Connecting With Star Beings

As we ascend out of the human condition, the potential for deep relationship and interaction with the Star Beings (or the angelics) becomes manifest. To enter into relationship with them is a means of deepening our own relationship with our own Immortal Being.

As with human relationships, these relationships with higher-dimensional Beings are tools for cleansing away subtle blockages to the energies of Source.

These Beings are also on hand to assist ascending beings into their collective and will often act as ‘travel guides’ for the Upper Planes.

Deep relationship with multi-dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences becomes possible through releasing ones preconditioned beliefs that one may have about ‘aliens’, which are invariably false.

Bad aliens do not exist in the higher-dimensional planes (beyond the lower astral) and thus one must release the fear of ET intelligence.

This is facilitated by releasing ones attachments to the human condition so as to become accustomed to the qualities embodied by Star Beings – the profound wisdom, the clarity, the deep seeing, the Immortal Essence and their power.

Contact always occurs as one enters into vibratory resonance with their spheres and deepens through the realization that we too, can become like them. As we choose Ascension, we lose the fears and attachments that keep us Earth-bound – and the contact can deepen into a more meaningful relationship.

Ultimately, ascending beings will have the opportunity to partake in deep loving communion with the Beings – as their initial resistances dissolve.

Calling in the Star Beings simply requires an intention to enter into relationship with them and then a commitment to any healing process that then arises.

There is always a space between ‘making the call’, to the actual contact itself because of the vibratory rift between us and them.

One’s intention to experience Contact will bring up anything standing in the way – in the healing process the rift is healed and full Contact can then occur.

Full Contact allows for all kinds of experiences prior to our Ascension. One can go to their spheres in meditation and the dream-time – one can also have all of the experiences I have written about – and more.

In Contact style, we can also ‘jump out of time’ with our own Merkabah Vehicle, explore the galaxy and have deeper experiences with the Beings.

In the end, the purpose of the relationship with them is to discover our dormant Star Being nature. To open up to them is to recognize that we too have the potential to live as Star Beings and live in the vibration of their All-knowing Love. To accept the invitation into relationship is to open up to our Immortality.

The acceptance of the relationship is to begin the path of walking with them, and when the time comes to leave the Earth we will know that we will not go alone. In the total antithesis of death (where we ultimately die alone), instead we leave this Earth surrounded by many intelligences of the Light.

As we make our Ascension to the stars – our relationship with separation and mortality ends – and the journey of Immortality begins. We move from being Children of the Earth and the Sun, to becoming Caretakers of the Galaxy.

The journey of being alone on the Earth separated from the wisdom of the stars ends and we then find ourselves in relationship with the Immortal Beings of the Galaxy. From here, our journey continues across the Universe, in many other planets – in this galaxy and in many others.

A wealth of new experience and profound wonder awaits those who find it within themselves to undo the shackles of karma and death.

In the awakening to the deathless worlds of stars and spirit, we are returned to the vibration of Universal Love and Understanding. It is here that we can continue to be forever in the timelessness of our Luminous Being.

The Star Beings come to Earth now in what is surely the final hour for humanity – to assist those who are ready to assist themselves and make the decision to fully awaken.

An unlimited amount of love and assistance is available to those who allow themselves to receive and who empower themselves – through their own relationship to the Light. Those who seek the Light within and follow it to its Source – and remain committed to the awakening to their own Light, will meet the Star Beings.

They are within the depths of our own Inner Space as well as within the furthest reaches of the Universe. As we explore our own Space of Being, we will one day find them within. In the process of finding ourselves, we find them too.

Their loving eyes and the presence of their Universal Being can bestow upon us a new vibration of love that can bring an end to all suffering.

Those that open to the love of the Star Beings without fear are ultimately granted with the freedom from death and the Return to Immortality.

They invite us to die to our illusions now – whilst we are alive, so that we can remain alive forever and remain in the vibration of the Light.

The Star Beings love us with a depth that many of us may take a while to come to understand. As we love ourselves, we allow ourselves to be loved by them. The love is deep and enduring.

It is a love available to all those who choose to receive it. They call us into relationship and call us to our awakening.

Are we ready now to discover who we really are?

The Star Beings have shown me so much in this life. For many years I struggled to find myself on this planet, wondering what the purpose of everything was.

Ever since the day of Contact with the Beings, everything has changed forever. I have come to love and accept myself in a way I thought was not possible.

I have found freedom from fear and the return to a full awareness of my Eternal Being. I know now that I am not a mortal and that I cannot die, for I am one of them.

As I live out my final days on this Earth, their Presence is with me always. I only need to look within – and the Beings are there. Their eyes hold a deep Truth and are the Gateways to the Galaxy.

In a momentary gaze, I am with them, amongst the stars – in the purity of the crystalline interstellar light – in loving relationship.

I have come to accept them into my being on the deepest level and have no fear of them. In this state of fearlessness, they can show me many things – as this book no doubt illustrates.

Through their love I have come to appreciate my human experience, whilst realizing that I am so much more. I am grateful to have had an opportunity to visit Earth, but I know in the core of my being it is not my home.

I was only ever a Visitor here. As they come closer and remain ever present, I know that soon it is time for me to make my leave and to go and be with them amongst the Stars.

In the interim, it has given me a profound opportunity to be an embodiment of their wisdom whilst on Earth.

I have come to live in a full vibration of love and self-acceptance – and through their relationship I have come to understand that there are no limitations. Every limitation I ever manifested was a product of my own forgetting of who I was..

By Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Copyright notice: As requested by the author, this article cannot be republished without Free Spirit’s written permission.