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How to Become A Universal Human Being

We are a species with amnesia, but we are remembering. We are slowly but surely, recovering, shaking ourselves off from thousands of years of careful propaganda.

We are shaking off the lies and ignorance and we are realizing that we are supremely powerful multi-dimensional beings- more powerful than we had ever imagined, and more powerful than that, still!

For some, this may be more than they are willing or able to handle, and so they energetically repress and withhold their Godgiven birthright to create and express what is in them, to fulfill their spiritual missions, and their genetic potential!

Denial of one’s own Godhead is an act in self-destruction, as it invariably creates a kind of spiritual and psychic pain- as the soul longs and yearns to complete what it originally set out to do, but is prevented, oftentimes by self-doubt, insecurity, fear, guilt and self-criticism, as well as denial, ignorance, anger, laziness, and slothness of all kinds.

This is a rare kind of inner power, virtually unknown in today’s competitive Western world- it is a peaceful power – it is an unseen force of unshakeable conviction in one’s own inner truth and changeless eternity, the unborn and undying self – this grants one all the necessary faculties to carry on with his or her mission with grace, and all obstacles can be shaken off like a bad case of ticks or flees without the need for engaging them emotionally.

There are many ways to proceed with “fixing” the world- and each person’s free will comes into play in determining what they believe that most appropriate plan of action should be.

It’s a bit of a misnomer, because whenever one sets out to “fix” something on the outside, say, fix the world, fix someone else, what they are also seeking, perhaps without even knowing it, is to fix their own inner world, and indeed, that should be the starting point.

As a therapist, I always begin with a “bottoms-up” approach with my clients in order to identify what is at the root of what is bothering them -right now- and what is the true, irreducible cause of their current misery and suffering.

I am here today to propose that this is completely possible for each and every one of us- to find and eliminate the root of suffering, to fix our minds. To set ourselves free.

As one of my benefactors, a Bwiti shaman, once told me when he first saw me – “Your mind is fucked, buddy” (with much laughter) – and so it is with nearly every single person in the West- our minds are fucked!

It’s okay- it’s not your fault, not really. We’ll get through this one, I promise.

I use this same approach when looking at the collective psyche of our species- and I have identified several things, which are seldom addressed today.

Not to say they are never addressed, but external objects and events seem to be the centerpiece nowadays, because it’s much easier that way. Let’s take a different viewpoint.

One of the root causes is that we have a fundamental disharmony at the level of human relationships.

The reason this one remains unresolved is that examining the issue forces us to question the entire pre-programmed and over-exploited competitive nature of human beings and re-evaluate our own lives- so we need to closely examine what actually causes us to hate, to fear, to discriminate, to be greedy, jealous and so-on.

Our entire Western culture has this root disharmony built into it- why? Because it is economically viable. What is not economically viable is examining it, and that is why there is so much dis-ease in the West.

Perpetual hostility keeps the competitive cogs running, and almost any conflict or act of violence may be justified in the name of what is called progress, even if it leads to collective insanity.

Yet as Krishnamurti once said, it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. So let’s take a step back for a minute here…

Because it has been so ingrained into our Western model of thinking, and deeply ingrained into our psyches, it requires a larger than ordinary amount of effort and energy to completely break oneself out of this destructive capitalistic/competitive model of thinking, living, and being.

These very compulsive negative emotions will inevitably need to be examined and engaged face-on and seen for what they are, and transcended into something that is altogether different. To be free, one must adopt an entirely new way of thinking that is beyond all thought of concept.

My proposition is that this is not a utopian new-age ideal at all!

The concept of “enlightenment” (I’m sorry but I don’t like to use that word) as it is known in the East, is as natural as the progression from birth into old age, however in the West it holds rather the same kind of miasmic veil as the transition from life to death and yet, there is nothing more natural, sane and normal than the transition into the state that is defined as “it’s all good-ness”!

I often employ the “Eastern” model as a balanced counterpoint to the Western ideal, that gives one sufficient perspective to jump the psychic gap into a new frontier of inner freedom, and start navigating that expanded terrain, but the transition is individual to everyone, certainly not without it’s perils for the unprepared, and such a complementary framework will be different for everyone depending on their own elementary individuation, genetic make-up, and karma.

There is a very real possibility you may get temporarily stuck or lost in the “no man’s land” when transiting though your own psychic terrain, and this is one of the reasons most people don’t even bother to begin with it, because it means you must be willing to let go of everything, and I do mean everything, to make it to the other side.

It can take a lot of work, and shit ‘aint easy, but there is no way around this one. Forget about your identity, your bank account, your country, your nationality, your responsibilities, your skills, your appearance, your talents, your family, your achievements- none of that will be of any use here!

There is absolutely nothing you can hold onto or bring with you to the other side. Nothing. Hell, you can’t even bring yourself, because you don’t even exist. Too quick for ‘ya? No problem, we’ll get to that one a little later.

Once this psychic gap is bridged, though, the karmic work is considered to be “accomplished”, and you are set free, once again. Give yourself a pat on the back, ‘cuz you made it, you little tadpole!

This is what is known as “liberation”, “moksha” or “nirvana” in the Eastern traditions and it does not mean that one stops learning, evolving or progressing, or even that one no longer experiences bouts of anger!

Far from it! It simply means that the individual is now more-or-less free from the spiritual shackles of samsara, or the third dimension.

Is this phenomenon quantifiable? Describable? Measurable? No! And don’t bother with any of that “prove it” nonsense, please. This is not a competition. It is a state of being.

Now before we point our collective fingers at the “bad guys”, let us instead thank them for participating, in giving us the opportunity to work on ourselves, for it has been formidably been said that without the bad guys, there would be no good guys. It takes two to tango and so it is, there is no black without white.

How could you get out of samsara if you did not know there was a samsara to begin with?

In this way, it has been described as being akin to a pickpocket who steals your watch and sells it back to you, but then again, perhaps this was a necessary thing, in order for you to know you had a watch to begin with!

In practical terms, completing and understanding one’s own individuation process means that there is no longer the “stain” of karma in one’s words and actions and if such stains should prove to be inevitable (which they are) in moving through a certain situation, or dealing with a certain kind of energy, they can be cleaned up with little to no mess left behind.

This is not a “black or white” thing of good karma/bad karma, rather, it is a spectrum of being able to “see”, a psychic progression move into space and time, in real-time, as you move through it yourself.

As previously mentioned, there is a very necessary “no man’s land” of confusion, trials and tribulations in which the game is to “own” your shadow-self, a very dark terrain indeed, but it must be crossed.

It is crossed by tracing back your own karma and bringing your shadow-self to light and seeing it for what it really is, but once one is on the other side, you’re now officially a Universal Man or Woman, and you can be trusted with your inner world.

Let’s now examine love. There can only be wholeness, when there is love. The word “whole” means sane, rational, and it also means sacred, holy.

So is our relationship with another, born out of love. Or is it the outcome of convenience? A social contract? An idea? What about marriage? Examine it for yourself. Are most of your relationships just forms of mutual exploitation?

You need not be perfect to be wholly, you must just be you, and nothing more. Why bring in false promises, ideas and expectations? Why label love?

You know when it’s real – it needs no explanation, no thought, no concept, no contracts, and it has nothing to do with who you are, what good or lack of good you’ve done in your life, whether you are deserving or undeserving, or how much money you have.

Real is real and real can recognize each other. Love cannot be defiled- it is a ridiculously powerful force that is inherent in the very energetic makeup of our universe. It is at the very core of all creation and intelligence. Talking about it has little meaning- what matters is that one LIVES it.

Now, what I am saying about your mind, about human relationships, and about love, is very serious. Your house is burning down right now and you don’t even know it!

Your country, this beautiful Earth, is being destroyed – but we still don’t seem to find a way of action that is right- and that action is the understanding the whole nature of knowledge.

We are talking of much deeper, non-verbal, timeless knowledge. The knowledge that is acquired through experience- through various incidents- not the knowledge of “God” or your particular book or quotations or any of that.

Let us start with a few more suppositions that you can work with using binary language:

Computers are programmed by anybody who can talk to them. It will give you replies according to what you have programmed it to be. Our minds are programmed by “knowledge” in exactly the same way.

Your mind is conditioned to react like a computer. So we are asking: is knowledge the basis of relationships? What is at the root of genuine human interaction and relationship?

Here is an easy formula to understand this better: First we have experience, then we have knowledge, then we have memory, then we have thought, and then we have action. It goes like this: Experience>Knowledge>Memory>Thought>Action.

Now let’s take a good look at this. Knowledge based on experience can never be complete, because of the nature of mind. You can’t say everything about something in the same way you can’t know everything about something.

Thus, memory, thought and action will always remain incomplete because knowledge always remains incomplete. I hope you all understand and this is clear so far.

Thus, all knowledge is based on the past and so knowledge always is in the shadow of ignorance because there is no complete knowledge of anything, ever.

Knowledge IS the beginning of corruption- please examine this. Do not judge it or label it- just examine it for yourself!

Now with all this being said, is there such a thing as time, mind, action or relationship that is not based on knowledge?

Understand here that I am not trying to convince you of anything, I am simply asking you to take a good look at this for yourself.

Is there any difference between a computer and a human brain? Well, one difference is that the human brain is biologically hardwired to seek out the source of it’s own intelligence.

A computer cannot do this. We are designed so that we may know ourselves through ourselves, but does this require any thought? If you KNOW that you are IT, what other explanations do you need, really?

Now let’s look at how you observe. Do you observe with your eyes, or do you observe with your mind? Which is it that you do? Is it both? Observe optically with your eyes what is outside, or do you optically observe your own thoughts as they come up?

Therefore, all thought is actually observation. The very origin of the word “idea”- from greek “idein”, means to see, to form, to pattern, that is what we “do” when we think.

The logical, rational solution therefore, is that we must not live on statistical truth, but on biological truth.

Science has made an ideal out of the most average of the human experiences, which has become statistical truth, and a definition of normalcy, a prized mediocrity, but this is a most unproductive thing, and very unbecoming, because it marginalizes and deprives people of their own unique experiences, which -are- the very underlying structures of our psyches!

Many people therefore, seek this inner meaning outwardly, sometimes in manufactured forms, deified forms, they exteriorize, conceptualize and externalize their own unresolved aspect of inner divinity, and they will do this 100% unconsciously if they have to, but they will do it.

Integration and resolution of one’s own Godhead is part of the process of self-realization- it is an inevitable juncture in human consciousness- whereby one’s self understands itself as being part of the whole, and not an isolated, separated fragment of it. This process requires no thought, only observation!

There is a pressing need for human beings to find a way to self-actualize themselves – this inevitably means investing some time in exploring one’s inner world, as the main reason there is so much dysfunction in today’s American culture is that everything is exteriorized – extraverted.

The most glamorous images are presented to the world as ideals, manufactured dreams as archetypes for what is to strive for, yet they offer no deep satisfaction, because they oftentimes are not based on anything of true substance and do not contribute to self-actualization in any way whatsoever, rather, they keep one trapped in the illusion of samsara, or the third dimension.

So this self-exploration process is a way by which one may uncover the deeper aspects of his or her self, and explore the depths of one’s own inner psychic terrain. It must be understood that the terrain spans an infinite area, as it is a process without end- one that evolves as it unfolds itself.

It goes onward forever. It goes not just onward, but it also goes backwards and side-to-side. Sometimes it makes loop-to-loop, and sometimes it spirals. Sometimes, you fall flat on your ass, and you have to get up again.

Sometimes you have to make a left, and sometimes you have to make a right- and so it is, such is the circular and interpenetrating nature of all reality.

Such is life. There is something to be said about the art of Zen and spontaneity here. Have a good giggle- you deserve it!

One of the best ways of getting in touch with one’s shadow-self, or unconscious psyche, is through dreams, which is the human beings’ direct doorway into the unconscious.

This will be the focal topic of our next talk. Hope you are all still with me so far, and that I have not stirred you up too much (with much laughter). Until next time!

By Zen Gardner;