to Truth is a very personal experience. I have many clients who get goose bumps or chills when they hear Truth. Their body reacts to the energy with an immediate physical indicator.

Others will involuntarily feel themselves pause and the mind grow quiet. The merging with Truth takes them to a different part of themselves that is deep and integral to who they are and they experience a type of re-set. Many have an emotional reaction and tear-up as the Truth vibrates through them and is recognized (or THEY feel recognized).

Paying attention to the way your body and spirit respond to Truth can become a very powerful personal tool from which to move through life. By attuning our physical, mental and emotional self to Truth, we grow in self-trust, as we no longer need to look outside ourselves for answers.

5. Activate and Align with the Truth Frequency

As we connect with Source, re-align with those beliefs that are resonant with who we really are, and notice our unique response to TRUTH, we activate and align to the frequency of TRUTH within us and in our cells. We activate our own expression and with it remember more of the TRUTH of who we really are…

Pure Source Consciousness experiencing itself in a fantastically unique human expression.

And with this remembrance, LIFE unfolds into the rich, flowing and joyful experience it was meant to be. We trust ourselves and fine tune our intuitive knowing until it becomes a clear and powerful guide.

By Lisa Young, Wake Up World;