Victim of Modern Toxicity: The Confessions of a Hollywood Celebrity

By Nick Mancuso, Prevent Disease;

It is a rare occasion to find such brutal honesty from a Hollywood celebrity figure, but Nick Mancuso not only tells it like it is but exposes the entire myth to why disease rates are mounting to pandemic proportions.

Who do we hold responsible for societies catastrophes? Do we just attribute the disease process to modern times or do we examine the issues under a microscope and say enough is enough and demand a change.

This is the age of toxicity where common household products can literally kill us. An age where marketers have convinced us that the thousand and one chemical products used in our daily lives from shampoos, to household tiles, from paints and cleaning supplies to perfumes, nail polish and hair sprays, are acceptable.

We now all live in the Age of Toxicity. We live in a time where silent killers surround us. Fukushima, Chernobyl, nuclear waste.

We consume radiation poisoning and electro smog with our daily bread and think nothing of it. Perhaps this age should be renamed the age of pesticides and herbicides where Monsanto’s Roundup is now King of The New World Order, where GMOs are routinely accepted and used, where almost every Big Pharma product from aspirin to anti-cholesterol drugs can destroy us.

The Age of Anxiety has a reason for anxiety. But this is also the Age of The Lie. The biggest lie of all is that there are tolerable limits to this literal invasion of poisons, and the lie bigger than all of them are that because of these products we have the greatest quality of life, in the History of Mankind.

Madison Ave has done a great job. We have been conned by the madmen of our time.

For days now I have been crawling out of my skin, due to a toxic exposure to the fumes emitted from new tiles recently laid down in the basement of the house I live in.

I keep losing my balance, and in constant spider itching pain, am confused and irritated and subject to fits of rage all due to a whiff of an exposure.

I had to move out of the house, and now 10 days later I can still feel the effects, irritability, dry skin, weakness in the eyes and body. Mental fog, depression and the inability to think clearly.

Research shows that brand new carpets and tiles laden with toxinogens will continue to emit toxic fumes for months. Sometimes years in traceable amounts. And for someone with Environmental Illnesses, it’s a nightmare.

The truth is that many of our common household products are laden and soaked in neurotoxins. People purchase these items because they think they can get the best bang for their buck. Industry uses them…all our industries with the exception of truly organic farmers.

People who don’t have environmental illness will barely be affected. They might get a headache or two, might feel a slight high, but they can sit in their rec-rooms watching the hockey game and drinking beer, while industrial strength cleaners are safely tucked under their kitchen or bathrooms, and their sharp clipped lawns neatly sprayed with herbicides to kill so called “weeds ” like dandelion which has delicious leaves for salads and liver cleansing roots, or pesticides to kill the ladybugs, bees, and butterflies.

What an awful world we live in Mr. Huxley and how deep do the lies run.

We label healing herbs as weeds, and cover our poisons with gloss. White becomes black and black white. The Ministry of Health has become the Ministry of Disease and that of Peace becomes War. The opposite of what is true is now true and a perverse Falsehood sits on the throne of our perception.

We are told from blaring commercials and ads that “we’re lovin it” much in the same way that a rape victim is told by the rapist that she enjoyed it.

Personally I’m not loving’ it.

The tiles that were placed were cheap and imported from China, and they are toxic.

I know from personal experience that any and all of these poisons and airborne fumes have a terrible impact on so called normal people, as well, but it’s barely sensed. With bio accumulation in my system it’s horrid. And deadly. And believe me I feel it.

This is why so many of these products carry labels stating, FATAL IF SWALLOWED. AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN AND EYES and the classic line IF SWALLOWED CALL POISON CONTROL OR GET TO HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY.

What about One taste to one teaspoon is fatal for a 180-pound male? Why do we accept these absurd risks? Why is all this madness considered acceptable? And how have the Mad Men of Madison Ave and Wall Street pulled it off?

We would not think twice about stopping an armed sociopath from entering our homes but we invite these toxic killers into our house, and are grateful, all in the name of clean tiles, spotless floors, and sparkling dishes. And repeated exposures to these chemicals will kill even the strongest among us.

There is nothing macho about fatal poisons and no living organism can survive them. If they kill insects and rodents, they will kill us. All life is one.

At Bhopal India thousands of poor people died in a few hours from a single exposure to Union Carbide’s Malathion when a cloud of this supremely toxic substance exploded in a small tank, permanently injuring 500000 and killing 6000 civilians.

Union Carbide took zero responsibility and paid 1200 victims 600 dollars in damages. Malathione, a derivative of Xyclone B, is the gas used in the concentration camps to kill the Jews. And yet not a word about it.

Everything in our clean miracle world is copacetic and Union Carbide’s stock went up after the Bhopal holocaust, the greatest in peacetime. A Canadian made documentary film Bhopal was never released in the States. Or anywhere else, a horrendous indictment of Union Carbide.

I feel at times at times like the damn canary bird at the bottom of the mineshaft. Tweet tweet, get out now!

Neurotoxins are the worst inventions of industry. Many have been created by IG Farben, Dow Chemical and Monsanto. IG Farben funded the Nazis and the concentration camps. Dow Chemical gave us Agent Orange during the Vietnam Era, with the total assurance it wouldn’t harm American soldiers. Check today’s V.A. and see the results in terms of Alzheimer’s and Cancer deaths.

For those with bio accumulation of toxicity, the effect is immediate. Hands dry up in seconds, and an ugly sensation takes over the body and mind. There is, a definite darkening of mood followed by fits of rage. We become super sensitive to the noise of trucks, brakes and even the high pitched voices of people constantly talking nonsense.

There is confusion and sometimes a desire to escape, what is referred to as the androgenic response. For those with previous exposure, Diabetes and other auto immune disorders, it’s a living nightmare, and an inflammatory response kicks in a flesh crawling internal nonspecific pain which begins to spread through the entire body.

It all starts to feel like the man on that infamous hallucinated bridge, the ghoulish painting by Edvard Munch The Scream, painted 1893 which predicted the horrors of the coming century of the World Wars. The artists are indeed, as Ezra Pound stated “the antennae of society.”

For someone like me, the effect of these toxins is stamped on my body and nervous system, as a consequence of a massive toxic exposure.

Years ago I developed diabetes and then diabetic neuropathy, circulatory problems, Hashimoto disease, and as a consequence if this exposure in the workplace (ironically an abandoned factory, converted into a theatre), I was prescribed morphine for the neuropathic pain and a battery of pharmacological drugs. The glyburides prescribed for my diabetes induced a heart attack. I survived.

I refused to stay the allopathic course and instead embarked on a journey of healing. Using homeopathy, naturopathic, orthomolecular and electromagnetic therapies instead. And it has worked, I’m still alive. Many of my fellow actors in that theatre of Death are dead. I’ve listed over 32 with an average life span of 58 years. Radiation poisoning will do that to you.

Our brains are now so twisted by drugs, alcohol, pain killers, loud ugly music, noise pollution, electro smog, microwaves, internet, movies and videogames that we can no longer feel anything or sense what is happening around us.

We now all suffer a disease of perception, and as Dr. Dahl clearly states, we no longer have a clue as to what natural health is. How can we? We are vaccinated and put on drugs from the moment of our birth, all under the guise of “we do it all for you!” Bull!

North Americans now consume 80 percent of the world’s painkillers. They are also the world’s largest consumers of chemicals and chemical by products. Soma, predicted by George Orwell in 1984 is now real and his timing wasn’t far off! It’s truly bizarre.

A family member developed seizures and epilepsy, as a baby, shortly after being vaccinated. For her epilepsy became a way of life after years of anti-seizure drugs, Dilantin, phenobarbital, Valium, tons of crap which made the seizures worse her until heart finally stopped. She somehow survived.

She was given an experimental operation and a portion of her brain was removed. After her operation she could not speak for a year, and underwent a massive personality and intellectual change.

Out of a powerful spiritual strength and the guidance of loving God, she survived and then she found a naturopathic doctor who saved her life and gave her a new life. She survived prospered and has led a more or less normal life. Her brain, one of God’s many miracles, routed and healed. Everything in the body can heal.

My father, a diabetic, was killed by the anti-diabetic drugs, and blinded by the laser surgery for his diabetic retinopathy, and my mother was on antipsychotics for 40 years. She survived again out if her powerful sense of spirituality till she was 84; my whole family was devastated by drugs. I know what I’m talking about from experience.

At 21 I was exposed to a massive toxic exposure that included Barrels of PCPs, Dioxins and radiation from Uranium 235. I became a full blown alcoholic and drug addict but stopped at 33 by the grace of God and a spiritual program of which I have been an active member for 35 years.

But when the pain gets this bad I could down a bottle of whiskey at one sitting and would “be feeling no pain.” I would accept the painkillers pushed by the real pushers of society , the licensed MDs who owe their livelihood and allegiance to Big Pharma, which worships only one God – profit! But I don’t. And won’t. Because I am all too aware of the consequences of these drugs on alcoholism and drug addicts.

Case in point, the great comedian and actor Robin Williams, sober for over 20 years started to drink again, went into Rehab and was put on anti-depressives and drugs for his Parkinson’s condition. Shortly thereafter he placed a noose around his neck and hung himself.

Dr Healy’s research, author of Pharmageddon, has clearly shown that suicide (and homicide) are the so called “side effects” of anti-depressives. Dr Healey, like Dr Dahl, Dr Oliveri and Dr Chopra have all been attacked by Health Canada, and the medical establishment.

But Health Canada and Environment Canada routinely approves the most poisonous chemicals ever known to mankind! What’s wrong with this picture?

Children are at the highest risk for chemical exposure from daily routine use of cleaning products and tampered foods.

Why are preservatives ok? Why are GMOs and irradiated foods acceptable?

The average Canadian and American household now carries more indoor pollution than most industrialized cities, holding carcinogens far worse than tobacco smoke.

The toxic effects of these household products, both the active and inactive ingredients can affect the Central Nervous system, mimic human hormones, alter brain neurons, thereby affecting intelligence and memory, disrupting the immune system, and present a whole array of anti-survival modalities, from ADD to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Add vaccinations, industrial pollution, noise pollution, chemtrails, Radiation, on top of pesticides, herbicides, and the 95 percent chemically altered products in food stores and household shelves and that leaves mankind with an effectively created doomsday scenario.

It’s not save the planet Earth but save Mankind and every living creature living on it. The Earth will long survive another 3 billion years, long after mankind. It doesn’t need us, but we need it as a child needs healthy unadulterated mother’s milk.

Thus we now bathe in a toxic brew of Epes, formaldehyde,Styrene, phthalates, volatile organic compounds etc. all of which affect our bodies and our internal ability to heal, grow and nourish ourselves, and as a consequence an exponential increase of all diseases are on the rise. In fact it is a hidden epidemic, covered over by a thick black sauce of lies and obfuscated emotionalism.

Illness, disease and death are a highly emotionally charged issue for most people.

In the meantime our governments in the form of a Health Canada and the FDA, clearly in the pockets of Big Pharma and the military industrial complex does nothing to stop it but instead pursues a sickening and twisted line of attack on naturopaths, healers of all stripes and modalities that do work. Homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractic, orthomolecular, bio magnetic and electromagnetic systems.

It is time to stop being victims and take charge of our health. It is time for the healing to begin and the Era of Toxicity of which War and Violence, destruction, poverty, illness and mayhem is the unnatural product -to end.

We are creatures of a loving God, not numbed outnumbered robotic slaves. God has given us the tools and intelligence to make the shift of direction that will lead us out this modern dark age of obfuscation lies and corporatist propaganda and conditioned ignorance, to true healing and the sunlight of the spirit.

We are in need of restoration.