The Great Waves of Change (Part Two)

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The Great Waves of change are coming to the world, and humanity is now facing competition from beyond the world — intervention from races beyond the world who seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity, who seek to benefit from the decline of human civilization.

The New Message Teaching presents this reality very clearly. And it is not difficult to understand once you let down your defences, once you set aside your preferences, once you look with clear eyes and listen to the world to see and to know. Yet, remarkably, such common sense is not common.

People are lost in what they want or in what they are afraid to lose. They are lost in their conflicts, in their grievances, in their struggles with themselves and each other. So what is clear and natural to see, to hear, to know and to do becomes lost — overlaid by human preoccupation, human desire and human conflict.

Surely, humanity is reaching a great threshold now that will determine its fate and its future freedom. The evidence of this is all around you, and you can feel it within yourself — the sense of anxiety, the sense of uncertainty, the confusion, the apprehension.

The signs in the world are speaking to you — telling you that great change is coming, that it is at your doorstep.

You can feel these things if you allow yourself to feel these things — without trying to hide or run away from them, or without insisting that you be happy and carefree, without foolish pursuits to keep your mind preoccupied and distracted so that you do not hear the signs of the world, the calling of the world and the stirring of Knowledge within yourself.

This is your time. This is why you have come.

These are the great events of your time. This is the great threshold that humanity is facing, for you must now prepare for a future that will be unlike the past. Life will not go on as you have known it, uninterrupted.

Humanity will not simply find other sources of energy or some magic solution to maintain the privileges of the few.

For you are living in a world in decline. The very resources that give your nations wealth, security and stability are now diminishing.

The environment in which you live will come under increasing duress through environmental degradation, through change in climate and through so many impacts that humanity has had for so long upon the world itself. Therefore, you stand at the precipice.

For you must know that the human need will grow far greater in the future. Everyone will become poorer, and many will be destitute. You must have the strength here not only to take care of yourself but to take care of others as well — to take care of the elderly, to take care of children.

Certainly, you yourself will not take care of everyone, but it will be clear who amongst your neighbors or your relations are especially weak and vulnerable. You must be strong enough to take care of them as well.

Though this seems overwhelming, though this is not what you prefer, this in fact is what will redeem you, for this will call you out of your conflicts, your addictions, your low self-esteem, your regrets, your painful memories.

This will force you to establish a real relationship with yourself, with others and with the world. So do not look upon the Great Waves of change only as a tragedy or as a great danger, but as a calling, as a requirement — a calling and a requirement that can restore and redeem you, that can call forth Knowledge within you and the great gifts that you have come to give, gifts that will be determined by the very circumstances that are emerging now.

The Great Waves of change will bring great clarity to your life, and they will show you both your weakness and your strength. They will shake you out of your dreams of fulfillment and tragedy. They will bring you to your senses, and they will bring you to Knowledge within you.

Therefore, do not repudiate them. Do not deny them. Do not think that they are insignificant or that people will have a simple solution to them, for to do so is to deny yourself the calling and the power of your time and the redemption that it is meant to bring to you who were sent into the world for these very circumstances.

This will reunite you with your strength, and it will break your attachment to your weaknesses, for it is you who must be called forth now. This is not a problem for others to take care of, for everyone must take a part.

And the more who can be called into their greater purpose here, the greater will be the chances for humanity, the greater will be the promise for humanity and the greater will be the likelihood that humanity will be able to survive the Great Waves of change and to set a new course and a new direction and a greater unity, freedom and cooperation in the process.

For the great times are upon you. This is your time. This is your calling. This is where your real strength will be found. Real strength is never found when people are complacent and asleep. It is only found when people are responding and acting with true direction and intention.

Excerpted from The Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers. Download the FREE e-book: http://www.GreatWavesOfChange.org. Published on HumansAreFree.com with author’s permission.