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Are WE Even Worse Than the Global Elite?

To be honest, I am a little furious. Actually, not a little, A LOT.

I am a kid of the ’90s and I grew up with the music, television, movies, cartoons and everything else, made before or during the ’90s.

I grew up, like most kids did, playing in front of my building, going to school, laughing with friends, fighting with friends, falling in love with a girl, getting my heart broken, having my first drink, trying my first cigarette, skipping classes, listening to different styles of music, playing games, watching superhero movies and cartoons…

Middle school, High school, University, I finished them all and I decided I will start my own website as a way of living. I like to make money on my own and I like making money by doing something that offers me joy.

Having a website brought me close to some AMAZING people, people who really fight for a change, people who are genius in what they do and truly want to help the world awake.

 Now, what does “awake” really mean? I will explain in a bit.

Somehow, maybe it was destiny, or maybe our frequencies resonated and recognized each other, but I got in touch with Alexander, the founder of HumansAreFree.com. He is one of the most awakened humans I know.

On this website I’ve read a lot of texts about “The Global Elite” and how they control the world. I wrote some of those articles myself.

Do you know why we write this kind of articles? Do you think it is to spread negativity and show how F**d up the world is?

Awakening is not just being aware of what is happening all around you; awakening is about doing something to alchemize the darkness into a True Light.

Now this is why I am mad…

True Light is not turning your back on what is wrong with the world and focusing on what is right, living care free, like everything is instantly solved. True Light is not destroying everything we’ve built untill now as a species and live in Nature again without technology or any system.

We lived in Nature and we have decided to Create more, because WE ARE MORE.

No matter how much we try to return to Nature, we must understand that we are more than that.

We have the gift of conscious choice. We have the ability to CHOOSE. This is our superpower. This is our “license” of free will.

We are duality of Consciousness and Nature. Unless we accept this fact we will always destroy Nature and ourselves.

The Global Elite is driving this world. I don’t know them personally, but from what I can see, they haven’t balanced the world quite nicely. They have created a lot of negativity.

But, what about the people who lived in that negativity?

What about my father, your father and their fathers and mothers who tried to do an honest work in this world? What about the people who have created honest businesses by tolerating the torture of every day 8 hour shift?

They are good people and their businesses depend on the system that the global elite put in place.

Yes, there are A LOT of people who starve to death, who die in wars and who live miserable lives because they don’t have enough money to survive. There are crimes, injustice and terror all around the world.

But it is WE, as a whole, who chose to live like that. We had the choice, at the end of the day. We chose comfortable lies over painful truths. We chose ego validation instead of soul’s purpose. We saw a chance to be better than everybody else and we took it.

It was our negative intention that what created the bad in the world that we live in.

And I am sure that many of us — the ones who whine about The Global Elite, the “awakened” ones — will take the hand of our enslavers if offered a higher status on “the stairs” of society.

That is what’s TRULY WRONG with the world and the ones who listen to everything but their soul.

There is bad in the world, yes, but there is also a lot of good. There are people, like our parents and their parents, people who are not really awake, who still alchemized that darkness into something better; who have created alternative systems inside this big, corrupted, one.

These little systems make our lives a piece of cake. They make us able to do SO MUCH in a day, that we weren’t even able to dream about it. They’ve put smiles on the young children’s faces and energy to celebrate the time their souls have chosen to be alive in.

Are not there movies you like, food you like, internet and YouTube, at a push of a button? Don’t you have all the information that you want, close to your finger tips? Pizza, Skype, games and architecture, which is like heaven to look at?

Today, we have great ways of traveling and connecting with our Loved Ones, social networks, ways to express our creativity and tools to create something new in the world. Art, festivals, technology and science that is starting to understand the very fabric of the Multiverse.

The main stream media is controlled, no doubt about that. However, there are people who have created movies that make us laugh, cartoons that touch us deep inside our souls, songs that improve our mood, shows that give us courage and teach us something valuable, things that we don’t learn in school.

There are hidden symbols in Disney movies, everybody knows that. But does that make Disney movies and cartoons the spawn of darkness? Does that make the message that the author tries to share, less valuable? Does that make the hero less of a hero and the will to fight for what is right, less important?

Weren’t the hours you spent in school, the drama of hiding from teachers and learning what The Global Elite told the system to teach us, some of your best years of your lives?

What I am trying to say is that WE CHOOSE! We choose what we will make from all of this. These are the cards that we have, people! We need to play with them the best we can or we will lose this hand.

The truth is, like it or not, we have let the world become what it is today. Step by step, minute by minute, choice after choice — no matter how insignificant we thought a choice was — it is also our fault.

We focused too much on the negative and co-created the negativity, or we focused too much on the positive and neglected what is happening behind our backs. And I am furious because we continue to do this.

Trashing The Global Elite won’t solve anything. As a matter of fact, it will make things even worse. In fact, we are doing something worse than they are — we are creating and sharing negativity without creating anything positive at all.

We are like promoters of darkness to people who haven’t seen the darkness or don’t listen to us because they are too blinded by the light.

So what if we know who The Global Elite is? So what if we know that in 1967 some of them did something?

I am not saying stop learning what you are interested in. I am saying remind yourselves that there is also a bright side to the story.

Remind yourselves that WE, the 99% made most of what the world is today. Not the big boss of a large corporation, but the small receptionist who smiled at you for no reason.

And we choose what the world will be like tomorrow. We have that power and no one can take that power from us.

We choose to make awesomeness from boringness, we choose to buy an ice cream from a large corporation that makes a lot of people hungry and give it to a young child who is crying in the street because the last time he ate was 2 days ago.

We help the world locally, that’s what we do. You change more by hugging your parents today than knowing who controls the McDonald’s chain.

We are the “Spirit of the World” and we must choose the true Light. The Darkness simply is, but it doesn’t have the capability of promoting and expanding negativity.

We can reverse darkness and negativity by creating something positive from it.

That’s true Light. Darkness and Light, united together.

That’s who we are as individuals and we have the power to change everything when when we are united as One.

Only you can free yourself from the prison you were born in. You hold the key.

Stop intoxicating your spirit with darkness. Become aware, but create a balance. Think “What can I do about it?” Read positivity articles. Learn ancient history.

There is no better way to learn balance than by studying ancient civilizations and there are some pretty AMAZING texts here, on Humans Be Free.

Be aware, but learn to dance. Listen to positive music. Make your own. Write. Read. Take chances just for the sake of taking chances. Get out. Travel. Meet people and see how much good there is in the world. Build, design, discover, be adventurous, run, hike, eat raw, smile, smile, smile…

BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world!

As I write this, I am becoming less furious because I know deep inside, that your higher self is listening to my higher self and they understand the truth.

I know it is hard to awaken, to realize the lies and the corruption. The hardest of all is realizing that all of it was and is, partially, our fault.

That’s where most people are stuck. I ask you to be strong enough to alchemize this darkness into a true Light. I ask you to choose.

Be strong enough to take responsibility for your choices because that’s our superpower. That’s the only superpower we need, in order to be heroes.

After you finish reading, please do this:

Stand up, play the song that makes your smile, touch your ears and dance as free and crazy as you can.

Call your Loved Ones, pay them a visit. Make them laugh. Get out of your home or office and smile to a complete stranger, then say “I wish you all, a Wonderful day!” And be honest about it, mean it. MEAN IT.

Then sit down, take a pen and paper and think. Find solutions about how to balance our technology with nature, to live in perfect balance — don’t just read articles.

Don’t worry if you don’t invent something! Just think with a positive focus, with a positive intention. Positive things will come out of that, I promise you.

If you want to make a change, change yourself first, choose to be a hero.


By Dejan Davchevski, HumansAreFree.com;

About: Dejan Davchevski is one of the brightest young minds who writes about the complete human health, motivation, philosophy and the secrets of success. With Life Coach Code he creates a mindset of happiness and prosperity through his articles – Codes – which Reprogram the negative Paradigm creating a better version of ourselves.